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Hey everybody, or the four people who seem to like my movies. For people expecting the next installment of Lil Hop you're gonna have to wait a bit, but I have started it. I figure I'll be coming out with an animation about once a month, and I'll alternate between subjects.

Nothing to really explain about this toon, I just made it cause I'm a big fan of Smodcast and most things View Askew, so it was easy to get ideas. I put a lot of work into it and it features some of my best animation yet, but there is only so much you can do with two people sitting in a room talking. As Kevin himself explains the real Smodcast video would be nothing more than two middle-aged men sitting in their boxers, so this should hopefully be more entertaining.

If it runs like doo doo on your computer let me know. This is actually a toned down version, there ar emore special effects in the .AVI but even my computer couldn't handle it, so I had to take it out for the flash version to keep it at 24 FPS.


A bit interesting

I had no idea that Kevin Smith was working on a real podcast like this. Then again, I am not really the kind of person who listens to podcasts. In fact, unless there's one that has some visuals to it like this, I don't think I've ever listened to it. What matters is that the animation for this is good. I thought it might have been a joke at first, in that it wasn't the real Kevin Smith. I thought it was weird how they came up with their name.

"S" and "M" are the same letters Smith has in his last name. It doesn't matter if the other guy was there, it could have been called that anyway! What was interesting was that you got a look into some of his personal tastes. I imagine any nerd in the business would be a fan of Harry Potter. There just could have been more detail.

Haha awesome

I've been wanting to do an animation based on some of the scenarios Smith and Mosier have acted out. Such as when Smith accosts the foreigner dude in the cereal isle. Another good one would be when Mosier got into the the small car accident, and they reenacted the scene.

If you do them first I won't have to. This is awesome work, great job.


Dude, harry potter didn't have a beard!

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You absofreakinlutely ROCK!!!

SIr, you rock the frickin house. PLEASE, please, please do more of these. I linked here from NewsAskew and almost fell out of my chair. I'm sure you'll get a mention in the next Smodcast. Seriously, I would pay to see more of these. Thank you so much.

Loved it

Huge Smodcast fan and good animation...You know Kevin Smith linked this from his site right? He wrote a little article about it.

StupidDream responds:

If you mean Newsaskew then that probably wasn't Kevin himself but one of the staff there, and I appreciated it when I saw it.

Thanks for the great review.

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Feb 9, 2008
1:07 PM EST
Comedy - Original