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Coil is an experimental flash game with no instruction or clear direction.
Please keep an open mind while playing.


Coil uses the mouse exclusively.

!flash player 9 required!

-Edmund & Florian <3

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dumb ending

good game, was expecting better ending
people that cant beat it are stupid,
good game, it made me think, 10/10 5/5


The 1st level is incorrect, only the nucleus of the sperm cell joins the egg.
The tail gets lost and the nucleus is released from the head of the sperm cell.

level 2 is stupid.


i cant get past lvl 2

Absolute genious

I'd like you to know that I joined NG today *soley* to praise you for this awesome little adventure. It was just that good.

Now...anyone who gave this game anything but a 10 simply because they couldn't figure out how to play it is a moron. And for those of you who sat there forever, waiting for the text to go away, I've got far more colorful words for you that I'll spare for this review.

But for the window-licking retards that couldn't grasp the concept of the game in general, I'll be generous enough to explain what you were *supposed* to do. Plain and simple, you make a baby. The story chronicals what seemed to be a woman getting raped by someone she had feelings for...or something like that. I'm not particularly good in the interpretation department.

But changing the objective in each scenario was a refreshing change of pace, and the abstract goals had me guessing for a while on a few of the levels. In all, I think your experiment was flawlessly executed, and please, if you have any other fantastic ideas locked away in those heads of yours, please do not hesitate to share.

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Don't vote poorly because you can't figure it out!

To pass the text and go to the next level, just move your mouse in a circle counter clockwise, like the arrows are doing. I thought that was pretty obvious... Did you guys really sit around forever waiting for it to move on it's own?
I thought this game was pretty interesting, anyway. The fun was in figuring out what to do each time the controls and objective change. The background music stopped halfway thru the game, though. Glitch?

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4.17 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2008
7:01 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click

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