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Darfur Satire Shorts

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EDIT:12/29/09- While I still think Darfur needs assistance, I think this movie is too black and white. The project essentially forced us to be completely for saving Darfur, but now I think it's not as easy as "PAY MORE ATTENTION" or "SEND MORE MONEY" or "SEND MORE TROOPS", like there is a quick fix to a problem that is not exclusive to Darfur. So if you are not completely head-over-heels to help Darfur, I do not think Megatron should blow you up, I just think it's funny :P

Edit: 1/4/08-Much thanks for the front page! I was hoping one of the higher ups liked this. More awareness and my first non-Sonic movie to be front paged!

Yes. I am riding the coat tails of "South Park" and "Transformers". If that's not a problem, enjoy!

This is a set of 2 animations I made for my Global Studies class for a Darfur Day and a Darfur Concert. The goal is for my group to get 1,000 people aware of what's going on in Darfur, so what better way to do it than the internet?

Much thanks to my global studies class and Shard-Spider for the voices.

Don't expect these to be "Nazo Unleashed" quality, I didn't have/give enough time for that.

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I loved this, if only because of how informative it was. I had in fact heard some things about Darfur before. The best part was when Megatron blew up that kid's house. What a funny coincidence. I was just watching the latest stupid "Transformers" movie. I certainly learned more here.

A tribute to "South Park" is always awesome. You got the satire down right! The animation is all great. This reminds me of Kony2012. Actually, I heard that wasn't very effective.

Fuckin BRILLIANT representation of peoples attitues towards situations like this. Straight to favorites! Megatron killed it LOOOL!

An interesting Dilemma!

I wonder at many times, do people know how the US. Gets it's oil.

It's through giving loans to third-world countries, then jacking up the interest rates...so high, it's impossible for the borrowing poor country to payback the loan; so they make deals with the Corporations that are in control of our government (to sell their oil, precious-metals-minerals, and land cheaply to the US.) to cover to cost of the loans.

The Corporations that is also controls the media, whom make massive amounts of money, off the sweat of underpaid workers and farmers, wants you to believe that attacking Terrorists Groups, hates the US. because they are jealous of the accomplishments made by this country: this is a lie! The terrorist groups attack the US. because of the economic takeover of their economy and the selling of weapon the barrower and their enemies.

You'll hear many people yelling "Bring Home The Troops," but those same people will fill-up their vehicles at the pump, without having a second thought about it!

Do some research on the issue, watch these documentaries too!

Economic Hit Man
The Corporation
Generation Rx
Need For Fuel
Black Gold

Here is current poof, that the Corporations are in control of our government.

"A federal law was recently passed saying, you have to buy a HD-TV." you should know what forces will benefit from that law!

They want to control want you see and hear, there is a soon to be passed law, in-which the government can shutdown the internet, incase of an terrorist attack...says the Corporate-controlled media groups.

If you don't believe me, do some research,; not meaning on those (WIKI sites)!

you have an idia there

ya things do people have to know about is this. stop the war everyone. if you vote this with zero stars you are a real selfish fool. great work chackara. your lesson is very important.

Oh Megatron

That was the best part, oh well it doesn't affect me any. =D Do more TF one day