Star Ship:Last Battle

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Space Ship is a fun space shooter game with fantastic graphics and sound effects. You have to stop an evil alien race from taking over your planet. You can upgrade your ship armor and weapons to help you out. When you win or die you can submit your score to the highscores board.

Game Instructions:
Mouse to move, Left_mouse to Shoot, Wheel_mouse to change weapons, same with keyboard 1-6, Space to evade.
P - pause.

If you suffer lots of lags, try turn off stars in pause_menu.
Less lags on last levels for sure,
Painball - nerfed, BFG - more powerful.


Good, but has serious issues.

First off, it does have a ton of itemization: you have 6 different hulls, 6 different weapons, and 4 pilot bonuses. Awesome.

The problem with that is, the game is so short that you barely have enough time to try out half of the weapons. The highest hulls are inexpensive enough that after the second mission you can buy the best one. Which leads me into the game's real problem: Balance.

The BFG is horrible compared to the "Painball" weapon, but costs five times as much. The hulls have negligible differences, and as I mentioned before, they're not appropriately priced, nor is there enough time for you to "work your way through" them. Also, a better explanation of the talents would be great. I know what all of them do except for the "Slayer" upgrade.

My suggestion: Make it much longer. Upgrade the BFG's functionality, or just swap it with the Painball gun. Get rid of the asteroid level, or make them slow enough to be killed.

A good start, but needs some heavy modifications to be a great game.

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It was pretty good. Multiple weapons, several enemies, and bosses were a few good traits. I really liked that all the controls could be located in the mouse alone.
It was really enjoyable, but it had two flaws: Firstly, all the movement of enemy ships, the background's stars and planets, and the shots from both you and your enemies all made the game lag like crazy at times. Secondly, the astroids are so fast that it's hard to dodge them.
If you fix the lag then the second thing won't be such an issue though.

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I love this game. I am going to try and finish it.

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Biggest Threat?

Oddly enough, the biggest threat wasn't the enemy ships, it was those annoyingly fast and ridiculously powerful asteroids.
Other than that issue, a great game.
I, for one, didn't get any lag problems.

Could have been better

I have to give a low rating because of the lag. and the heat issue sucked. never real had time to cool down.

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2008
3:11 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight