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Feb 2, 2008 | 6:54 AM EST

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please note this does not have anything to do with what the sonic company made (except some sprites)
and i do not reflect any of their wishes and i know the chaos emeralds seperate are not THAT strong also some reason this reminds me of the smbz seriesXD and last i have to say THIS is worth watching (unlike the other crappy video i made) and remember this is only my secound try and im only 13
update: i fixed the hole of crappy deathXD now it is a field from starfox
and i added a secret button



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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad...

I guess what your second try with 13 years old it's okay this isn't that bad if you want to know but i guess what somethings will help you:

- Make a Storyline more interesting and with sense

- Make more Action Fight and Sprites

- Make a BackGround more cool!!



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Bad excuse

"remember this is only my secound try and im only 13"
That is the worlds worst excuse. I can understand the Second try at a sprite movie thing, but what the flying Hell does being thirteen have to do with your sprite skills? If your going to blame your age instead of your actual skill you won't get any better.
Anyways, onto the film.
At the begining, there's not sky, and the background that it there is Jpeg'd, and stretched. that makes the whole begining look really ugly...
Then there's your animation. Your doing OK, but you need alot of help with the steadiness of your animating pace. What type of Framerate have you been using? You should be at 23-25 now. And you also need to be careful that you don't bring in the background colour of the spritesheet into the actual video. it makes it look ametaur.
And your plot confuses the Hell out of me. one minute, Shadow is looking for Sonic, because he said he'd meet him there. then, Shadow's like "Omg, I should bring the Emeralds even though Sonic JUST wants to talk". That didn't really make sense. Shadow wouldn't bring a Chaos Emerald to talk to Sonic with. Even he's not THAT protective...
anyways, then Orochimaru pulls him out of nowhere and wants tyhe Chaos Emerald? When the Hell did Orochimaru even think about Emeralds? It's not a good thing to leave out these kinds of details when making a crossover. So then they have a battle (Again, might need better animations in the future) and Orochimaru has a giant dragon pop out of nowhere and assumedly eats Shadow. Then a fireball hit's Orochimaru and he dies!? After fighting Supershadow and living, I don't think a puny fireball would really kill him. Then, Mario pulls a Sonic and runs really fast off of the screen. Then, we see Shadow..... falling.... in the sky. wait, I thought he was eaten by the dragon? Well, since that obviously doesn't screw up the watcher's mind enough, Mario flys by super fast and catches shadow. Yeah, I bet your minds clear now.
So Shadow's back where he started, but he want's to say thanks now? He doesn't say thanks to anyone! So Mario comes out of nowhere, says, "It's a me, Mario!" (Which I have to admit is probably the highlight of this video) and the movie ends. soo, confusing plot, too many random characters, not enough plot-held characters, and Out of Character Characters.
Now, the last little problem I had with this, is bittage mixing. Like, the chaos emerald was a 16-bit (Super Emerald sprite, by the way>>) and Shadow and Oro were both 32-bit. Basically, the Emerald looked like it came from a Genisis, while Oro and Shadow looked GBAfied. and Mario, He was in paper form, which I think was 12-bit, but I'm not sure. but basically, bittage mixing made it look really unprofessional, and hard to ignore.
so, I hope this crit. helps. I'm sorry to burn you down, but I want to help in hopes that you have a better flash animation next time.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


interesting start, though right now it has no plot but still good


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ha! great

it would've been funnier if an arwing hit him instead of mario