Free Rider 2

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Draw your own track and ride it!
Menus on both sides, with new stuff, controls in the lower right corner in-game.

Updates from Free Rider (1)
-Draw Scenery
-Draw Curves
-Lots of new Vehicles.
-And more.

Accelerate = UP
Brake = DOWN
Lean Left = LEFT
Lean Right = RIGHT
Turn Around = Z
Restart = ENTER

Good luck!

All reviews will be responded to.
(but not anymore, thanks to figikii)

Hey, i see the score has gone up 1.8 points!!!!!



-18 1i 18 1i,15 1h 6v 3p 92 48 ad 3d,p0 br q4 c4 r9 cc se cg ts ch vh ci 110 cj,1nm a4 1o3 93 1of 82 1oq 76 1pa 68,1pa 68 1pr 5g 1qa 4t 1qt 4e 1rh 45 1se 45,349 341 349 34m 34b 35g 34f 36d 34k 37a 34o 386 35a 393 368 39t 37e 3as 38d 3bn 39i 3cf 3aj 3d2 3bn 3dc 3d9 3dr 3es 3ea 3gg 3ec 3i3 3e9 3jo 3e6 3lf 3dv 3n7 3dl 3oq 3d5 3qf 3cd 3s6 3bf 3tv 3ab 3vb 39c 40n 38g 42j 37e 441 36j 45f 35l 46u 34l 48d 33j,48h 342 497 33c 49j 32b 4a3 314 4aq 2vv 4bn 2ul 4cq 2t8 4e1 2rn 4fd 2q4 4gg 2os 4hl 2ni 4ir 2m8 4k2 2kt 4l6 2jh 4ma 2i5 4nh 2gn 4oo 2fa 4q1 2dr 4rb 2cd 4sm 2au 4u2 29e 4ve 27v 50r 26f 529 24u 53n 23e 555 21t 56k 20d 584 1us 59j 1td 5at 1s3 5c2 1qu 5dh 1pm 5ev 1on 5g7 1nt 5ha 1n7 5in 1mm 5ju 1ma 5kv 1m1 5m7 1lu 5n9 1lt 5oa 1lt 5p6 1ls 5q4 1ls 5qu 1ls 5rt 1ls 5sn 1ls 5tf 1ls,5tv 1fn 5su 1fn 5rk 1fn 5q7 1fn 5oj 1fl 5n5 1fa 5lk 1em 5k1 1ds 5ib 1cr 5gn 1bp 5fb 1as 5e5 1a4 5cr 19a 5bk 18k 5ak 182 59i 17j 58i 176 57d 16o 565 16e 54l 166 53a 161 51s 15s 50a 15o 4um 15l 4sv 15g 4r7 159 4pd 153 4ni 14u 4lm 14q 4jo 14m 4hq 14j 4fs 14h 4ds 14e,4ee 134 4dc 134 4c9 133 4bc 131 4a9 12v 48h 12u 46d 12u,44g 12t 42p 12t 40p 12t 3ut 12s 3t4 12q 3re 12o 3pb 12c 3ng 121 3lf 11n 3jo 11d 3ho 111 3g1 10n 3eh 10f 3ch 108 3al 103 38i vv 36m vs 350 vo 32u vj 315 v2 2vg uf 2u1 th 2sn s6 2ri ql 2qh pa 2pc np 2oc mf 2ng lb 2mp k7 2m6 j3 2m2 hf 2m9 g2 2mh ek 2mq dd 2ng c8 2o6 b6 2p1 a3 2q6 94 2ri 84 2tc 6j 2v4 57 314 40,3gs -5d 3i5 -5d 3jt -5d,30p 48 31f 3l 323 30 32t 2a 33t 1i 34q t 360 3 373 -k 38c -1c 39e -20 3ai -2r 3bm -3n 3cr -4f 3dv -54 3f1 -5l 3g2 -64 3h9 -6j 3ic -6u 3jb -74 3kp -72 3m0 -6s 3ng -6h 3ov -67 3r3 -5u 3t1 -5p 3v7 -5k 41m -5f 44b -5b 476 -58,4a6 -55 4db -52 4gk -50 4k0 -4u 4n5 -4s 4pv -4q 4se -4p 4uk -4n 50i -4m 529 -4l,5nk -b4 5nn -c5 5np -db 5nr -ek 5ns -fp 5nu -gu 5nu -hr 5nu -iq 5ns -jn 5np -kn 5no -lm 5nm -mi 5nl -nj 5nl -oi 5nk -pc 5nk -q9 5nk -r8 5nk -s9 5nk -td 5nj -ub 5nc -v6 5ms -vv 5m6 -10e 5ld -10l 5kh -10m 5jo -10k 5iv -10g 5i8 -109 5hk -vu 5h3 -ve 5gm -ur 5gg -tv 5gc -su 5fs -s3 5f0 -rf 5e5 -qv 5de -qm 5ck -qf 5bm -qc 5an -qc 59s -qv 59b -rs 590 -sr 58r -tv 593 -v8 59h -10a 5a4 -118 5b2 -124 5c5 -12q 5d5 -138 5e8 -13k,5e8 -13k 5fc -13u 5gh -147 5hv -149 5jd -149 5kk -149 5lt -149 5mu -147 5nv -13v 5oo -13d 5pc -12j 5pr -11k 5q7 -10f 5qg -v7 5qn -u3 5qs -st 5r0 -rm 5r3 -qe 5r6 -p5 5r8 -nr 5ra -mh 5rc -l6 5rd -jr 5ra -if 5r7 -h4 5r4 -fn 5r1 -eb 5r0 -cv 5qu -bi 5qt -a6 5qs -8p 5qr -7c 5ql -60 5q8 -4j 5pl -36 5ou -1p 5o8 -l 5ng f 5mm 1i 5lr 2g 5ku 3f 5k6 48 5jf 50 5iq 5m 5i9 6c 5hu 79 5hn 89 5hh 9d 5hc am 5h4 bq 5gl cv,5gl cv 5g1 e6 5f8 ff 5eg go 5dt i1 5db jc 5cl kn 5bq lt 5as ms 59r nl 58o oa 57j or 56d p8 555 pk 540 pt 52s q5 51t qb 50v qe 4vt qg 4uq qg 4tj q5 4sg pk 4rb ov 4q4 od 4ot nv 4nk nm 4mb no 4l1 o1 4jm oh 4ib p7 4gv q1 4fs qn 4eh re 4d4 s1 4bs sh 4aq sv 49q tl 48s uc 47u uu 473 ve 46c vr 45j 107 44h 10d 43h 10h 42c 10h 413 107 3vu vr 3up ve 3th v3 3s9 uq 3r0 ui,3r0 ui 3pm uc 3oc u7 3n1 u3 3ll u0 3ka tt 3iu tr 3hi tp 3g6 tm 3ep tb 3dd t1 3c0 so 3aj sh 397 sc 37t s7 36s s3 35p s0 34o rr 33p rn 32u rk 324 rh 31c re,378 33f 35d 32n 33i 321 31v 31d 2vr 30n 2t1 2vu 2qi 2v7 2o9 2uh 2lr 2tm 2jh 2sr 2he 2s4 2fk 2rf 2du 2qt 2c9 2qb 2am 2pq 28o 2p5 274 2ok 25g 2o4 23k 2nj 21o 2n6 1ve 2mq 1so 2mf 1po 2m0 1mf 2li 1jc 2l4 1gf 2kn 1do 2ka,44h 12s 457 12s 45q 12s 46a 12s,6bu -gf 6br -fh 6bo -ei 6bb -dm 6am -d0 69t -cd 68t -c2 67u -bp 66u -bi 65s -bh 64s -bh,64s -bh 640 -bi 635 -bi,5ph -1au 5ql -1an 5ri -1ae 5sg -1a4 5te -19l 5ub -18u 5v4 -188 5vs -17h 60f -16h 60p -15b 60r -145 60t -136,5d9 -ki 5c2 -ks 5aq -l6 59g -ld 587 -li 56v -m0 55p -mo 54j -no 53i -p2 52n -q9 523 -rm 51o -st 51u -uk 528 -vu 52s -119 53l -12f 54i -13o,13t cs 14l cm 15l co 16n cr 17r cu 18u d2 1a4 db 1b9 di 1cg do 1dj dt 1er e1 1fv e1 1h0 dr 1i0 dh 1j3 d0,13u cr 13b cu 12n d0 125 cu 11k cq 114 ck,115 cj 10l ck,1nl a3 1n6 af 1mj aq 1m0 b5,1j1 d0 1jk cm 1k5 cd 1ko c0 1l6 bl 1lk ba 1m3 b2,5tv 1fm 5ts 1gi 5tp 1hc 5tr 1i5 5tt 1is 5tt 1jl 5tm 1kl 5tb 1lk,5sv 1m7 5t8 1lo,5tb 1li 5t2 1m1,5uu 1fm 5vq 1f7 60k 1el 61l 1e6 62q 1dr 63r 1dk 64t 1dc 661 1cr 66t 1c3 67l 1b

