The Walls - Part Two

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Update: Please stop telling me in reviews that the game is too short. It is what it is; please just judge the quality, not the length. Thanks.

I know this game is a little bit strange, but try to keep an open mind. Strange can be good.

A lot of work went into this experimental Flash endeavor, so please judge fairly, and be sure to play The Walls - Part One because what you find at the end of it can be used at the end of this game to obtain access to a hidden feature. This game is extremely graphics intensive, so you may want to lower the quality if you have a slow computer. Other than that, just dim the light, turn up the sound, and enjoy.

Please remember to submit this to the experimental collection, it has to keep The Walls - Part One company!

Instructions: Your mouse controls a flickering light. Use whatever hints or tools your environment presents to you to uncover the three digit code in each stage, and then enter it into the control panel at the lower right corner of the screen.

Special thanks to Kongregate for sponsoring this game, and to Tom Fulp for being awesome and raising the file size limit.

(Note: To the 4000 or so people who played the original version of this game, I felt it was necessary to re-submit it with the several glitches fixed, and with certain aspects of the game updated/compressed to reduce the lag some people complained about)

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Incredible Mind Blowing

This is surely one of the best games I've ever played here and no kidding play first part and get the code t watch the secret it's worth it. And for those stuk on the box like I just zoon


For those who are stuck on the Fibonacci puzzle it's 358
Fibonacci's number sequence Goes Like This.
the first number is 0 the second is 1 all numbers after that is the sum of the previous two like this 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.

That was great and all but...

Who's "Fibonacci"?
8 stars. 4/5.


realy scary and the part of level one with the eye is weird

very good!

i found it kinda easy, but the game was awesome! i wish u keep like this

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4.17 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2008
5:49 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click