Shut Up, Cup! Ep. 5

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*EDIT* Fixed, Enjoy!

Well, this is the first episode of the Shutupcup.com short series that we've submitted to Newgrounds, but it stands alone so you're not missing much. If you're interested the series check out our website, http://www.shutupcup.com for more shorts and comics.

In every toon that we create, we at JBMedia try to push our own creative envelope- and this time we added a unique 3D flare by animating everything in Flash, and then importing it into After Effects to add lighting and camera movement. It was our first try with this type of workflow, so be a little lenient with your comments. We are aware of a few glitches with the audio and camera movements, but as many of you flashers know, compressing video into .flv format takes FORREEVVER, and we we're so eager to post this we didn't fix them. Hopefully you can look past our mistakes (read:laziness) and still enjoy the story.

All critiques welcome. We'll try to reply to most comments.

- Jake & Brent (JBMedia)


Not bad...

I think the humor was a little slow paced, The love song was hilarious though!

On another note, what do you use your other program besides flash for? I think everything could have been made in flash and you wouldn't have had all that quality loss. Your sounds seemed to be a little muffled too. Well I hope to see more from you in the future.



Pretty good but i dident like how pixely it was? Also wut programs did u use besides flash?

bgalloway responds:

-Ya, its only pixely because we had the resize and convert so much just to get it to fit the Newgrounds requirements. But check out the site (shutupcup.com) for a not pixely version.
-and we used Flash for animation, Photoshop for backgrounds, After Effects for camera movement. :)


I enjoyed it for the most part.

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Great animation!

Great Animation!!!

Very very nice animation, especially the opening credits.
It's kinda low quality though, but it says that it's not your fault.
You're good!

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Feb 1, 2008
5:29 PM EST
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