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SRM Transformers

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Honestly, this is a self indulgence project. I watched hours and hours of G1, first season Transformers cartoons, and realized why I loved the cartoons so much growing up. I knew what I had to do - make a parody with SRM and the gang!

All sound effects are actual sound effects from the original cartoon, and I think it remains loyal from start to finish.
Special thanks to xander1062 for helping me with the audio, and friends of mine for lending their voices to characters (and cubie's little cameo from superlineman01)
Also, this is my 30th animation submitted to newgrounds - hope you all enjoy!

HOLY CRAP FRONT PAGE!!! Thank you everybody!!!!
4/24/08 - 50,000 views! Woo!

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whoops, finger slipped


SRM Prime is epic at dancing

megatron sucks at dancing

i thought soundwave was blue not purple
btw what does srm mean?