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So like yeah when my frist one made it and i wanted to make another one.

this one has buttons to help you with the music.
Just the let you know if you want to music to keep going you gotta prees the buttons again sorry.

2 songs and a next button wich is really just a second song button

Pm me if you have something to say

edit: one button doesnt work oh no


Needs to synch up to the music a lot more.

It seems like you're still struggling with the basics. Here's a few tips.

- set music to stream when making music vids. Then you can animate in another layer and listen to what spot the music is at at that point, whilst you're drawing.

- Abstract, non-representational shapes can be cool. But you need to try and time stuff to the beat. When there's a loud beat, stuff should move suddenly or there should be a scene change. Having stuff move at a constant pace just seems like you're ignoring the beat of the music.

- Use default gradients only as a starting point. Make your own gradients.

- Don't have looped graphics for non-looped music and call it a music video. As mentioned above, you need to be sympathetic to the beat and pacing of the music. Either animate to the end of the song or just stop the song wherever you get to.

I do like the idea of using simple shapes, lines and curves for a music vid but you need to be a bit more stylish with the graphics and synchronise up a lot more to the audio.

As you're only 13, you've got a long way to go so don't worry too much. If you're doing this to entertain yourself and you enjoyed making the music flash - that's great!

If you want to entertain others though, I hope the tips I gave help you on your way.

All the best,
- Bez

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zone12 responds:

ty man that helped alot i waz goin the put another one but now i see that i gotta makke some changes

Basically the same as the first, but better...

Okay, you improved your animation with some more flying objects and some pictures. Also, you included buttons and 2 songs which is better, but it's still basically the same as the first. I suggest listening to Bladefury and do that. Practice makes perfect, right?

zone12 responds:



yay random shapes dancing around a screen?

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Shouldnt be a flash.

Why did you make a flash?Just summit these to the audio portal.
Otherwise,nice music.

zone12 responds:

well i kina wanna get started on flash


Your trying to play off your age as the factor that is holding your animation back. Its not. You need to go look at some video flash tutorials. When I first learned flash I searched for like twenty minutes and found a free website with amazing video tutorials. It will teach you everything. I am telling you this because this movie was subpar to say the least. Boring, repatative and all together no reason for it. The fact that you are using action script is good, thats something I dont go near....Im just artistic, not much of a scripter. If for some reason you cant find those movies....I am also going to look for them again to brush up on some more advanced techniques so PM if you cant.

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Feb 7, 2008
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