a dont move level
-28g vs -286 vs,-27i 106 -278 vi -26u vs -26u 106,-26u vs -278 vs,-26k vi -26k 106,-26a vi -260 vs -26k 106,-26a vi -26k vi,-25m 10q -252 10q -252 vs -25c vs -25c v8,-25c uk -25c uu,-252 uk -25m uk,-25c ua -25c uk##

A half pipe, Professionally made by FreeRider2Pro, u can edit it & change/save whatever idm :)have fun......
-18 1i 18 1i fu 1i k0 1i mg 1i,fu 1i fu -42 fk 1i,fu -3o fa 1i,f0 1i fu -3e,fu -34 em 1i,ec 1i fu -2q,fu -2g e2 1i,do 1i fu -26 gi 1i,fu -1s de 1i,d4 1i fu -1i h6 1i,fu -18 cq 1i,cg 1i fu -u hq 1i,fu -k c6 1i,bs 1i fu -a ie 1i,fu 0 bi 1i,b8 1i fu a j2 1i mq u ne 3e,fu k au 1i,ak 1i fu u jm 1i mq a,fu 18 aa 1i,k0 1i fu 18,jc 1i fu k,io 1i fu 0,i4 1i fu -k,hg 1i fu -18,gs 1i fu -1s,fu -2g g8 1i,mq 1i mg 1i,mq 1i mq -2g mg 1i,m6 1i mq -26,mq -1s ls 1i,li 1i mq -1i,mq -18 l8 1i,ku 1i mq -u,mq -k kk 1i,ka 1i mq -a,mq 0 k0 1i,mq k jc 1i,mq 18 jc 1i,io 1i ie 1i,mq 1i mq 34,mq 3e mq 34,mq 3e r6 3e 10q 34,pu 3e mq 34,mq 2q pa 3e,p0 3e mq 2g,mq 26 om 3e,oc 3e mq 1s,mq 1i o2 3e,no 3e mq 18,n4 3e mq k##

