Harry Potter 6

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This is a remake of the original movie - Harry Potter 6 trailer. Actually, it is nothing new - the animation is the same but I improved the graphics and also, this is not a Bloodline movie anymore. I really hope the graphics is better than the last time. And one more thing, people who hate H. Potter - DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE. Don't vote zero because you don't like Potter!



This trailer is awesome.It has all the main events and characters.And Better than anything I can draw.P.S Did you use paint?

I want to say zero, but i can't.

This was a lacking any point whatsoever. It was simply music slapped on to decent animation and it really wasn't funny, had no twists, and was really quite boring. Put some effort into it next time(Music and animation will do for now, storylines and maybe comedy replacements would be helpful), and maybe I'll double this score if you do better.
But people, please, do not just say "it was gay!!!" At least give some pointers to the poor guy on how to make it better.


Good animation but it was missing something

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I love Harry Potter, and the animation was good, but what was the point? It wasn't really entertaining...

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No, no ,no! this is just bad, why would anyonw want to see this!? since there are no jokes I asume that it's not a parody, and since there are no twists and frankly, it is a bad remake of the trailer, I don't understand, what was the point with making it!?
even the animation wasn't that good, and that is the only thing this movie had to relay on.

sry man, you need to make an effort to earn my approval

zeroeffect9 responds:

Listen Lars, make a movie - and than come and say something. What is the point of watching movies? To compare yours with movies of others. Thank you for watching

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3.36 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2008
4:17 PM EST
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