Darfur Satire Shorts

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EDIT:12/29/09- While I still think Darfur needs assistance, I think this movie is too black and white. The project essentially forced us to be completely for saving Darfur, but now I think it's not as easy as "PAY MORE ATTENTION" or "SEND MORE MONEY" or "SEND MORE TROOPS", like there is a quick fix to a problem that is not exclusive to Darfur. So if you are not completely head-over-heels to help Darfur, I do not think Megatron should blow you up, I just think it's funny :P

Edit: 1/4/08-Much thanks for the front page! I was hoping one of the higher ups liked this. More awareness and my first non-Sonic movie to be front paged!

Yes. I am riding the coat tails of "South Park" and "Transformers". If that's not a problem, enjoy!

This is a set of 2 animations I made for my Global Studies class for a Darfur Day and a Darfur Concert. The goal is for my group to get 1,000 people aware of what's going on in Darfur, so what better way to do it than the internet?

Much thanks to my global studies class and Shard-Spider for the voices.

Don't expect these to be "Nazo Unleashed" quality, I didn't have/give enough time for that.


but how does it affect me?

and knowing is half the battle

super awsome

this is the best awarness thing ever :D

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In terms of animation the South Park Short was SP standard, so you get Kudos for that. I liked the addition of the logo to show parts based on real-life events too.

What gets the most marks though is the Transformers skit, especially how you didn't just use Optimus to be all moral and what-not, but you used Megatron aswell for some major satire.

"Is that your house over there, with a loving family?" etc. Damn that was hilarious. The voices weren't very clear, but I still understood them anyway so I won't take any marks away from that.

I think I'll watch your other stuff.

hee hee

This movie taught me a lot about Darfur and how horrible it seems.
You also mix in the right bit of comedy with fun animation.

Damn this was great.

Politically relevant information mixed with a little humour (especially Russia and China were great lol, so true though >.>)
Definitely 10/10

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Feb 2, 2008
4:48 PM EST
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