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The Impossible Quiz 3

February 10, 2008 –
June 10, 2009
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments



I THOUGHT this was the real quiz

:D It's great!

Not only are you disgracing the impossible quiz, your being racist too!

this wasn't blammed?

Dude you have problems! This is a descrace to the orginal impossible quizes!

This is a crap, and you are pulling the original creator's tongue.
RATING: 1! >:(

This is not exactly a quiz and you are not the original creator of impossible quiz!

i expeceted more, but ZOMG that was funny


people must have been looking forward to another intstallment of awesome quiz cuz its so TEH RANDOM ^_^ ^_^ XD

The first fake thing that actually has an interface. I'll just give you a 1.

Go waste some other people's time. This really was pointless.


why is this still on newgrounds??!!

What a lame game! Why would you make such a stupid game!

Who the hell are you to make a spoof to such an awesome game? and whoever gave this game a score higher than 0 must be banned from this site forever.

this sucks! heres why,be prepared, i have a list:
1.only one question.(WTF?)
2.was a stupid question.seriously,seeing the actual quizzes,u could obviously see its the opposite answer (of a bad question)
3.how the heck do u have a cat as the icon?its not in the game!and ur description says its lots of questions,lier! I know u might just not be good at flash and im ok with that if u want scores of ppl over stupid stuff but LYING?try making this a heck a lot longer plz.

OMG! That was awesome! i had to look on 5 different websites to find the answer, but it was ttly worth it! play this game if you have the chance

whats worse is how no matter what you press you still win why hasn't this been taken off newgrounds yet.

Wow I question. Do us all a favor and leave game making to the pros.

I WIN!!!!! fail. A failed parody of the original. :(


Do you think this is funny? Well, I don't.

that was REAL HARDD!

Terrible. I'd rather play the original Impossible quiz!

Don't bother playing this game, it sucks, is short, and just a cheap copy of splapp-me-do's.

Why this having 5 questions! Only gays can't to question 2.

Answers (play from address: http://uploads.ungrounded.net/424000/
Question 1: No
Question 2: Choose the button outside the game (just invisible)
Question 3: Gay
Question 4: Packet
Question 5: Right clicking

this game is fucking gay!!!!!!!! and needs a lot of fucking help

Try at least more than one question.

It seemed like no effort was put into this spin-off flash of somebody else's. The only one question in this quiz is easy to answer because either answer is correct and that's the end of this game. Really not a game to play and you would just be wasting your time to tell you the truth. I'll give you a 1 for a little effort that I see in there.

I see the humor.

why do people copy things like this...

p.s. btw you can answer 'no' as well.

p.p.s. also, there is no constructive criticism to add. sorry newgrounds.

p.p.p.s. it took me longer to write this note than it does to complete the quiz

to easy

It's not a quiz...

LOL that was just too easy to make and it was crap. Even i could make such quiz(I'm pretty n00b at flash)

yay i won

this isn't real don't try it unless you want it's 1 f***** question and the answer is yes if you think this is the real impossible quiz you're an idiot (no offence) but it's not by slap-me-do (sorry I spelled his name wrong)

great sequel to an already great game, good job!

First of all, you can't go and start saying you are the owner of this series, when you aren't. And guys, don't be dissapointed. this isn't the real "The Impossible Quiz 3". This is a guy ripping of the series. This guy isn't Splapp-me-do. Please, for people who do not know the real owner of the impossible quiz series, you can make them really dissapointed, alright?

u need more questions

You aren't Slapp-me-do, It doesn't say that you made the first 2 in your Submissions by VeinDigger/Reed and your author comments are very similar to those in the impssible quiz 2. So its not a real sequel.

It was slightly funny with the random "facts". And the only question was a bit funny, but just one question that has the same outcome regardless of the answer? I was expecting so much more from you. In a way i feel somewhat let down and upset.

given the last two, you could've done a lot better, to say the least

Come on more questions please 4 this

Ok. This is the worst copy you could make of the Impossible Quiz I give u 1 star fur making mii laugh. but please, don't copy the genious that Splap-me-do is.

Splapp-Me-Do came up with an original idea, and a fantastic flash game.
You however, wasted your time. And mine, and most peoples.

I'd apologise to Chris the Cat if I were you.

