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Wii Are Sold Out

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Daily 1st!? Awesome!

And a weekly third! Right in time for my Birthday ^_^

Yay Front Page ^____^

Apparently a lot of people share my pain. I dedicate this flash to them, but I'm sure the rest of you will enjoy it all the same!

EDIT: Seeing as several people love stealing this, I've decided that I'll allow some sites to host this as well, so long as I am asked before hand. Please, no more PM's about people stealing it. So many already have... At least it shows my name at the very end, although some people have taken that part out...

I work at Target as the Electronics Specialist.

You have NO idea how many times a day I get asked if we have Wii's in Stock.

This is the reply I wish I could give.

NOTE: New Version has a very simplistic "REPLAY" button and now has a code to help prevent people stealing it... as much...

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i hate gay people

This random type of humour always makes me laugh when done well like this.

This was the second video ive ever seen on newgrounds past USoUD. Its what sparked me to keep coming back for many years. To Sardonic Samurai; just know this video has a special place in my mind. Catch you on the flipside.

SardonicSamurai responds:

Dawww! <3

Black Friday in a nutshell

It was like he was about to go super Saiyan in anger. xD