Squigo 3

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This one took me a while, tried working on a little smoother animation, and better sounds. Unfortunately I don't have my own sound studio, so I am forced to search the net. Hope you guys like this one. Leave your comments.

UPDATE: The SQUIGO website is up and running at www.squigo.com. You can submit your own artwork or animations, even post a link to your site if you want. go check it out. Thanks for the comments


aaahh nice an umpredictable :p

that was awsome! i like how you have incorperated more unpredictable qualities to it, i never thought that THAT would happen! you would think that he would shoot himself or something, but NO no no no lol. keep up the good work!



Way more creative...

Way more unperdictable and creative then the last 2, all except the dog pissing on the cord...


Well you got alittle creative here, trying to make us think that one thing was going to happen and then hit us with something completly unexpected, shame on you. The was very well done in mostly all fields once again but i think that you could fit alittle something in the area of sound just to beef it up alittle, although it does have a nice quailty about it being simple like it is.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)


^^Good Points^^
This is the third episode in this series, and each sucessive episode seems to be better than the last. I thought your animations were good before, but this movie just looks so much better in terms of animations. The storyline is good once again, and even better that the way Squigo died wasn't very predictable at all.

^^Needs Improving^^
I thought the beginning was a tad over done.

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3.96 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2002
4:18 PM EST
Comedy - Original