The Final Dare

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Oh, hello. This is my first submission for 2008 and I have to say, I'm pretty glad I managed to finish this. It's not that it took ages to make - it didn't - it's just that I kept on postponing it for such a long time and finally, I finished it off. Sorry for the massive filesize. At least it's not as big as it would be if I used Megadeth's 'Hangar 18' for the introduction.
This game is a finale to my series 'Dared'. I advise that you play the other Dared games, first.

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/
363864 - Dared.

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/
381204 - Double Dared.
I hope you enjoy this game. If there are any glitches (which I hope not because I spent an hour trying to fix them all) tell me in your review what they are. Leave a review and vote, please. I'll respond most reviews, if not all.

Play, and find out the important truth behind life.


Not Mature

I don't think this should be rated as mature D: but, it is really creep, I would have liked it more if it was longer too, but it was still really good!

Mechabloby responds:

I think it's amazing how some people think the Dared games I've made are 'creepy'. Heh. Cool.


Heck, it was nice, brilliant on the quality of its graphics, and I liked how the whole storyline went.
I never saw any glitches, so the game is fine.
Vote of 4.

Mechabloby responds:


VERY short

just when i started to get into the game the credits started rolling by. 0.o. too bad ,this could have been better if you made it longer.

Mechabloby responds:

Yeah, I thought so too. Let's see what the future brings for us. :)

Brilliant stuff

Loved the atmospheric nature of this; the music, the scenes and the grainy effect on everything. The sound effects and animation are striking, and the whole thing has quite a Bioshock feel. Great work!

Mechabloby responds:

In b4 b-b-b-b-bioshock

It looked amazing!

I loved the way you set it out, and the music/sounds you used. I would love to see a future series like this sometime if of course you want to do another kind of thing like this.

Personally I find them to be the best kind of games, and I enjoys it. A bit short but as I said it looked great, better than the other Dared games anyway.

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Mechabloby responds:

Thanks - I thought so too. I might do another game series like this but longer when I have a more wide knowledge of actionscript but don't get your hopes up, if I did, that'd be in ages. Thanks for the review, luv.

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3.41 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2008
8:29 AM EST
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