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Darfur Satire Shorts

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Feb 2, 2008 | 4:48 PM EST

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Author Comments

EDIT:12/29/09- While I still think Darfur needs assistance, I think this movie is too black and white. The project essentially forced us to be completely for saving Darfur, but now I think it's not as easy as "PAY MORE ATTENTION" or "SEND MORE MONEY" or "SEND MORE TROOPS", like there is a quick fix to a problem that is not exclusive to Darfur. So if you are not completely head-over-heels to help Darfur, I do not think Megatron should blow you up, I just think it's funny :P

Edit: 1/4/08-Much thanks for the front page! I was hoping one of the higher ups liked this. More awareness and my first non-Sonic movie to be front paged!

Yes. I am riding the coat tails of "South Park" and "Transformers". If that's not a problem, enjoy!

This is a set of 2 animations I made for my Global Studies class for a Darfur Day and a Darfur Concert. The goal is for my group to get 1,000 people aware of what's going on in Darfur, so what better way to do it than the internet?

Much thanks to my global studies class and Shard-Spider for the voices.

Don't expect these to be "Nazo Unleashed" quality, I didn't have/give enough time for that.



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LOL... United States talking of genocide, how many bloody dictators had been supported by united states (or being supported), the only reason that united states points sudan with the finger is because they don't have Sudan's oil, well united stated could blow the Statue of Liberty and pretend that was another "terrorist" attack, and incriminate sudan just like they did with Afghanistan and Irak, and invade them to take their oil.

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Chakra-X responds:

I know what you're getting at, but that whole issue that you mentioned is more than just a conspiracy for oil =/. But I would not put it pass them that oil advantages play a part in who they make friendly with.

The international law states if a country (don't know which ones exactly. It may be the UN charter) claims a certain situation is genocide, they must do what they can to end it. There really haven't been that much genocidal dictators out there support by the US. Corrupted ones, yes, but not really genocidal leaders.

And if you are implying 9/11 was a secret operation committed by our government solely for oil advantages, I will have to immensely disagree with you there.


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the south park parody wz good but the transformers 1 blew! and 2 tell the truth i realy dont giv a shit about darfur......least u made an effort so u get 1/2 good nice animation 2 you should jus work on southpark animation cuz that 1 wz better


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

umm ok pretty good

good good i liked it

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

really.. it was noble.

but im sorry.. you cant ride the coattails of popular comedies and movies to make it funny. that doesnt make something funny.

and why not nazo unleashed quality? if your going to talk such a "great thing" whats wrong with quality?

i give you a 2/10 for effort.. nothing else.

Chakra-X responds:

Well I spent a year on Nazo Unleashed Part 3. I had a month to make this, but only really got 3 weeks to work on it.

However, I used South Park and Transformation for a quick-appeal to audiences, which helped since I'm trying to spread awareness. In fact, the South Park one was only designed to look like South Park. The writing/jokes were done by me.

Don't get me wrong, the fact that it WAS in the South Park style and Transformers style adds to the funny part, but I can't just have them say anything and expect it to be funny, because it doesn't work that way, so the dialogue and situations playeda part in the comedy, not just the popular cartoons.

Now if you didn't personally find it funny, I can't really do much about that =/


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