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NewGrounds: After Dark

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Author Comments

Here is what probably goes on behind the scenes at Newgrounds. Ive had many laughs in my few months on NG. This one is dedicated to all of you who make that happen. Yeah, the movie isnt so good.. but someone may get a laugh from it. :)
You may have to Left Click > play.. the preloader was giving me fits. :Þ

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Umm, Okay...

It does a good job of what NG was back then, and the music was varied and pretty good, I suppose. This is pretty trippy, what with the random AYB and Bush refrances and what not may turn off some viewers, but I found it amusing on some level.
8/10 for the randomness and effort.

Quite random.

That was pretty crazy,i didn't know what to expect after i seen all that,you must have been shroomin to come up with this,nice job though.


ThIs FlaSh WOulD LoOk INsaNe On AcID =)~~

What was this about again?

Ummm... I had no clue what in the h311 that was all about. I saw a few naked pictures of women, then all these commercials with the same words, "All Your Base Belong To Us". Then all of a sudden it says, "Intermission", then goes to Bush showing kids pornography, and to top of confusion, it ends all of a sudden. Was your brain screwed in properly when you made this, or were you just trying to make a Flash movie in a hurry, and just threw random pictures and stuff into it? Either way, you should really think about reviewing a movie before you submit it to the Portal. Come to think of it, how did this movie mange not to get blammed in the portal? *Walks off muttering*

yeah!that was great

Nice that was cool i hope to see more of this in the futur