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Star Ship:Last Battle

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Space Ship is a fun space shooter game with fantastic graphics and sound effects. You have to stop an evil alien race from taking over your planet. You can upgrade your ship armor and weapons to help you out. When you win or die you can submit your score to the highscores board.

Game Instructions:
Mouse to move, Left_mouse to Shoot, Wheel_mouse to change weapons, same with keyboard 1-6, Space to evade.
P - pause.

If you suffer lots of lags, try turn off stars in pause_menu.
Less lags on last levels for sure,
Painball - nerfed, BFG - more powerful.


Listen to SilverScorpion!

I found the game crappy for the same reasons. After the first two levels it becomes too boring to play, plus those goddamn laser ships. On the other hand - the art is nice.
And, yes, the music is crappy as well, it bores even harder than the gameplay itself.



Almost There

I liked being able to use only the mouse. I would definitely look at cooling and damage for respec as mentioned by other reviewers. I think you may have nerfed the painball a bit much lol, its nearly worthless now. BFG's good, maybe even a little too powerful, but I think the price reflects that well. Graphically I think its pretty decent. Background music get really repetitive. I would try to include the ability to turn of music without losing game sounds in the future. Liked it quite a bit, just wish there was more. Nicely done.

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Wow! It's amazing game! 5/5

nice! but...


1. laser OWNS all other weapons in the game, but its the cheapest you can buy
2. Painball wasn't very good at ALL in my opinion, i even preferred machine gun above it!
3. the enemies with lasers (150 points) are too DAMN hard! even though i beat the game, i lost all my three lives ONLY to the laser ships.
4. The waves are WAY too long! it kept on going and going and going, it seemed like there would never be an end
5. the game itself however is too short! i couldn't buy anything more then the stealth, nano, armored hull and the painball and laser weapon!
6. the asteroids are way too fast! you cant destroy them either! the largest asteroids kill the half of the screen, and when hit you see a tiny explosion =S
7. the cooling time for all other weapons then the machine gun that i tested was very short. near instant cooling! that while the machine gun takes a few seconds to cool down =S very unfair, as long as you dont keep those weapons firing no stop, but leave a tiny gap bitween, they're fully cooled. this includes the laser =S

solution and suggestions

1. make the asteroids slower and killable
2. make the laser ships stop flying while firing their deadly lasers, so they can't drive you into a corner and destroy you with their lasers.
3. HUGE weapon damage and cooling respec, cost as well.
4. make the waves shorter, (no longer then 2-3 minutes please) and make the game consist of around 20 instead of a mere 4.

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2008
3:11 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight