Free Rider 2

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Draw your own track and ride it!
Menus on both sides, with new stuff, controls in the lower right corner in-game.

Updates from Free Rider (1)
-Draw Scenery
-Draw Curves
-Lots of new Vehicles.
-And more.

Accelerate = UP
Brake = DOWN
Lean Left = LEFT
Lean Right = RIGHT
Turn Around = Z
Restart = ENTER

Good luck!

All reviews will be responded to.
(but not anymore, thanks to figikii)

Hey, i see the score has gone up 1.8 points!!!!!



i beat all of yours maps so i am the game master!!

cha ching!!! money


32qq 4jk 4jl jojojojojoojojo h68709 doh doh doh doh doh iyu iyu! thats what ??? has to say

Use truck

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1h pj -6u,pj -6v 1i6 -vn,1i3 -vu 1q8 -1ea,1ho -vc 1i7 -10d,1qc -1ee 2b4 -206 359 -2df 49r -2nl,49r -2no 4oe -2no 58n -2ja 5k8 -2pn 5vk -37c,7kr -473 8r0 -3p4,8qu -3p4 9ak -2lp,9am -2lf a49 -1pi a9b -1p5,5vl -37d 62l -3a0,62l -3a2 677 -3ds 6dt -3m5,6ds -3m5 6kg -3pd 707 -3tj 78i -425,7f1 -471 78i -425,7f1 -471 7ks -474,9ad -2lq 9as -2l9,9ag -2ll 9ai -2m2,a99 -1p6 a9i -1sr a7i -1sp,a7g -1sq a81 -2mn a7h -2nd a6i -2no a5c -2o6 a46 -2ol a30 -2op a1q -2oi a0s -2o9,a83 -2mn a7m -2lq a7a -2kq a6t -2jr a6d -2j1 a5d -2id a4e -2i5 a3g -2i5 a2l -2ib a1v -2io##O 7q6 -482,O 7r2 -48m,O 7qo -48m,O 7qo -48t,O 7qc -48l,O 7qc -489,O 7qg -487,O 7qt -489,O 7r9 -489,O 7r4 -487,O 7rc -48m,O 7rc -48t,O 7qv -492,O 7qv -492,O 7qg -492,O 7q7 -48t,O 7pt -48m,O 7pq -486,O 7pd -47t,B 7ho -47e 5k,S 7p1 -479,S 7qq -48g,S 7df -47l,O 7m9 -4am,O 7l1 -4af,O 7kl -4ai,O 7jp -4a8,O 7jl -4af,O 7ds -49p,O 7eg -49u,O 7eu -4a8,O 7fi -4a0,O 7gh -4a8,O 7g4 -49r,O 7hc -4a3,O 7i3 -4ac,O 7j0 -4ad,O 7kg -4a2,O 7lj -4a8,O 7n0 -4a8,O a30 -2o0,O a2r -2n8,O a41 -2nh,O a54 -2nk,O a5q -2nf,O a5j -2mj,O a56 -2lm,O a4g -2l4,O a4l -2k9,O a3n -2kl,O a3n -2kl,O a3c -2kv,O a3c -2kv,O a3c -2kv,O a3h -2ll,O a4s -2lv,O a4s -2mf,O a2k -2jn,O a40 -2mc,O a43 -2kt,O a4v -2j3,O a45 -2j0,O a6r -2lb,O a59 -2k9,O a3p -2k6,O a29 -2kg,O a1o -2lb,O a29 -2mc,O a22 -2n8,O a1m -2m2,O a20 -2nk,O a46 -2na,O a3h -2mu,O a3a -2lv,O a30 -2mt,O a4d -2nn,O a5b -2ni,O a6q -2n3,O a69 -2mj,O a69 -2lr,O a4i -2lg,O a59 -2mp,O a3c -2nd,O a4b -2mc,O a37 -2j5,O a4u -2jn,O a2t -2l6,O a5t -2ks,T a83 -1qi

