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EDIT: I've been informed that some of the info I've written are incorrect. Light is not the first human to own a Death Note, there has been several humans before him, which makes the similiar statement about Misa inocorrect aswell. Also, Rem is a female, not a male.
Sorry for this.

Hello again!
This is a Character introduciton of 5 Death Note characters.
This is another assignment I got for flash class at school. I think it turned out quite well actually, and I am satisfied with the results.

Also, Reviews are greatly welcome, since I read and take every kind of critism to my heart.



Were all those pictured made from flash (homemade) or real pictures??? If they were that is unreal!!

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Bohman responds:

I drew all the pictures in flash.
Everything you see in this movie, is made in flash.

Really good.!

I especially liked the hand moving across the page to make the names come up, that was sweet!
I have to show my friend this because im making her watch Death Note now because its awesome. This would really help with her confusion about the characters.

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Bohman responds:

Thanks for reviewing ^^ That's great you find some use for this presentation ^^

Note that there are minor information errors, but nothing huge ^^

The wrong info is just confused info.

The fact that Light wasn't the first owner of the death note, the fact is that he was the first one to go all across japan in his attempts with it. This could confuse people easily, and I say that due to this, none of the info is wrong. Good work.

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Bohman responds:

Thanks for you opinion on this ^^

And thanks for reviewing ^^

Good, but some of your info is wrong.

Rem is actually a female shinigami. If you're not sure about the info, check Wikipedia for more.

If you're gonna make a second one, you should add more characters to the character introduction.

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Bohman responds:

well if you would have read the introduction, it clearly says I got some info wrong. Even though the debate on Rem's sex is an eternal and pointless one :) Read all the reviews if you want to know what i mean.
Thanks for reviewing


Hey, I liked it, could you give me a lnk on where to find that background music
- M

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Bohman responds:

The song is called "low on solipism II"

And it's from the original Death Note Soundtrack.

http://phoenix94350.free.fr/Manga%20m usic/DEATH%20NOTE%20Original%20Soundt rack%20II/

It's the song 03 in that link
Right click and save as

Thanks for reviewing

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