Not Dead

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Although at one time of day it would seem that we had died out but due to some unforeseen events, we have returned, bigger and better than ever! One day we will take down our enemies, fighting for peace and all that is the love of Newgrounds.

There is nothing we want more than happiness in our fellow users and everyone else, so sit back and enjoy the ride of your life!

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well, again...

its one more hate flash about another group. it will be GG, SS, CC, and maybe LL. who knows?! maybe next it will be KK, haha. but eseriously now, instaed of doing a hate flash, you could make a quallity flash that would mock the sg, without insulting by the anal reference, or having the word ''gay'' in it. i mean, wtf? you CAN make some good movies, that would do better job than this. so next time, try making a quallity movie that will make a group to feel shame about their group, because they will see a masterpiece. not that. anyway, its bad. gay jokes?!

TheShadesGay responds:

Gay jokes?!

The world's best flash

There is no flash on Newgrounds better than this one.

TheShadesGay responds:



The movie had better parts than others mostly Mr. Goat compared to the grave stone part and to the pathetic orgy scene which was utterly pitiful to say the least on the frames and usage of pixels.

6/10. Also...Shades Gang owns you.

TheShadesGay responds:

Shades gang is a bunch of failtures

RE Shades Gang

From what I have seen of the Shades Gang's work, I can tell you that they at least man an attempt to animate and draw things, not just loop the same images over and over.

They use backgrounds, animation, genuine animation, not just a loop like this piece of garbage.

But maybe that is why you attack them here? Jealous are we?

Of course you are. Spammers are always jealous of people who actually attempt to produce at least halfway decent submissions. And how do you know they are gay? Are you guys the experts on gay? Is it because you are the gayest of all?

This submission is nothing more then Hate Spam and should be voted accordingly.

TheShadesGay responds:

Jealous of what? The fact the shades gang can tween around some still images? YEAAAAH

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3.44 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2008
4:56 PM EST
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