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Free Rider 2

rated 4.38 / 5 stars
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Feb 8, 2008 | 4:12 PM EST

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Author Comments

Draw your own track and ride it!
Menus on both sides, with new stuff, controls in the lower right corner in-game.

Updates from Free Rider (1)
-Draw Scenery
-Draw Curves
-Lots of new Vehicles.
-And more.

Accelerate = UP
Brake = DOWN
Lean Left = LEFT
Lean Right = RIGHT
Turn Around = Z
Restart = ENTER

Good luck!

All reviews will be responded to.
(but not anymore, thanks to figikii)

Hey, i see the score has gone up 1.8 points!!!!!




Rated 2 / 5 stars

I would have voted bigger but its horrible cause it is hard to move and right is stupid


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is the pinnacle of sports and puzzle games. It takes the idea of the first game and runs with it even further than before. Adding in new features, new ways to play and even more players to share with makes this game nothing short of a masterpiece in terms of flash games. The third game was a major let down in my opinion, so I'm very happy that this still holds up today after eight years.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i have created the massive wheel of fortune warning: map may cause eye irratation or head aches.

34 2q 34 -50 2q -cg,34 -50 3e -50 3o -50,34 2q 3e 2q,34 2g 3e 2g,34 26 3e 26,34 1s 3e 1s,34 1i 3e 1i,34 18 3e 18,34 u 3e u,34 k 3e k,34 a 3e a,34 0 3e 0,34 -a 3e -a,34 -k 3e -k,34 -u 3e -u,34 -18 3e -18,34 -1i 3e -1i,34 -1s 3e -1s,34 -26 3e -26,34 -2g 3e -2g,34 -2q 3e -2q,34 -34 3e -34,34 -3e 3e -3e,34 -3o 3e -3o,34 -42 3e -42,34 -4c 3e -4c,34 -4m 3e -4m,2q 2g 34 2g,2q 2g 2q 2q 34 2q,2g 2g 2q 2g,2g 2g 2g 2q 2q 2q,26 2g 2g 2g 34 -4m,26 2g 26 2q 2g 2q,1s 2g 26 2g,1s 2g 1s 2q 26 2q,1i 2g 1s 2g 34 -42,1i 2g 1i 2q 1s 2q,18 2g 1i 2g 34 -3o,18 2g 18 2q u 2q u 2g k 2g a 2g 34 -2g,18 2q 1i 2q,u 2g 18 2g 34 -3e,k 2g k 2q u 2q,a 2g a 2q k 2q,a 2g 0 2g 0 2q -a 2q -a 2g 34 -1s,0 2q a 2q,-a 2g 0 2g,-a 2g -k 2g -u 2g 34 -18,-k 2g -k 2q -a 2q,-u 2g -u 2q -k 2q,-u 2g -18 2g -1i 2g 34 -k,-18 2g -18 2q -u 2q,-1i 2g -1i 2q -18 2q,-1i 2g -1s 2g -26 2g 34 0,-1s 2g -1s 2q -1i 2q,-26 2g -26 2q -2g 2q -2g 2g -2q 2g 34 k,-26 2q -1s 2q,-2g 2g -26 2g,-2q 2g -2q 2q -34 2q -34 2g -3e 2g 34 18,-2q 2q -2g 2q,-34 2g -2q 2g,-3e 2g -3e 2q -3o 2q -3o 2g -42 2g 34 1s,-3e 2q -34 2q,-3o 2g -3e 2g,-42 2g -42 2q -3o 2q,34 -50 2q 2g,34 -4c 26 2g,34 -34 u 2g,34 -2q k 2g,34 -26 0 2g,34 -1i -k 2g,3e -50 3e 2q,-u 2g 34 -u -18 2g,34 -a -1s 2g,34 a -2g 2g,34 u -34 2g,34 1i -3o 2g,34 26 -4c 2g -4c 2q -c6 2q -c6 -50 -bs -50 -bi -cg,-4c 2g -42 2g,-4c 2q -42 2q,34 -50 34 -5a 34 -5k 26 -cg,34 -5a 3e -5a 3e -50,34 -5k 3e -5k 3e -5a,34 -5k 34 -5u 34 -68 1i -cg,34 -5u 3e -5u 3e -5k,34 -68 3e -68 3e -5u,34 -68 34 -6i 18 -cg,34 -6i 3e -6i 3e -68,34 -6i 34 -6s u -cg,34 -6s 3e -6s 3e -76 34 -76 k -cg,3e -6s 3e -6i,34 -76 34 -6s,34 -76 34 -7g a -cg,34 -7g 3e -7g 3e -76,34 -7g 34 -7q 34 -84 -a -cg,34 -7q 3e -7q 3e -7g,34 -84 3e -84 3e -7q,34 -84 34 -8e 34 -8o -u -cg,34 -8e 3e -8e 3e -84,34 -8o 3e -8o 3e -8e,34 -8o 34 -92 3e -92 3e -8o,34 -9c 34 -92,34 -9c 3e -9c 3e -92,34 -9c 34 -9m -1s -cg,34 -9m 3e -9m 3e -9c,34 -9m 34 -a0 3e -a0 3e -aa 34 -aa -2g -cg,3e -a0 3e -9m,34 -aa 34 -a0,34 -aa 34 -ak 3e -ak 3e -au 34 -au -34 -cg,3e -ak 3e -aa,34 -au 34 -ak,34 -au 34 -b8 34 -bi -3o -cg -3o -cq,34 -b8 3e -b8 3e -au,34 -bi 3e -bi 3e -b8,34 -bi 34 -bs -42 -cg,34 -bs 3e -bs 3e -bi,34 -bs 34 -c6 34 -cg 34 -cq -4c -cq -4c -cg 34 -c6 3e -c6 3e -bs,34 -cg 3e -cg 3e -c6,34 -cq 3e -cq 3e -cg,-4c -cg 34 -cg,-42 -cq -42 -cg,-3e -cq -3e -cg 34 -b8,-34 -cq -34 -cg,-2q -cq -2q -cg 34 -ak,-2g -cq -2g -cg,-26 -cq -26 -cg 34 -a0,-1s -cq -1s -cg,-1i -cq -1i -cg,-18 -cq -18 -cg 34 -92,-u -cq -u -cg,-k -cq -k -cg 34 -8e,0 -cq 0 -cg 34 -7q,-a -cq -a -cg,a -cq a -cg,k -cq k -cg,u -cq u -cg,18 -cq 18 -cg,1i -cq 1i -cg,1i -cq 1s -cg 34 -5u,1s -cq 1s -cg,26 -cq 26 -cg,2g -cq 2g -cg 34 -5a,2q -cq 2q -cg,34 -9c -1i -cg,-4m -cg -4c -cg,-4m -cg -5u -cg -5u -cq -7g -cq -ak -cq -c6 -cq -c6 -cg -c6 -b8 -c6 -9m -c6 -6i -c6 -50,-5u -cq -4c -cq,-4m -cq -4m -cg,-50 -cq -50 -cg,-5a -cq -5a -cg,-5k -cq -5k -cg,-7g -cq -7g -cg -5u -cg,-68 -cq -68 -cg,-6i -cq -6i -cg,-6s -cq -6s -cg,-76 -cq -76 -cg,-ak -cq -ak -cg -7g -cg,-aa -cq -aa -cg,-a0 -cq -a0 -cg,-9m -cq -9m -cg,-9c -cq -9c -cg,-92 -cq -92 -cg,-8o -cq -8o -cg,-8e -cq -8e -cg,-84 -cq -84 -cg,-7q -cq -7q -cg,-c6 -cg -ak -cg,-bs -cq -bs -cg,-bi -cq -bi -cg,-b8 -cq -b8 -cg,-au -cq -au -cg -bs -5u,-c6 -b8 -bs -b8 -5u -cg,-bs -b8 -bs -cg,-c6 -c6 -bs -c6 -4c -cg,-c6 -bs -bs -bs -50 -cg,-c6 -bi -bs -bi -5k -cg,-c6 -9m -bs -9m -7g -cg,-bs -9m -bs -b8,-c6 -au -bs -au -68 -cg,-c6 -ak -bs -ak -6i -cg,-c6 -aa -bs -aa -6s -cg,-c6 -a0 -bs -a0 -76 -cg,-c6 -6i -bs -6i,-bs -9m -bs -6i,-c6 -6s -bs -6s -aa -cg,-c6 -76 -bs -76 -a0 -cg,-c6 -7g -bs -7g -9m -cg,-c6 -7q -bs -7q -9c -cg,-c6 -84 -bs -84 -92 -cg,-c6 -8e -bs -8e -8o -cg,-c6 -8o -bs -8o -8e -cg,-bs -92 -c6 -92,-c6 -9c -bs -9c -7q -cg,-bs -50 -bs -6i,-c6 -68 -bs -68 -ak -cg,-c6 -5u -bs -5u,-bs -5k -c6 -5k,-c6 -5a -bs -5a -b8 -cg,-bs -50 -bs 2g -bs 2q,-bs 2g -4c 2g,-c6 2g -bs 2g,-bs 26 -c6 26,-c6 1s -bs 1s -4m 2g,-c6 1i -bs 1i -bi 1i -50 2g -50 2q,-c6 18 -bs 18 -5a 2g -5a 2q,-c6 u -bs u -5k 2g -5k 2q,-c6 k -bs k -5u 2g,-bs a -c6 a,-c6 0 -bs 0 -6i 2g -6i 2q,-c6 -a -bs -a -6s 2g -6s 2q,-c6 -k -bs -k -76 2g -76 2q,-c6 -u -bs -u -7g 2g -7g 2q,-c6 -18 -bs -18 -7q 2g -7q 2q,-c6 -1i -bs -1i -84 2g -84 2q,-c6 -1s -bs -1s -8e 2g,-c6 -26 -bs -26 -8o 2g -8o 2q,-c6 -2g -bs -2g -92 2g -92 2q,-c6 -2q -bs -2q -9c 2g,-c6 -34 -bs -34 -9m 2g -9m 2q,-c6 -3e -bs -3e -a0 2g -a0 2q,-c6 -3o -bs -3o -aa 2g -aa 2q,-c6 -42 -bs -42 -ak 2g -ak 2q,-c6 -4c -bs -4c -au 2g -au 2q,-c6 -4m -bs -4m -b8 2g -b8 2q,-bi 2g -bi 2q,-a0 2g -a0 2q,-9c 2q -9c 2g,-8e 2q -8e 2g,-68 2g -68 2q,-5u 2q -5u 2g,-4m 2q -4m 2g,-bs -50 -bi 2g,-bs a -68 2g,-bs 26 -4c 2g,6s -2q 76 -1i,-bs -92 -84 -cg,do -a0 do 3e,do -a0 o2 -3e no ak do 3e,em -84 em 2q mq 92 n4 -2g em -84,fk -7g fk 26 mq 7g,f0 2q fa 26,em 2g fu 26,fu 18 mq 0#-bs -50 -bs 34,-4c 2g -cg 2g,34 -50 -bs -50,-4c 2g -4c -cg,-42 2g -4m -cg,-50 -cg -3o 2g,-3e 2g -5a -cg,-5k -cg -34 2g,-2q 2g -5u -cg,-68 -cg -2g 2g,-26 2g -6i -cg,-6s -cg -1s 2g,-1i 2g -76 -cg,-7g -cg -18 2g,-u 2g -7q -cg,-84 -cg -k 2g,-8e -cg -a 2g,0 2g -8o -cg,-92 -cg a 2g,k 2g -9c -cg,-9m -cg u 2g,18 2g -a0 -cg,-aa -cg 1i 2g,1s 2g -ak -cg,-au -cg 26 2g,2g 2g -b8 -cg,-bi -cg 2q 2g,34 2g -bs -cg,34 26 -bs -c6,-bs -bs 34 1s,34 1i -bs -bi,-bs -b8 34 18,34 u -bs -au,-bs -ak 34 k,34 a -bs -aa,-bs -a0 34 0,34 -a -bs -9m,-bs -9c 34 -k,34 -u -bs -92,-bs -8o 34 -18,34 -1i -bs -8e,-bs -84 34 -1s,34 -26 -bs -7q,-bs -7g 34 -2g,34 -2q -bs -76,-bs -6s 34 -34,34 -3e -bs -6i,-bs -68 34 -3o,34 -42 -bs -5u,-bs -5k 34 -4c,34 -4m -bs -5a,34 -5a -bs -4m,34 -5k -bs -4c,-bs -42 34 -5u,34 -68 -bs -3o,-bs -3e 34 -6i,34 -6s -bs -34,-bs -2q 34 -76,34 -7g -bs -2g,-bs -26 34 -7q,34 -84 -bs -1s,-bs -1i 34 -8e,34 -8o -bs -18,-bs -u 34 -92,34 -9c -bs -k,-bs -a 34 -9m,34 -a0 -bs 0,-bs a 34 -aa,34 -ak -bs k,-bs u 34 -au,34 -b8 -bs 18,-bs 1i 34 -bi,-bs 1s 34 -bs,34 -c6 -bs 26,k -cg a -cg -92 2g,-bs 2g 34 -cg,2q -cg -bi 2g,-b8 2g 2g -cg,26 -cg -au 2g,-ak 2g 1s -cg,1i -cg -aa 2g,-a0 2g 18 -cg,u -cg -9m 2g,-9c 2g k -cg,-8o 2g 0 -cg,-8e 2g -a -cg,-k -cg -84 2g,-7q 2g 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Rated 5 / 5 stars

