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Black Sundown

rated 4.07 / 5 stars
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Feb 6, 2008 | 7:44 AM EST

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Author Comments

!!!! People !!!! - I had not noticed Black Sundown is almost at voting rank 4.00!!!! please keep watching and voting. I'm revamping the series to a more cooler fresher look so expect great things in the future. Thanks to all the voters!!!

Hey guys see if you can spot a special guest from the transformers!!

I originally had a flash called "Aggression" as an idea it did not work, so I revamped all the animation and story line and this is the end product.

A mad scientist and a rogue general have created clones with mutated cells, using a chemical compund called "Black X". These clones have the ability to create a chemical reaction in their bodies that can provoke a nuclear explosion, this "ability" it is remote detonated they do not know they can create such havock.

One of them was able to escape, he has unexpected side effects that makes him unique over the others, as the rest of them are considered failed experiments.

Here I portrait what happens in the laboratory when he escapes as the Scientist Dr. Jango it is held captive by the government, General Reiken and Subject "K" clone are nowhere to be found. Subject "K" believes he is the original person from which he was cloned and believes that General Reiken killed his wife so his out for revange, and his only mission in life now is to kill them. The General on the other hand wants to find him so he can complete his maniacal plan of holding the world ransom for money and global domination.

Hope you enjoy I used a different approach on the action scenes something I like to call "Mega View". Sorry about the no voice acting but it is difficult to find decent actors... actually I'm looking for some if interested please send your request for voice acting in my flash animation at m

Lot's of NG music artists here gave them their kudos in the credits so please check them out. Well no more further to do just go ahead and watch.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i got you to 3.99 =) but yeah, needs voices and alot more sound effects, go buy a mike, they are like 10 buks for cheap ones, but go for a nicer one and try make your recording room as sounds proof as possible =) and notch up the animation =) lol sounds like i'm giving orders haha goodluck

Kumar responds:

No brother it's kool you should check on my previous posts there is a screen shot of ep. 2 animation changed a bit and I have some voice actors really kool. thanks for the review definetly awesome hopefully Wake of Death (second episode) will be much better. Now before I post that I will have another animation a funny toon and original that I think you will enjoy. I will keep you posted.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was a great flash, but as said, you need voice acting too. I'm waiting for the next episode. Keep it up.

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Kumar responds:

kool, I am at halfway episode two. It will come out as Black Sundown: Wake of Death, so expect plenty of it. The animation has changed for the better... way better take a look at my home page and you will see. Thanks for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow dis is a very interesting background story sounds like it could become a front liner someday. But... i notice some things like for intance the preloader is a bit heavy and it takes a while to show(it stayed on a white screen for a short period of time) also i wish dis had voices since it has dis empty feeling to it and more sound efect would also work nicely. About action well it was good but a bit slow to it and again not enough sound efects to it like war cries or shouts of pain etc. But aside that i love the idea, theme, music and grafics good job and keep it up mate.

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Kumar responds:

thanks mate!, the things that you point out are the things that I want fixed in the next episode. It is great that you liked it and hopefully other people will do too. For next time I'm getting voice actors I already got one, so were moving on the right direction. Thanks again man.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

You've got a great start going

I would suggest that in order to get better ratings on this site (and quite possibly frontpage or a daily award) That you add more sound! Add some voices! Add more Sound effects or music! I know you probably don't have a microphone, but you can go to the flash forums and ask somebody to do the voice acting for you, I am sure that with your potential somebody will assist you gladly.

Also learn to make the timing a little bit smoother, as in more fast-paced, it was great but it moved a fair bit slowly! I am sure that if you work on these things you will have a great series! You have an interesting style, and a good start here, so I hope you found my review helpful and insightful!

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Kumar responds:

thanks man I'm trying to follow up on it and those aspects are exacly what I'm targeting for next time, an eight is awesome and hopefully I can make a few people favorite artists lists. I'm concentrating next time in the animation more and storyline I need to define it visually.

thanks again, kool.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Who's the jerk..

....that gave you a zero. What a prick. I guess Hitler catching pokemon is more of that loser's style. Anyway,..enough about that asshole. The multi-panel sequences blew my mind and although voice acting could make this better,..i really enjoyed it. Please make more soon. Good luck.

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Kumar responds:

for you and for the guys reviewing episode 2 it is a definitive yes! already working on two more multiscreen comic type animation. Ofcourse I have to make the action sequences even more wild. I don't even care about that zero guess everyone has a right to their own opinion.