im a b055 compared to you guys nice auto by meh: -u 18 -k 18,2g io 2g jc 2q jm 34 io,a no 0 oc 0 p0 u o2,3o se 3o qs,1s tm 1s vi,1s tm 1s tc,u 16e 18 16e 18 16o,u 16o u 172 a 172 a 16o,u 172 18 172 18 16o,u 16e k 16e 0 16e 0 172 0 17c k 17c,k 16e k 16o,k 172 k 17c,4c 1da 50 1da 50 1du 4m 1du 4m 1dk 4c 1dk,4c 1da 42 1da 42 1du 4c 1du 4c 1e8 4m 1e8 5a 1e8 5a 1du 50 1du,76 1h2 9c 1h2 9c 1hc 92 1hc 8e 1hc 8e 1hm 84 1hm 84 1hc 7g 1hc 7g 1hm 7g 1ia 92 1ia 92 1hm 84 1hm,92 1hc 92 1hm,76 1h2 76 1hc 7g 1hc,84 1h2 84 1i0,7q 1hm 84 1i0,de 1su a0 244 18 2b0,-5a 2bu 5u 2g0,-5a 2bu -5u 2bk -5u 2b0,76 2hi 76 2h8 7q 2gu 7q 2hi,ak 2kc cg 2km do 2k2 de 2lk bs 2lu bs 2ng de 2ng c6 2oo 9m 2m8 bi 2m8 8e 2jo au 2kc,h6 2qk j2 2qa,rq ak rq bi,r6 ec r6 fk tm fk tm fu,r6 f0 tm f0 tm em,tm f0 tm fk,r6 ep rb en rf er rd ev,r6 fa tm fa,r6 fk r6 fu#76 2hi 76 2kc,7g 2kc 7g 2hs 7g 2kc,7q 2kc 7q 2hi,76 2hi 7q 2hi,7g 2hi 7g 2ig,7b 2hi 7b 2k9,7i 2k9 7i 2hk,78 2k7 78 2hd,34 io 5a j2 5a n4,5a j2 8e j2 8o ka 8o pu,8o ka aa j2 e2 j2,2g io -1i io -26 j2 -26 om,-26 j2 -2g io -3e io,-2q io -34 io -7g io,2q jm 2q p0,0 p0 0 ua,2g jc 2g p0,0 oc 0 ua,3o se 3o 13a,1s v8 1s 16o,a 172 a 13u,k 16e k 13k k 1aq,a 16o a 1b4,u 172 u 13a u 1aq,0 17c 0 13k 0 1b4,18 172 18 14i 18 18u,k 16e -18 16e,k 16e 2q 16e,18 172 -34 172,u 172 a0 172,k 17c k 1a6,50 1da -a 1da,5a 1e8 -a 1e8,4m 1du 4m 1cm,4m 1dk 2g 1dk,4m 1dk 7q 1dk,4m 1du 4m 1ag,42 1du 42 1a6,4c 1e8 4c 1ag 4c 1go,42 1da 42 1go,4m 1da 4m 1go,50 1du 50 1b4,50 1dk 50 1go,5a 1du 5a 1ia 5a 19i,4m 1ge 4m 1kq,76 1hc 76 1fg 76 1ji,8e 1hm 8e 1cm 8e 1o8,92 1ia 92 1es 92 1mm,9c 1hc 9c 1fg 9c 1m2,9c 1h2 50 1h2 ec 1h2,9c 1hc 5u 1hc fa 1hc,92 1ia 26 1ia fk 1ia,de 1su aa 244,de 1t8 de 1su d4 24e,de 1su ak 244,de 1su au 244,de 1su b8 244,de 1su bi 244,de 1su fa 23q,de 1su f0 23q,9m 244 a0 24e do 210,a0 244 cq 210 a0 244 fu 202,1i 2am -42 2fc,-5u 2ba -5u 29e,-5u 2bk -92 2ac,-5u 2bk -92 2a2,-5u 2bk -8o 29o,-5u 2b0 -5k 29e,-5u 2b0 -5a 29o,18 2b0 -42 2eo,18 2b0 -42 2ee,5u 2g0 ec 2j4,5u 2g0 ec 2ig,68 2g0 e2 2hi,8e 2jo 84 324 bs 31q de 31q e2 2v0 9m 2m8 9m 31q 84 324,c6 2oo c6 31q,de 2nq de 31q,de 2nq de 2ng cq 2ng,do 2k2 do 2u2,de 2lk de 2sq,bi 2m8 bi 324 9m 31q,e2 2um do 2u2,e2 2um e2 2v0,c6 2oo 84 324,8e 2jo bi 31q de 2lk,do 2k2 8e 2jo de 31q,ie 2ri hq 2n6 gs 2ng fa 2sq ls 2km fa 2o4,hq 2n6 hq 2ri,f0 2nq pu 2t4 f0 2te n4 2n6 em 2oe n4 2uc 5a 2sq pk 2oo,7g 1hc 7g 1bo,7g 1hc 7g 1l4,84 1i0 4m 1es,84 1i0 bs 1kq,84 1hm 84 1a6,r6 fu uk fu uk d4 uk fu pu fu pu d4 uk d4,uk fu pu fu uk fu,pu d4 pu fu,q8 fu q8 fa qs fa qs fu,q8 fa pu fa pu f0 r6 f0 r6 fa qs fa,qs fk q8 fk,qj fd qg fd,qf ff qj fg qj fc,qf fd qf fg,qg fq qk fq qk fm qg fm qf fq,qc f0 qd ej,qk ev qk ej,q7 ej qt ek qn e3 qe e2 q8 ek,qf e1 q7 da,qn e2 qu de,qk dv qm dd,qr ek r1 eu,qp em qp et,q9 el q7 er,q7 em q1 et,qk em qk es#T rq ak,G mg fk 5k,G -jc 6fq 5k,G -j2 5n4 b8,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,T -j2 58o,G -o2 -76 5k,G -ec u 2q,B 68 1pq 47,G -2g 23q b8,G -7q 210 5k,G -au 29o 2q,G hg 3co as