-18 1i 18 1i,2v 1 16p -16u,1hu -1fl 1im -1g7 1jd -1h1 1k6 -1i5 1l4 -1je 1m0 -1kn 1ms -1m9 1nn -1o2 1oh -1pv 1p9 -1rv 1pk -1ti 1ps -1vl 1po -21n 1p8 -239 1oi -24p 1nn -268 1mq -27l 1li -28s 1k7 -2a1 1im -2b1 1gv -2br 1eu -2c6 1cp -2c6 1ah -2bk 189 -2ag 162 -296 13u -27l 11r -25u 100 -23u uo -21i u5 -1uv ud -1sa vq -1ph 11n -1mq 13k -1k3 15m -1he 184 -1es,16m -16t 167 ga,1fb -16m 1g7 -163 1h6 -15a 1i6 -14h 1j9 -13m 1kc -12s 1lk -122 1mv -11a 1o4 -10p 1pb -106 1qo -ve 1sk -uj 1ua -tv 208 -td 22c -su 24r -sk 27b -se 29t -sd 2ck -sj 2ff -sv 2ib -te,2if -tf 2jb -to 2ka -u0 2l8 -u6 2m9 -ud 2n9 -uh 2od -ul 2pl -uo 2qv -us 2sk -uu 2u5 -uv 2vo -uu 31g -uo 33g -uf 35m -u2 37f -tm 39e -tb 3bd -sv 3dc -si 3fb -s5 3hc -rn 3jg -ra 3ln -qv 3o0 -qm 3qb -qd 3sn -q6 3v6 -q1 41l -pu 445 -pt 46k -pu 493 -q5 4bi -qg 4dv -r0 4ga -rj 4ij -s8 4kq -t3 4mt -u1 4or -v9 4ql -10i 4s9 -121 4to -13k 4v4 -15a 50b -173 51i -18r 52j -1ak 53i -1cd 54g -1e6 55g -1fu,55j -1g0 55v su,5fh -1h9 5fm -1gd 5fq -1fb 5fv -1e9 5g6 -1d5 5gc -1c6 5gk -1b6 5gt -1a2 5h7 -18s 5hg -17i 5hq -15t 5i9 -14d 5iq -12p 5jo -110 5km -v5 5ll -t9 5mf -rr 5nc -qd 5og -p0 5po -nj 5r8 -m8 5sq -ku 5ue -jl 606 -ie 61v -h9 63r -g5 65p -f3 67o -e4 69p -d8 6br -cg 6e0 -bq 6g6 -b6 6id -am 6kl -aa 6mu -a0 6p7 -9r 6rh -9p 6tr -9o 704 -9r 72c -9v 74j -a8 76o -ah 78s -as 7av -b8 7d1 -bk 7f3 -c2 7h5 -ch 7j9 -d1 7ld -dg 7nk -e0 7ps -eg,7ps -eg 7s7 -eu 7uk -f8 810 -f4 83d -ek 860 -dr 88n -d0 8bm -cb 8et -bu 8i4 -bi,8i5 -bn 8j1 -bm 8k0 -bm 8lb -bk 8mr -bk 8o7 -bo 8pp -bu 8re -c6 8t6 -cg 8v0 -ct 90s -dc 92o -dv 94l -el 96j -fd 98i -g6 9ai -h0 9c3 -hj 9dl -i6 9f8 -ip 9gr -jb 9if -jt 9k3 -kf 9lo -l1 9nc -lg,9qi -m7 9sk -me 9ui -mb a0c -m2 a22 -li a3n -l0 a59 -k9 a6r -ji a8d -io a9u -hr abg -gt acv -fs aeb -ep afo -dk ah5 -cd aij -b6 ak1 -9t alg -8l amv -7e aof -6b apt -5f ar2 -4s as6 -4j at5 -4j,9ql -m9 9q0 -m0 9pa -lr 9oi -lm 9nr -lh,at3 -4i au3 -4n auv -4p avl -4r b0a -4s,b0f -4u b1g -52 b2u -52 b4o -50 b6j -4q b89 -4l ba8 -4i bcb -4e bej -4d bh0 -4d bjh -4g bm6 -4l bov -4r bro -50 bui -56 c1e -5c c4b -5i c78 -5o ca4 -5u cd0 -63,9nb -lg 