Chronicles of a Demon Ep3

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*Second Daily! Thank you guys!*
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The time has come for Darkar to fight one of the seven Angel Gods. Filled with the right amount of energy given by a pepperoni pizza, our hero must defeat Albadhur with the power of the dark sword. A tough fight awaits him while this powerful Heaven creature does whatever it takes to win... even if it means to wear a pink dress.

Sorry about the delay guys. As some of you already know, I had a problem with my stupid computer and I wasn't able to work with this episode for a long time. But here it is! I got a new computer (not a lot better than the old one) and I'll be working with this project more often.

This is about 4:50 minutes, 20 fps and took me a while... well not that much but again... that stupid computer.

Again, I had the pleasure to have Sonicmega, D-Mac Double and P3RFECT voice acting for the movie. Of course I also had Markus Moisio's help with the script. By the way Sonicmega wrote and voice acted the intro sketch... genius.

I suggest watching the first two episodes and then watch this one, and I recommend watching this one in a medium quality.

The official Chronicles of a Demon Store is now open and you can access it by clicking the link in the movie. Buy a Shirt! They're cool! ;)

Enjoy, please vote fairly and review! I always love the feedback. :)


Awesome XD

got just 1 question........when will the next one come out?

will you make 4th?

plz make part 4...


when's the fourth one?


continue, continue :D... funny as hell :)

really cool but....

at the finalyou say a lie, "it will continue", but it never does!, this would have future, i liked a lot, you should continue it, i know that vete a la versh is good, but this is greatest cuz it has story, an its fun, and vete a la versh is just fun, i would be happy if you continue both (i know its hard) but it will be great.

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4.30 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2008
1:23 PM EST
Comedy - Original