Short Stick Wars

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Hey, this is a short stick flash. It's just a little project I did. It's supposed to be a short, with one man vs. a SMALL army. Vote and review fairly!

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I'm not even sure what to say on this one besides these few things.

First off, the story is WAY overdone. Try to find something else that you think HASN'T been done and work off of that.

Second, the sticks are, to say the least, a bit half-assed to me. The line tool works great for stick figures, but they only work as well as you make them work. The same thing goes for the brush tool. Try to slow down, do more frame-by-frame animations, and try to clean some of the stuff up there.

Third, the transformation explosion effect. Please, PLEASE upgrade that. There are tutorials for that sort of thing IF you need them. Trust me, poking around the site for tuts is a real helpful source of movie knowledge.

Fourth, make a background. Please don't leave us with a pure black screen, and please put in some music. All movies are more enjoyable when sticks are kicking ass to kick-ass music.

Note that I'm actually trying to give you advice here, and not just trying to insult you like some of the other people on this site. Please take all advice to consideration, and if I have offended you in any way, I will make a formal apology. Nevertheless, please try to brush up on your skills.


P.S. In case you're wondering, yes, I have worked with Flash before, and yes I've made short stick figure films. None of them were serious, nor were they uploaded to NG. So please don't make any assumptions that I don't know how to make Flash or that kind of thing.


wow this was a really bad animation because... everything was badly animated

Not the best..

but giving you some credit for trying. ;) Voted 5

already seen it...

title says it all...
try to either add more story, or make an more original movie.

Wasn't that great.

Um, wasn't horrible. But, this could definitely use some work.

-Stick figures are too thick. They look retarded.
-Short, and there was technically no effort behind it. And if you really did your best I apologize.
-Um, the moving and action was weird. The stick figures bent in unnatural shapes and stuff. I could swear that other blue figure bent his arm halfway backwards and his entire body into a folded sheet of paper to kick the white stick... so, more natural body movement.
-Too fast to see anything happening. I know it's supposed to be fast, but all the action cliques in here are less than 3-5 seconds long.
-The background is too plain. Have a scene or something.
-The text/talking is corny. Maybe just remove it, or voice act it yourself.
-Have an actual story or point to this flash. What's the catch??

Gonna need to work a lot more on this. And, sorry if I insulted you.

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Feb 7, 2008
7:27 PM EST
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