Faith of the Heart

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Music video for "Faith of the Heart", sung by Russell Watson.
Small file, so no preloader.

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-_-<(Listen to your Heart.)

Think of a fantasy.

gfx were ok

i really didn't like that song tho, it made me close the flash before i was able to watch the whole thing

OneWhoListens responds:

The song was sort of the point of the flash, though. Without it there wasn't much of a point. Thanks for reviewing, though.


Interesting representation of the song. I always enjoy new montages of stuff played to the "Enterprise" theme, but this is the first one I've seen in flash.

The man on the mountain kinda made me think of Zefram Cochrane's statue.

Two major gripes:

1) Could've made the final ship look a little more like the NX-01 Enterprise, as I assume that's what you were shooting for. As of now it looks...weird as all hell.

2) You can't f'ing seriously tell me you like the theme from seasons 3-4 better than the theme from seasons 1-2. Come on now, anyone with their sanity intact knows that the theme didn't deserve to be basterdized like that :(


OneWhoListens responds:

Interesting...I wasn't actually trying to make the ship look like Enterprise, it was going to be my own interpretation, but looking back on it it would make more sense being the NX-01. Maybe I'll go back and change that.
I also did compare the two versions of the theme before I started work, and even though in many ways the first is better, this one seemed to go better for what I was going for.
I'm glad you liked it as a whole, though, and of course thanks for reviewing!

pretty nice

Great use of the "enterprise" theme. Pretty decent art work as well. keep it up

OneWhoListens responds:


Star Trek

If i remember that was from the last star trek series enterprise. That theme song was not a good choice for that series. Anyway i enjoyed your flash. The music was really soft i had to turn my speakers up just to be able to hear it. I do hope this makes it :)

OneWhoListens responds:

I'm glad you liked the flash even if you didn't like the song that much. Thanks for the review!

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2.86 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2008
11:57 AM EST
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