What the heck? even if u press no it still says u win

how are you supposed to pass the 2nd question? I pressed yes for #1 and then it read You win win win win win and so on!!

as always...amazing

Why do you win in both answers?

1 question, sheeesh, if you really want to make a quiz then make it a real one! Do you want to be as unpopular as the Kitty Crew!!!!!

A one question quiz? With a pointless easy to answer question? You could at least try, you know add a few more questions? Could you need even think of your own name, some dude is already making The Impossible Quiz? And this was hardly impossible.

the first question is stupid. once you complete it it just says you win win win win win win. stupid. leave splapp me do to make the impossible quiz 3


I dont like how you used the same author comments as slapp-me-do! You well get no symphany from me!

Always nice to see a cheap laugh. An obvious fake, but I can't help to think how many people may have fallen for this. Pretty good job acting in the Author's Comments!

I get that MAYBE you want to be funny, but seriously dude, you are NOT! I'm saying this nicely: MAKE A NEW QUIZ!!

Ok, first, you need to state it as a tribute. I don't know if you meant to try and trick people that Splapp-Me-Do is stupid, or you just forgot. Secondly, if you are going to make a tribute, please make it a bit better. This is not a portal for 1 question games. And finally, please don't try and imitate the author. Again, I don't know if you meant to do that, or it is true (which I would not believe).

this game is so awesome same with ur first one:)


this dont make no sense wat a waste of time

if your doing this to impress slapp-me-do, or even just to prove you can be as great a flash artist as he is, then at least dont write the description as if you were slapp-me do

Uh, excuse me for thinking this, but isn't something impossible supposed to be, uh, hard? There was 1 question and then it was YOU WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN. WTF? That was fricking pointless. Impossible my ass. Your other ones were seriously better. Excuse me if what I am saying is wrong. Like if my computer glitched or something. But this is a pathtic excuse for a quiz. If you are going to do somthing like that, at least make the question hard!

Who made this anyway????

Um... no comment. This junk doesn't even deserve one.

i see you've worked hard on this and you deserve a 10 congrats!

What was that?yeah impossible to lose is right.

this is an insult to the impossible quizzes, i don't know how it got here, if you arent submitting anything good, just dont submit anything at all please.

That was pathetic. It's so bad it made me make faces with the keyboard. I'd be surprised if the creator of the ACTUAL impossible quizzes doesn't throw you out of a helicoptor 10000 feet in air onto a helicoptor on the ground.

that seemed like a racial question and i am starting to get tired of people ripping off good work. but i get the sarcastic joke, thankfully. =_=

what happened? whatever answer you win win win win...?no link.....

Ummm....One question...what's up with that...It wasn't even hard....come on!


That was one hard quiz.

Dude, you shouldn't be taking other peoples work. This is horrible, think of how you'd feel if someone else took something you made and destroyed it by making a retarded copy of it.

look man, not cool. some artists put a lot of effort into their work, like splapp-me-do. i've seen his art page, and you're soiling his good name by taking this name. this doesn't deserve to be on the portal. i'm wondering why the mods don't pull this, since you're pretending to be him anyway.

great now the REAL splappmedo cant make The Impossible Quiz 3 because YOU took the name with this CRAP

the author aint slapp-me-do so dont get mad

Dude, you should totally go back to how originally made the games.

A great performance yet again. Thank you to people like you.

Weird, I think the first part is passable, but how do u do it?

Ten stars! This was the best game ever. Splapp-Me-Do would be proud!
It's entertaining, funny, and hard! I spent HOURS figuring out that first question! Great game.

I answred the first question then it said i win then i could not proceed

The real creator of the Impossible Quiz would know that this is a fraud man fraud no offense but if you played the Quiz you would know that theres 4 answers to choose from yours had 2 and had 1 question the creator would never do that so in that which you stole his idea name Jacker

Stop stealing other peoples chances

it said you win winwinwinwin no matter what you picked. (airplane rocks)

Try making something that takes oonger than 5 mins and is half decent

Don't copy other people's stuff. It just makes the real author look bad.

Anfter the first question it just says you win win win win win etc... Whats after that?

I don't like this, and anyway splapp-me-doo made the impossible quiz, so isn't it wrong to mae a sequel without their permission?


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