War in a lil room

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Dunno what to say. Nothing special to say about this.
I made this in 1 month.

Music is made by me. :D




dat was really gay and i agree with weasle21 >:p i'll give it -100/100


if this is supposed to be funny its not

InuFF responds:

Who said it should be funny? :O

My next fighting animation should be more funny.

Wait for Palikat_Arena to come. Read more from it from my profile.

good idea

its a good idea for the fight but your stick figures are poorly drawn

watch this video it will tell u how to make some better stick figures

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /424042

and also u should use 24 fps and just make more frames

it would make your animation a lot better!

and when i say more frames, that means like take this video and in between every frame, add another which would be kinda like a inbetween step

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InuFF responds:

That link does not work.

I don't know how to get 24 fps. :D

Scenes are f**ked up?

First: This took you one month?

Second: Kinda boring and bad-drawn.

Third: The end is pretty unoriginal.

Fourth: What about the scene-selection at the end? The movie was hardly 30 seconds long...

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InuFF responds:

First: Im lazy. :D

Second: I like it with that style. :P

Third: I have never seen a time bomb in a flash animation before. >_>

Fourth: Haha, it was just a test. :D

It was okay..

It wasn't bad.. but it wasn't great.. you know?
I liked when the guy tripped and died, though. XD

InuFF responds:

Did you see the shuriken(The ninja weapon thingy xD) where he fell? :D

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2.71 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2008
12:34 PM EST