Great game! Lovin' it.

go fast or die

-18 1i 18 1i 1q 27 2m 35 3i 41 4o 58 5u 6f 77 7q 8k 97 9s ag bb bu ct dg ei f2 g6 gl hq i7 jc jo ku l9 mf mn nv o4 pe ph qs qs sb s7 tp th v9 uq 10p 103 129 11a 13q 12h 15c 13m 16u 14p 18f 15s 1a1 16u 1bk 17v 1d6 18v 1eo 19v 1g9 1au 1hq 1bt 1ja 1cq 1kq 1dm 1ma 1eg 1nq 1f8 1pa 1fu 1r8 1gp 1t6 1hd 1v0 1hq 20q 1i2 22j 1i5 24a 1i3 25p 1hr 270 1he,2je 18u 2k1 19o 2km 1ai 2lk 1bg 2mo 1ck 2nm 1dk 2ok 1en 2pk 1ft 2qo 1h4 2ru 1ic 2tc 1jl 2v0 1l0 30k 1ma 328 1nl 340 1ov 35a 1pt 36o 1qs 388 1rp 39p 1sk 3bb 1tf 3cv 1u9 3el 1v0 3gb 1vo 3i1 20f 3jo 216 3lg 21q 3na 22b 3p5 22p 3qv 235 3sq 23f 3uk 23n 40e 23s 428 240 442 243 45s 245 47l 248 49f 24b 4b9 24e 4d3 24g 4et 24h 4go 24h 4ii 24g 4kd 24f 4m8 24d 4o3 24b 4pt 249 4rn 247 4ti 245 4vb 244 515 245 52v 247,52v 247 54p 24b 56j 24h 58d 24q 5a6 255 5c0 25j 5dp 262 5fi 26i 5ha 274 5j2 27l 5kr 287 5mk 28m 5oe 292 5q9 29a 5s4 29g 5tv 29h 5vq 29h 61l 29h 63f 29f 658 29a 66s 293 68v 28o 6b2 28e 6d6 283,6da 286 6da 1kq 67m 1le 6da 1lo 680 1mc 6da 1n0 68a 1nk 6da 1o8 68k 1os 6da 1pg,6da 286 68k 27i 6da 278 68u 26k 6da 260 68u 25c 6da 24e 698 244,69i 244 6d0 22s 698 22i 6da 21k 69s 210,69i 210 6da 20c 69s 1v4 6da 1uq 69i 1u6 6da 1ti 69i 1su 6da 1s0 69i 1rm 6da 1r2 698 1qo 6da 1q4 698 1q4 6da 1pg,2to 1js 2te 1go 2v0 1kq,2sg 1j8 2rs 1fq 2ri 1ia,2r8 1i0 2qk 1es 2qa 1go 2oo 1d0 2oo 1f6,2oe 1f6 2ng 1ag 2n6 1d0 2m8 19i 2lu 1c2,2lu 1bo 2kc 180 2km 1ag 2j4 17m 2je 19i,316 1n0 308 1ia 2vu 1lo 2um 1go 2v0 1kg,26u 1hc 27g 1h2 285 1gm 28s 1g9 29k 1fq 2a8 1fa 2ar 1ep 2ba 1e5 2br 1dg 2ca 1ct 2cq 1cb 2de 1bs 2e0 1bc 2ef 1ar 2es 1a7 2f7 19m,33m 1oi 32e 1ik 32e 1nk 316 1ik 316 1mm,34k 1p6 33m 1hm 33m 1oi,358 1pq 34k 1ge 34k 1os,3ai 1t8 390 1nu 38m 1rm,38m 1s0 36q 1nk 35s 1qe,3co 1u6 3b6 1os 3ai 1t8,3ek 1uq 3dm 1pq 3co 1u6,3h4 202 3fs 1q4 3eu 1uq##

do it with ???

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4.38 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
4:12 PM EST
Gadgets - Construction Set