The Walls - Part Three

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Update: Thanks for the front page guys! You rock!

To the inevitable waves of reviewers complaining about difficulty: when I make these games hard, half the people say it's too hard. I make them easier, everyone says they're too easy. I JUST CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE. Please rate this game more on quality, visuals, originality, concept, and stuff of that nature. It is more of an interactive puzzle-like movie than an actual puzzle game, at least that was more my intention. Thanks.

I know this game is a little bit strange, but try to keep an open mind. Strange can be good.

A lot of work went into this experimental Flash, so please judge fairly.

Please submit this to the experimental collection! I would be eternally grateful to you!

This game is extremely graphics intensive, so you may want to lower the quality if you have a slow computer. Other than that, just dim the light, turn up the sound, and enjoy.

Instructions: Your mouse controls a flickering light. Use whatever hints or tools your environment presents to you to uncover the three digit code in each stage, and then enter it into the control panel at the lower right corner of the screen.

If you are having trouble with The Walls - Part Three, please go to my profile on Kongregate, I posted a walkthrough there. There is a link to the site at the start of this game. I would post it here, but I don't want anybody on NG to read it accidentally and spoil the experience! If you are like me and like to puzzle things out, don't go. It is a purely technical walkthrough, assembled by copying and pasting what somebody else wrote, so don't expect any help with the artistic interpretation. That is for you to work out by yourself!

Special thanks to Kongregate for sponsoring this game.

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Make more, pretty please

It's May 2012 and I just discovered this series of games...I just finished playing all three in a row..."effin" fantastic stuff sir! Is there a 4th? I'll be looking for it and anything else you may have done!
Thank you magic585.

Confusing, in a good way. I think?

I enjoyed the abstract brain-teasers, but some of them were a little too confusing.

In the room with the glowing hands and 1/2/1, I am not really sure how I solved it. At first I thought the hands were trying to form the numbers, then I just typed 1/2/1, I still don't know what triggered the next level.

The music provides a sort of ominous, Twilight Zone kind of feeling, which compliments the abstract level designs.

Overall, good job, it just may be a little too abstract for some.



That automatically gets a bad vote on my part, honestly.

I mean... come on... sound isn't integral to gameplay for this. Yeah, yeah, you worked hard or someone worked hard on the music... but, ugh.

Good game...interesting if nothing else.

This may not be the best or most challenging point-and-click game I've ever played, but it is certainly the most unique. The whole aesthetic of the game was a strange combination of creepy and artsy, but that's exactly how it should be, I think. Well done.
I only have one question...Why do other people keep commenting mentioning the Fibonacci sequence? I went through the entire game and saw no references to it...I even looked at your walkthrough after I was done and it doesn't mention it either...
So what does any of this have to do with the Fibonacci sequence?

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
10:44 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click