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Am I the only one with these kind of things in occasionally in my head when I'm trying to sleep?
*Please review and tell me what you thought of it! :)
So, this is my latest thing, which i got sidetracked into when working on another thing which I probably wont finish. It's about what's sometimes going on in a mind that's fallin asleep (or trying to). I based it on myself: the room looks like mine and the guy trying to fall asleep is me. I've had SOME of those thoughts, but most of them I've made up as I went along.
I do hope I score some recognising laughs from you, because otherwise I will seem weird to you, and we dont want that do we?
Music by me

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it was good
i like it
when the person was in bed, what he was wearing?
I bet He was wearing his underwear in bed
keep it up.
i hope he was in his underwear in bed

Danmed cane-man.

This is golden. I would never thought of animating those thoughts that actually stops you from falling asleep. Even though you're tierd, you like start to dream while still awake, and for some reason you think you can't sleep until the ladybug in the cage standing on the doorknob has flewn, or the cane-man goes away.

Your dialouge catches that greatly, and the animation fits, even though its not the most advanced style, with that dialouge very nicely.

Good job. I hope you're still animating, or at least plan on picking it up again.

allemansing responds:

I remember you. I remember admiring your stuff quite alot, and once asking you to review my Ryan & Cloud flash. I looked at your Lyckans Undulat WIP, and it was pretty damn awesome, even though i didnt understand a thing what it was all about.
Thanks alot for your compliments, glad you understood it (contrary to the guy before you). I was really unsure before, during and after making this flash whether it was actually a good idea, and whether it would actually work. Even when it was done and I submitted it i wasnt sure whether it was my best work or just something abit strange. After seeing that i managed to communicate the feeling of these situations (something i hardly manage to do even when just talking to someone) i decided it was probably my best flash.
Strangely, after this one i did a very mediocre and lazy one about a potato (George), started up a quite ambitious project, got tired of it halfway through and then i stopped animating. Its probably cause I moved to france for a year and decided that i didnt want to spend time here animating stuff, but profit from the experience.
Right now, im going home to sweden in a couple of weeks. I have some tiny ideas i might turn into little flashes, and i might just finish off my ambitious project, because i hate the idea of having worked so much for absolutely nothing, but i think my most amibitious days of animating flash movies are over. It takes too much time and i dont really feel talented enough for animating to motivate all that work.
Im however happy that i've learnt how to use the program and developed my skills, and im proud of some of the stuff ive done, so i hope ill get some real use of it some day.

Wow. That was a very long response.

Lycka till med ditt eget animerande! :)
/Jonas Modin

Didn't like it

There wasn't anything appealing about this. The only thing it accomplished was actually putting me to sleep. The humor was definitely at a low level. Random can be funny but that was a horrible attempt at random. It probably wasn't the greatest subject matter either. There isn't much to latch onto talking about sleep.


I just voted for it as the best of the month, hope you get $250!!
Best of luck!

allemansing responds:

Oh my, thank you so much! :O


haha yeah i think it happens to everyone. i watched this in a compter lab at uni and i had to stop watching it halfway through to prevent myself from ROFL-ing <3

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Feb 5, 2008
2:51 PM EST
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