9nt -lh,ccv -64 h70 -b1,h71 -b4 h7u -b8 h8u -ba ha7 -bc hbg -bf hd1 -bj hek -bl hge -bo hi3 -br hk2 -bv hlp -c3 hnj -c8 hpq -cf hro -cj htv -cr i09 -d4 i2k -db i4u -dj i78 -ds i9j -e6 ibu -ei ie9 -eu igk -fc iiv -fr il7 -ge ing -h3 ipq -hr is7 -io,is7 -io iuj -jn j0u -ko j37 -lr j5d -n0 j7g -o7 j9f -ph jba -qs jd5 -s8 jet -tm jgk -v6 jib -10m jk0 -12a jlj -142 jn4 -15s joi -17n jpu -19k jr6 -1bh jsa -1dg jtb -1ff ju2 -1hj jum -1jp jv7 -1lu jvl -1o3 k01 -1q8 k0a -1sd k0g -1ui k0l -20m k0o -22p k0r -24q k0s -26r k0t -28q k0s -2ao,afv -dl bcg -4g#5a -53 2s -2f,4q -3c 7f -69,4b -1t 6s -4j,6m -68 9h -96,8v -7m bk -am,7q -5i aa -8d,ap -ag dk -dj,d7 -c5 fg -eq,bm -9u ef -d0,f2 -eu i5 -i1,h2 -g2 iv -i3,g1 -ei j0 -ho,k2 -jo lo -lg,l5 -kb me -ln,kg -ja m7 -l4,is -ih jt -jh,jk -iq k8 -je,jg -i5 kc -j6#S cbs -69,S cc6 -66,S ccc -6j,S cc9 -77,S ccp -7h,S ccp -7a,S ccm -73,S ccb -6t,S cc1 -7c,S cc8 -7j,S ccj -7n,S cd2 -7v,S cd9 -80,S cde -7e,S cdb -7c,S cdb -7c,S cd2 -74,S ccu -71,S ccm -6q,S cc9 -6q,S cc3 -6q,S cbg -71,S cb0 -71,S cbc -7k,S cbs -7b,S cbr -6u,S cbi -6q,S cb5 -6m,S cbj -7b,S cbm -7b,S cbg -6r,S cb7 -6m,S cbi -69,S cc7 -6h,S cc7 -6i,S cbf -7m,S cbd -7m,B 48t -ra 2i,B c76 -6i 2j,B c78 -6r 2s,B c8u -6a 2t,B c96 -67 2t,B c9k -69 2t,B c8u -6a 30,B c94 -65 2o,B c8s -63 2l,B c8r -63 31,B c97 -5r 2c,B c8r -65 2v,B c8i -5v 2n,B c88 -5u 2o,B c7e -63 2u,B c7o -5s 2q,B c7t -66 2p,B c6u -5u 2o,B c76 -5s 31,B c72 -66 2p,B c6k -5u 2t,B c6h -5s 2i,B c6k -65 32,B c74 -6j 2m,B c7b -73 2q,B c7b -79 2v,B c8s -7b 32,B c8p -77 2t,B c8c -74 2g,B c86 -75 2r,B c8h -7f 2r,B c8u -73 2p,B c88 -7c 2q,B c7i -70 2n,B c72 -7c 30,B c7k -76 2p,B c7m -7c 2v,B c7q -6r 2h,B c6r -79 2r,B c6u -75 2s,B c7b -6v 2n,B c6s -77 2v,B c6s -73 2q,B c8v -6o 2s,B c8r -6s 2q,B c8t -6m 2s,B c8n -6j 2r,B c80 -6j 2i,B c7p -6i 2q,B c7f -6j 2u,B c9g -6t 29,B c99 -6t 2q,B c8m -6r 2l,B c8f -6q 2f,B c84 -6p 2k,B c84 -6p 5k,B c7j -6o 2l,B c7d -6n 2q,B c6v -6p 2v,B c6m -6r 31,B c6k -6s 47,B c9q -6i 31,B c9b -6i 2l,B c95 -6h 2q,B c8n -6f 28,B c8h -6c 22,B c80 -6b 2q,B c7o -6b 2q,B c7j -6b 30,B c79 -6c 30,B c6r -6c 2t,B