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This was a school project that was part of my final. I put alot of time and effort into this game so I hope you appreciate it. Enjoy!
*Note* There is a bug when you press restart. The mouse will leave a copy on the screen wherever you clicked restart. Also, don't right click or it messes up the mouse aswell.
*Update* Fixed the end where the last frame where it says congrats doesn't stay on screen. I just had to add a stop into the frame, so thats taken care of.
*Update* Changed a few question answers to make the game a bit easier


plz i want the answer to question 50

it's impossible!!!how i can find answer to question 50?

I've played better

It's a LOT better than other crapshit attempts to copy splapp-me-do.
This is okay. Questions could relate more to life though.


lol, it was good, but it should include some music,

and the questions should be funniner, your questions were "good", but a little more
"funniner" would be better, and 169.7 kb,?!!?, make it about 4 MB, it should be better . world is square? i didn't get that, and i really think the sky is blue, lol its good, on my impossible quiz 2,::::

1. music (most needed)
2.make sencer
4.movement graphics0

but it was good overall

Ringwraith1 responds:

I'm glad you liked it. There was sound originally but then I updated the game and the sound dissapeared. I made the game at school and when I took it home, it doesnt work properly as the flash versions are different. I tried to fix it but gave up.

i need help on 12

ived cliccked on all of them what is it?

Ringwraith1 responds:

obviously not, one of them works (square)

It was ok

I liked it a bit, but the answers were surprisingly easy for me to figure out. I guess I've been playing enough Impossible Quiz tributes to know how to think outside the box!

Ringwraith1 responds:


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Feb 11, 2008
2:27 AM EST
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