DBZ - Gohan Kills Cell

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This is the new version of gohan vs cell.


the uiltmate sayin

it,s probly gohan,s human anger that make,s him strounger than goku . but waht if goku reproduced with bra and vegtia repoucded with pan = non-fusion sayins with double sayin dna idot,s goku and bra have son called Etiahonten and a duather called Hellenichtski. and vegtia and pan have a son call ed Trunkaroutapaitz. beacuse their double sayin they have 2 tall,s they can quad ki polmirzuieasions the 3 level are ultra super sayin jin 4 , ssj3+4+5+kaiokinx40 , and last won it quad ki-polmuarzion double ssj11 while to be more perzise eitahonten is 3/4double sayin 1/4human and so is hellenichtski , and trunkaroutapaitz is 5/8 double sayin and 3/8 human. but when Eitahonten and trunkaroutapaitz do compund fusion witch is earing fusion and the dance fusion mve,s done twice they become the uiltamate sayin Eitahonapaitz. and thier uiltmate atack is superton carghed -+n sprit bomb final flash keamhaemhae big bang*200. compund fusion last twice long as dance fusion and produce, 3 times as much ki as poteai earing fusion let me explian the name,s Eitahonten is combnation of vegtia,gohan and goten . Turnkaroutapaitz is a combnation trunk,s caikarout napa and radzit. Hellenichtski is some carzy polish-german name beacuse lot of band,s form that region do muzic for dbz,s amv,s Coma Naljpezy ,Rammstein , Megaherz. sound frmilar. dakja.?!!lol.

can this gets better?

make a battle of this. SWEET!!!

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Now lets see...


Nice job.

I was a fan ( and still ) of DBZ and you made nice graphics ! Sometimes i thought it was the anime. Nice music, hope that the next video'll be longer and as good as this one !

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to Killer731

Technically it was cell smashing Android 16's face which cause his power to slip because he was an android who loved life... so yeah

anywho.. towards your flash...

The drawing was simply amazing... very nicely done.. I loved the over lay of the original voice overs in the movie.. the ONLY thing I did not like was the Kamahameha was in the Japanese cartoons which I find their voices annoying but over all very nicely done with this

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Jan 24, 2002
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