c9o -6g 2g,B c9b -6d 2i,B c8n -6c 2l,B c8b -6b 2i,B c82 -69 2a,B c7r -68 5k,B c7a -69 5k,B c6q -6a 2q,B c6f -69 2m,B c65 -69 2q,B c6k -6e 28,B c65 -6m 2r,B c64 -6l 2f,B c62 -6l 2t,B c67 -6f 2o,B c66 -6a 2a,B c65 -6s 32,B c66 -6k 29,B c60 -6o 2o,B c61 -6j 25,B c68 -60 2u,B c6f -67 28,B c6c -6i 2n,B c68 -6n 2g,B c68 -6n 2n,B c67 -6i 2d,B c60 -6c 2f,B c6c -63 2o,B c6b -6d 2l,B c6b -6h 2e,B c6l -6d 2c,B c6e -6b 2o,B c6a -69 2i,B c64 -5s 2f,B c67 -62 33,B c68 -6e 2r,B c6b -71 2b,B c69 -6p 27,B c6d -6t 24,B c6e -6m 2g,B c6h -73 2m,O 5fb -1hg,O 5fb -1hg,O 5f1 -1hg,O 5eo -1hg,O 5en -1hg,O 5ej -1hg,O 5e6 -1hg,O 5e6 -1hg,O 5dp -1hh,O 5di -1hg,O 5d3 -1hg,O 5ck -1hg,O 5bu -1h7,O 5bh -1h6,O 5at -1h2,O 5ac -1h1,O 59q -1h1,O 59b -1gt,O 593 -1gs,O 58o -1gf,O 58b -1gf,O 57q -1gf,O 56m -1g9,O 57d -1gb,O 1dd -16k,O 1c3 -16p,O 1ao -16k,O 19g -16n,O 18n -16i,O 17n -16i,O 16p -16d,B 1l l 14,B 18 v 19,B 1s -8 1a,B 1u -c 1d,B 1l -5 1g,B 1m 4 18,B 1i 7 18,B 1p c 10,B 29 -6 12,B 2g -d s,B 2q -j h,B 2r -j r,B 2t -m p,B 2r -o s,B 2k -6 q,B 2d -6 12,B 29 -9 1a,B 1v 0 15,B 1o b 15,B 1c 3 1n,B 1g a 18,B 17 j 1r,B 17 i 1t,B l p 1q,B 12 f 1r,B 1l a 1m,B p 11 1k,B p v 1t,B 2g 7 16,B 2q -2 16,B 2t 5 14,B 35 -3 1a,B 31 -j 1j,B 33 -f 1k,B 2n -4 1s,B 2i 3 15,B 2n -1 1c,B 2m -4 1i,B 2o -2 15,B 32 -c 17,B 35 -c 1h,B 1s 13 1c,B 20 a 1l,B 23 j 1e,B 1o i 1m,B 1s p 15,B 1d p 1g,B 1t p 1e,B 20 r 19,B 27 l 14,B 1r s 18,B 1u b 1i,B 2n 5 19,B 2f c 16,B 2n c 16,B 1v 9 1p,B 20 n 1a,B 2f g 1f,B 29 e 1c,B 2q 7 13,B 2f 1 1e,B 15 13 1i,B 1c 1e 1b,B v 1d 1k,B 1d 1c 17,B 1m 11 17,B 16 1c 1d,B 18 10 1j,B 1d v 1l,B 1h 19 1b,B 1k 15 1d,B 18 1b 18,B 13 1i 1d,B 24 l 5k,B 1n 13 1e,B 1j 15 1m,B 18 1b 21,B 27 k 2q,B 22 p 1d,B 22 p 5k,B 1r 13 12,B 1o 17 r,B 1k 1d 1d,B 1c 1k 1m,B 1c 1k b8,B 1t n 1d,B 1r p 1l,B 1i 14 1b,B 1c 18 1v,B 17 1a 23,B 1r i 1e,B 1m p 16,B 1b 13 1h,B 14 18 1s,B u 1a 2a,B 20 g 1d,B 1q p 16,B 1j 14 11,B 1f 17 1d,B 15 1k 19,B 1n q 13,B 1h 14 v,B 17 1e 1e,B 16 1h 13,B 17 1e 19,B 17 1f v,B 16 1j v,B 17 1h v,B 14 1b t,B 15 1g 12,B 19 1c 12,B 15 1f 18

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