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Darth Vulgar

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* - NOTICE: Keep in mind this Flash is over 10 years old! I do not claim to be an artist or animator, I did my best at the time. :)

This is a hilarious sound clip from the Opie & Anthony show! This was when they were on the public airwaves so there are bleeps over the bad words. I did my best to make some crappy art and animation to go with it. Now you can find Opie and Anthony on Sirius/XM radio (Sirius channel 206 and XM channel 105)!

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It's great to see a cartoon from Wade Fulp! Then again, you didn't actually make the audio clip. It's still a great cartoon. I think the animation is quite nice. I like how Darth Vulgar insults every single character. He really does want to insult everything individually. I especially like his rants against Luke.

"Head" is a bad word? I guess context means everything. It's a pity you didn't make more cartoons. You certainly have your own style. Opie and Anthony really are funny.

LOL! Vader's potty mouth has me in stitches. This is a great parody. Nice job!

love it, very amusing.

That's funny! My favourite part is, "Luke, I am your father. Your mother was the worst she could ever be."

Oh man I wish I could have gotten into Opie and Anthony more this shit is too funny