3D maze by barada

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The objective of this game is to lead the blue dot to the red one as fast as you can.

Hold down SPACE to move the ball arrow keys - changing course depending on current moving; direction shift+arrows or ctrl+arrows temporary 3D rotation of the labyrinth

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A good idea.

It was a good concept but unfortunately it just didn't live up to its potential. The movement was a little tricky to get to grips with but if you persevere it's worth it.
Full marks for the concept.

Unfortunately you go down to 5/10 for the execution of the plan. After you complete the maze you get two marks of 'instructions' with the one on the left restarting the game. The biggest downside I found, though, was that as often as not I was left with a blue vall on the line and a red ball floating in midair with no way to reach it.

To sum up: with a bit of fine-tuning this could become a very good game.

That was extremely gay.

That was really lame. Every time I hit a button to rotate the sqaure it would go one way and then the next time it would go a different way. I aslo couldnt access the instructions which meant I had no idea how to move the balls,or if I was even supposed. This added to my already mounding frustration for the day

umm i only got 1 map -.-

were there supposed to be more?
if so please fix any glitch that may have occured -.-
thanx -^.^-
7/10 for pure ideas

Pretty good

Pretty good. Played escher stuf like this before. Okay implementation and the controls stopped halfway through the second map for me.


ha ha, at least a game which needs some brain effort istead of quick fingers :-)))

the only penalty I see is that theres no indication wheres "the front" of a dot we fly, the rest is simply awesome, I love the concept of maze flying all over around, you feel like a spaceman playing this though, also the slow turns to preview angles is good, if you are not good enough to use your imagination then you pay for preview handicap with your time :-)

sweet, I'm your fan now

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2008
5:08 AM EST
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