Trench Defence

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Build towers and banks to defeat as many waves as you can before you die! 5 types of towers, 2 types of mines, banks, fusions and other cool features...

Also, you can submit your highscores.

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great game, i hope the rest of you know you can click on send and it will send the next wave :D

i gotta agree

with so e people c'mon i kill the dudes in bout 10-20 seconds elaving me loads of time to sit and twidle my thumbs until i kill them in anutha 10-20 seconds... so if u could re-d this game with a shortened time then u will get loads of higher ratings

toooooo looooooonnnnnnggggg

time between waves is MASSIVE and this is boring

a few things...

Electric fusion bug, slow gameplay, banks.
The fusion of electric + tower was cool at first, but then it kept splitting onto every foe and slowed things down so much that none of them wes destroyed until I clicked on it and sold it.
The gameplay (even when I set it to the fastest) moved frame by frame at about a second each. Please fix so that it's smooth.
I had four banks running, and by the 46th level had run up to the 10000 limit many times, and quit because I just couldn't lose. Try limiting the banks to only two, and maybe awarding more cash for a kill in the later levels. Only 20 bucks for a plane that has over 3000 hit points? C'mon.

Needs lots of work...

This game is totally unbalanced. You should make banks more expensive, limit the number of them you can have, and make the interest at set intervals where the amount you get is equal to the total % bonus. That way if you have 1000 dollars with a 60% bonus you get 600 dollars instead of the way you have it now which is ((((1000+15%)+15%)+15%)+15%) = 1749 which makes a huge difference through the course of the game. Also limit the amount of speed that a unit looses due to the effects of an emp tower or else you can just place 4 EMP towers together and the enemy can't even move. So fix those, fix the negative money glitch others mentioned, and add more turret types and combos for a better rating.

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2.12 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
4:20 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense