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I thought to myself one day about throwing a quick and fun arcade shooter with very little to explain, and much to enjoy. Inspired by Counter-strike, Gears of War, and I am Legend, I present to you, Marksmen. Special thanks to all who contributed!

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Created by Godlimations.com

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My childhood game.


Well, its cool, i like how you move n stuff, a pseudo 3d game made with a 2d engine, well made

I found this game to be pretty enjoyable. It really was interesting to see zombies with guns. Oh wait, that was already in "Madness Combat". Anywho, I was surprised by the gameplay. It was weird to tell when I was taking damage. It still worked out pretty well overall.

I thought maybe I was supposed to rescue the people with guns. That would make them stand out from the zombies. I liked how you walked forward. The layout made it look like the zombies just came after you.

I saw Retsuprae, well, restuprae this, and I gotta say, this is better than your little 3 part point and click series. Many of those including this are quite stupid that we can all make fun of, but that doesn't mean we seriously hate them all, this actually seems kinda fun despite its stupidity. So dont feel bad that people consider your crap stupid, just try to not be stupid and make entertaining games