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JulianRocks' birthday

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Julian Weincheiser, master of animation, turned 14 on the 2nd. If you've never seen his work, he's labled "Doom Dock" in the Dock Division collabs. Some day he will be better than Adam Philips, mark my words. Anyways, I submit waaaaaaay too fast to Newgrounds, but I think this is proof that just because I made it in a week doesn't mean I half-assed it. And if you don't see that, then it means I just suck XD

... That's about it. I was gonna make a Valentine's day special of Alien Boy, but there isn't enough time anymore. Next year.

To see his stuff, visit:

http://julianrocks.devian tart.com - Deviantart
http://julianrocks.newgro unds.com - Old Newgrounds.
http://doomdock.newground s.com - New Newgrounds.

To join the Dock Division (hah, suuuuuuuuuuuure), visit:

http://bbs.dockdivision.n et - We're not just a rip off of the Clock Crew anymore!

To see more Dock Division flashes, visit:

http://dockdivision.newgr ounds.com - All flashes are under "favorites" except for 3.

The end.

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the animation was ok

you Like to celebrate people's birthdays :)

the voice from speakonia(it just isn't top notch-try a different style from the original clock crew)

no music(it seemed to drab without a good track in the background)

other than that, it was ok.

Try out some tutorials to better help you with flash.

IZSBHR responds:

I think the animation should matter above all else. This EASILY deserved a two and a half!