Little Frog Duel

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A Man in a Hat comes to claim the Frenchman's girl. The Frenchman defends his lady with his strenght and his sword. The duel goes on until a little frog enters the battlefield. What will happen next???

A little information about the movie.

This whole story stemmed from a comic my girlfriend and her friend made one day while in chemistry class last year. They had a whole book of comics actually, little stick figure ones. This one caught my eye and I offered to animate it for them. What started as a simple stick figure animation turned into something much bigger.

After animating the first few frames of the comic, I realized I didn't want to do a stick animation. I wanted to draw out full characters. And after I heard a certain song in the movie, I set out to do it. I decided to leave the stick figures in the beginning and then started the actual fight with full drawn characters and mostly frame by frame animation.

So now with the final finishing touches put on, I give you Little Frog Duel. I hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks to Amia and Chelsea for the story.
To Amia, for all her love and support.
To Yungjazz(Kalen) for helping me along the way. Thanks for the sound effects.
All my friends and family who supported me in someway or another.

Enjoy the movie Newgrounds!!!

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The beginning was kinda boring and poorly drawn but as it got going it got better. The frame by frame animating of the fight scene was decent. You did well. nice work.

extremegamer2491 responds:

Thanks for the review. Im glad you noticed the improvements. It means I actually did get better while I made this.


Hey, DS. this is Dent from SJ I wanted to see your work and damn i'm blown away. The stick figures scared me until I saw the animation.

All my 5 R belong to this.

extremegamer2491 responds:

Thanks. And glad the stick figures didn't scare you away. That was the only thing I worried about. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

you didn't think I'd be watching? XD

this was good stuff DS =) all I can say is fix up your drawings alittle bit, it looked slightly out of proportion in a few parts(or maybe im seein things) anyway, your frame by frame is really good! kalen wasn't kidding when he said you were crazy about it too, and it shows XD

I'll 5've you, cause I know you'll get better.


extremegamer2491 responds:

Thanks man. Appreciate the tips. Drawings are something Im definitely going to work on in my next movie. Proportions are something I struggle with, but I have been practicing and plan to work more on it.
Fbf-wise, i've got a long way to go, but thanks for noticing it. I just need to be more patient during the process and work on making things extra smooth so character's heads don't change shape when they blink or something, but that is all fixed by patience.

Thanks for the review man. Looking forward to your next movie.

Omg I looooove it

This is so perfect babe!! I think I've watched it like 30 times so far this morning!
When did u add the SFX?? that totally made it cooler!
I'm thinkin I might have to give the entire notebook... :)
Loooooove ya!
(is this review to mushy? lol)

extremegamer2491 responds:

Hmmmm....I wonder who this is.... lol

Yunjazz gave me the sound effects. He thought it'd be a good idea to put them in during the fight scene and not just after. And he was right.

A too mushy review??? No, it's great. Thanks babe. Love you too!!!

You have potental!

You obviously know how to work flash, but you artwork needs to be a little more refined. Practice up on drawing!

6/10 3/5

extremegamer2491 responds:

Thanks for the review.

Don't worry. I intend on practicing my artwork and animation a lot. Thanks again.

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4.00 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2008
11:07 PM EST