HAHA :D this is a TUTORIAL U CN TRY if u r not so sure about ur skills LOL ! -18 1i 18 1i,28 33 4b 2k,6t 25 ig k,4c 2n 7p 1s,ig q qp -15,r2 -17 ti -3h,us -26 1an -3j,1ae -2f 1np -1j,1oa 5 234 -43,22t -41 26j -6h,2aj -69 2fu -53,2g6 -55 2tq -6h,2tg -6h 33j -9k,36r -5u 3kp -88,3kl -79 42h -8p,42f -82 4dr -7l,4dc -6h 52k -6g,52g -5c 5hq -7s,5gv -6p 67h se,657 rl 66p ql,66n 11q 6he 11c,6h9 11d 6rc u4,66o 11n 5uu qo,6su mk 6re u1,6t0 mp 6n1 ei#68b u2 69e vm,69k va 6bc rq,69q vc 69q 10o,6b2 u4 6aq um,6ai ui 6be vk,6be ve 6c8 tu,6b0 tm 6c6 ue,6cq ts 6ci vo,6ci vq 6de uq,6do tq 6do 100,6ef qv 6fr va 6gd u4,6gh ua 6h1 va 6ih q1,6in u4 6ij vc,6ji t8 6j3 vm,6jc ua 6kg ti 6k6 vm,6m0 qt 6m0 v2,6ls 10u 6ls 129,61e 12m 630 130,622 12m 622 13u,63a 130 63a 13a,63a 13k 63a 14i,63u 13k 63u 15g,63u 13k 64s 148 63u 14i,65q 13u 65q 13k,65q 14i 65q 15g,65q 13u 65q 130,672 130 680 130,67m 130 67m 14i,672 14i 68a 14i,68u 13k 68k 12m 68a 13k 68k 14i,68a 13u 68u 13u,6ag 13k 6b4 14i,6bo 13k 6aq 164,6ag 156 6aq 15q,6cm 13k 6bo 148 6cc 14s 6da 148,6cm 13k 6da 148,6dk 13k 6dk 14s 6ei 148,6ei 13k 6es 14s,6hc 13k 6ge 148 6hc 14s 6hc 12m,6ia 13a 6ik 13k,6ik 13u 6ik 14s,6ji 148 6kg 13u,6kg 13a 6kq 13u,6kg 13a 6ji 148 6k6 156 6kq 14i,6na 148 6n0 14i 6na 14s 6mm 156,6na 148 6na 14s,6nu 130 6qe 130,6p6 13a 6p6 15g,6q4 14s 6q4 15q,6q4 15g 6qo 14i,6rm 148 6rc 156 6sk 148,6su 13a 6s0 172,6r2 164 6sa 17m,630 17c 63k 1a6,630 17m 64i 180 63a 18k 64i 198,656 172 65g 198,656 17c 66o 172,65g 18a 66o 18a,65g 18u 672 18u,67m 16o 67m 19i,67c 16o 68a 17m 69s 172 69i 19s,6b4 17c 6ag 198,6b4 172 6c2 19i,6aq 18a 6c2 18a,6d0 17c 6d0 1ag,6d0 17c 6e8 18a 6d0 18u,6es 17c 6hm 172,6ge 17c 6fq 19s,6e8 19s 6go 19s,6hm 180 6hc 1aq,6hc 17m 6ji 1aq,6ji 17c 6ji 1b4,6mc 18a 6l4 172 6k6 18u 6l4 1b4 6n0 1aq,6n0 198 6na 1aq,6lo 19i 6o8 198,6q4 164 6pg 19i,6pg 1aq 6pg 1bo#T 67c pu,S 5i4 -9c,O 6iu t2,B 67b hf 4o,G 699 mu 3n


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4.38 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
4:12 PM EST
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