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Short Term Memory Test

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This is a little short term memory tester I made (hence the title). I got the idea from a riddle website. It may take a few tries to get an accurate grade. I put a lot of work into this, and figured out all the actionscript myself, so please leave any bugs you find in your review. Also, it may take a little while to get to the preloader if your computer is slow.

NOTE: Make sure you delete all the text in the box that says "type you answer here" before typing the numbers. Also make sure you don't put in any spaces, just the digits.

This is actually pretty cool if you don't cheat, and thanks for playing!

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Good test

I really liked it! I was surprised with myself too! Too bad NG has too many of htese, but this one is different, almost original!

Yeah, now you need to work on long term by making it so you can save the game and so you have to come back in a week and see if you remember a sorta sequence! Naa, that would be too hard to make, look out for a PM from me btw.


MinusNick responds:

Hmm... I COULD try for a long term thing. Thanks for the idea and for the review!


Great job. I forgot how good I did. ( I played this about a week ago ) It's a really challenging game if you don't cheat. And I didn't cheat either!

MinusNick responds:

Suuuuure you didn't cheat. :-P Thanks for the review!


I'm impressed with myself! I can remember up to 19 digits!!! Sweet game!

MinusNick responds:

19 Digits! Damn! Way to go, and thanks for the review!

i love it

6915752 that was the last number i had i only played it onceit is to easy to cheat though

MinusNick responds:

Lol, the point is not to cheat. Thanks for your review!


~!Good Points!~
- Good game.
- Graphics: Great.
- Funny.

- Ran a little bit slow.

MinusNick responds:

Wow, you liked the graphics! Thanks for your review, and I'll make the next one more exciting.