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Author Comments

Ogotu is a puzzle game with 42 levels, the obective is to drag blocks to form bridges and paths to get the Ogotu (stickman-figure) from where it starts to the portal at the end of each level.

The game includes an automatic save feature which saves just about everything you do in the game from achievements you unlock, ranks you gain and even whether or not you like the game's music.

The game has been in production for 2 and half months and has gone through the least amount of problems out of all of my games so far :) (About 5 or so).

Enjoy the music, which as always, was created by the kickass ImperfectDisciple!

And finally, enjoy the game and thanks for playing :)!

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nice game!

hello again jindo! long time no speak! i figured in my oh so boring holidays id take a trip back to newgrounds and see what you had come up with in my absence! if you remember me that is :P

right... this game is definitely one of yours. its original, which i see is always something you try to look for. i like this game quite alot, as even if you do choose one of the platformer strategy ones, you have found a method of making it different from the alternatives available and just as importantly, it works! it doesnt matter if you have a fabulous concept if it is all buggy and horrible. the name is enough to show the originality.

mark 1: this is for what i mentioned... creativity and efficiency of the game rolled into one, giving the basis for a successful game. i wont regurgitate what i said earlier :P
mark 2: this is for a tutorial. it has a massive highlighter on my mark scheme in the extra section written in bold. tutorials show dedication and great work. it also shows you are concerned for the people playing the game. as such, it always presents a mark!
mark 3: this is for several things all rolled into one... the original name (ogotu... LOL!) is one of them. just like you to choose something on them lines! the second, is the music. the music is great and fits the game. good research there! finally ive put play value as the last criteria for this mark as there are 100 levels. great work!
mark 4: i gave the final mark for an overall decent game. i just looked and played the game and knew this was a bit more than a 3. it may not be up to the usual 4 criteria, but it certaintly ticks all the boxes. well done!
1) THE GRAPHICS some people have said could do some work on. this is mere mentioning, tacky graphics have their place or graphics that arent advanced. the only part i will note on graphics is i found it very tacky and annoying with the little blocks that came off whenever you clicked anything!!! i just found it a little annoying :P the only thing i find tacky about the graphics is when there are shapes flying around the screen. only then does it look particularly tacky.
2) GAME FIXES are needed. im not sure and it could just be that im being rushed like hell to get off and eats something today rather than oreos, but when i started the level i found i couldnt complete it but i couldnt fall off the edge. this lead me to a stalemate where i couldnt do anything... but, i may have been rash and not found it. if there isnt a restart button i would put one in as i had to close it afterwards! lol.
3) A LEVEL EDITOR is the only addition to the game i can think of. where you can produce your own level and try it. this is the only addition i can think of that would go and still be within reason. as i have only found 3 improvements, this is definitely a good game... quite alot like the ones ive reviewed in the past. well done again jindo! another great game!
iwannacookie ;)
P.S if you want me to review any other games, just send me a message on newgrounds. i should get it soon!

Jindo responds:

Thanks for another excellent and constructive review :)!

yo dude

great concept, nice music, and pretty fun game. graphics could be better, but that just seems difficult, i dont know how flash artists do it lol. Anyway pretty sweet! just one thing, i got stuck on level when I trapped my ogotu so he was bouncing off a block and the wall LOL! is there a reset key/button that i'm missing?

Jindo responds:

Yup, R ;).

But that only resets the Ogotu, all blocks are where you left them.

Thanks for playing and reviewing, sorry for the late reply ;P.

:) ;)

YO NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jindo responds:

Thanks for the review :).

Fun for awhile

It was good fun for a while! It is truly a great game, I just got a little bored at one point. Also after the tutorials, it doesn't send you back to the main menu, it just leaves you stuck at a white screen. If you could fix that and add some twists, it would be a good 10.

Jindo responds:

I guess you weren't read what it told you either ;P.

The message says press Space to return to the menu when you're ready :).

Thanks for playing!

Great game

It still a little buggy. I think level 13 or 14 its the one right after the white blocks are introduced and the three purple/pink blocks appear and fall. They keep falling and falling faster and faster then they disappear and don't come back even when you reset it. So couldn't get beyond this level.

Other than that though its a great game. Nicely done

Jindo responds:

I've noticed this, they're supposed to rest on the green block, I will fix it :).

Until then, you must quickly drag the green block under the purple ones to catch them (after they've fallen), and then use the green block to carry them to the red ground, then use a purple block to send the Ogotu to the exit :).

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2008
4:20 AM EST