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October 21, 2015
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Kill lots of zombies :D Combos are tricky, but you'll get the hang of it :)

Space: Shop
A,W,D: Move and jump
Mouse: Aim and shoot

Hope you enjoy.

*edit* when the admins approve it; you can buy health in the shop now but it gets expensive real fast ;)


Just like the old days I love this game so much.

I like how when you shoot a zombie you can see some particle effect with blood and wounds and even some physics react, and how the game has a fast pace with music, zombies and action.

Even though, the fun value is fast with shooting the heck out of zombies, and there is kinda a replay value, the game doesn't have much of a story or buildup, not saying that it would be nice if it had one, but saying, it would be cool if it wasn't by straight up zombies at you, but like zombies in waves increasing by every wave, in this case it kinda is like that, zombies straightly go at you, and there are more, and more, and more.

To the point that you feel that the only rest stop is the pause menu.

Let's take for example the game, The Last Stand, in here, you rest once all zombies are down, and you take that vantage to also ether find weapons, survivors or fix barricade, here you litterally have to jump over zombies to avoid bites, with nothing to cover you unless you count the puddle of water you have in middle of the map, which slows zombies down, but also you, and can't shoot while being on it too...

Also, this game center's on the same map, there is no other map actually, this is the only map in the game on which you can survive loads and loads of zombies until you can. Survivor mode. Now that i said it, it would be kinda cool if you had a campaign where you take this concept, like in this other game, Tequila Zombies, and that whenever you kill all the zombies in a wave, you take a freaking break and buy weapons or anything, which takes yourself out of game since the shop is open DURING the limitless wave.

However, even if it is limited, and doesn't give you a break, it's still a good fast-paced zombie shooter, whether you get or not a ragequit.

Graphics: 9/10: it has nice visuals, even if it looks like it was low quality, it still has a sense of grim in the map, and those wound particles effects look sharp too.

Gameplay: 8.8/10 (Flaws: 4/10)

Sounds: 8.5/10: Sounds a bit repetitive sometimes, but it's still sharp hearing a gunshot or the metal background music, even if it gets repetitive after a while.

Replay Value: 7/10: Pretty much a survival game, so you can replay to see enough of how much can you last, unless you want to reach to any other level to get that far enough, you can't... its still kinda addicting though

The fact there are no continues doesn't let you do very much in this game.
With a little work it could be good.

this game is so awesome and i like the way at the end when you die theres a cutscene

OMG! I remember this game from like 3 years ago. This is awesome, so glad I found it.

Needs more weapons. This is a very nice game, and deserves a sequel! 4.5/5

Solid game. I like how it's fast paced.

It's a great game that I've played year after year. The weapons are great and balanced, And it is quite possible to do VERY well in this game, but the lack of medkits make it almost impossible to get very far. It may just be that I haven't gotten that far, but an integration of bosses would also be nice, maybe even grenades.
This game HAS potential to be so much more, and a sequel would be pretty gosh darn cool.

How about a save button?The game needs more weapons and maps.I will be perfect if it had a story,

Actually I really like this game. Good bunch of action, endless waves of zombies and stuff for upgrading. Basically that's all a game needs, but a little more weapons would be nice. Also it's strange that you can buy everything but health in the shop/upgrading screen. I mean, there's no sense in upgrading your health bar if it's almost empty, right? And I played super long and all health that dropped was a single package. So I'd recommend to integrate health packages in the shop or increase at least the drop rate.

I dont mind you zombies chasing me but DO YOU HAVE TO THROW YOUR GOD DAMN LIMBS!!!!! LIFE IS BAD ENOUGH WITHOUT YOU FREAKS TOSSING YOUR ARMS AND FEET AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make a sequel that would be awesome

its pretty cool

by the way good game.

Why does my shed have to be in the middle of a zombie infestation????Why do I always have the bad luck?Oh well....I like shooting zombies :D

After killing all those zombies dont you think you deserve a medal or something,like i mean c'mon add awards here man its a great game and after all those undead slaying.We want awards

the voise for when u first press play WAS..... CREEPY.


if you could hide out in some sort of house, or barricade and fend off the little buggers. Other than that this game is Marvelous.

u should make a better game cuz this is the worst zombie game i ever seen try puting in more drop power ups and more area to walk around and more stuff

The game is a nice idea, I like the motion and playability. However, you lack story and background. It is so irritating trying to avoid the zombies because of the small and simple area. Not only that, but you don't have a hit moment where you flash and can't take damage. The zombies can easily kill me if they all attack at once. Power-up drops are also very limited. Let's not forget the zombies can easily take chunks of health out of you. You could do better.

It is pretty good, but the buying menu could have been a more neater and the game would make me play more if there was a backround story.

It's a really intense shoot 'em up, with zombies that we all know and... well... blow all to smithereens! Love this. Let 'em come! They'll get chewed all to bits.

the zombie tha kill you when you get a game over look like docta good and this game rules but could have made that the zombies give you more money

Best zombie game i've found on here, I just kept wasting them, i had to let myself die lol, make another one with more upgrade and bosses, make customizable characters and lots more upgrade and a better health system, it shouldn't of gone up in price in the menu...other than that great game!

Fun game!

Letum is "dead" in latin :D

I thought this game was pretty decent, although I would have like it if there was more space to move around, also I noticed that the zombies weren't slowed down by obstacles but you were.
Also why did the healthpacks prices keep increasing?
Other than that, I thought the power ups were cool and I liked the the upgrades too.

This game could really be improved upon over all if you made it not suck so much

the best part is the end wher its ended (he died)

But the health price increase makes the game end a lot sooner than I would have liked.

i looked in my chrystal bal but i saw a shit game

but maybe add a story mode

highest of my combos was x13 heres how i did it keep running around until theres a horde of zombies then jump on top of there heads while shooting down :).

the only problem with this game.NOT ENOUGH WEPONS!!!!!!

this is my favorite zombie game.

awesome! the only problem is the heath! its so expensive!

ITs okay but map is tiny gets repetitive zombies wont die health prices rocket and shop is too small naot bad love the controls but not my standerds.

the gameplay and the concept is all pretty good but the one thing i hate is how if the damn zombies so much as hit your baby toe you loose a chunk of health. i cant jump over the damn things with out those morons mindlessly swinging at me and hitting me. i keep dying before i can get too far. you should probably remake the game or make a sequel to this one and fix this little problem.

you should be able to get more health.......and weapons......but overall it's a pretty great game! one of the best zombie games i have ever seen

I mean, the game is alright, but kind of annoying. You just stand still and have to turn around around over and over again to keep shooting those darn things in such repition, it didnt seem too fun to me.

great game! i think a litle bit to harb but still awesome


This game is great but I think you should have add the ability to buy health but made it expensive so that the game doesont become too easy.
Other than that, FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!

Bodhi does a great job in making simple yet addictive games. The fact that i like about his games is that is the diversity. One thing that you must have in a really good game is diversity, but sometimes in the game it's really hard. You can't jump over the zombies too easily and sometimes you can't get all the items, and SOMETIMES again, the zombies just drop little health. Kinda hard at some point and 10 minutes was just my best time.

why did'nt you make another do it fast man these are great keep making em maybe with multiplayer now that'd be sweet they make enough descent zombie games that go online anymore

Difficulty is fine, if it were too easy it wouldn't be worth it. Though I think that the health should return more than just a tiny segment especially considering how costly it gets. 10/10 5/5

some people cheat with visual basics!how can their score be 100000+!
but still this game is great

The idea was good but realization went wrong.
1. Too hard to earn points,
2. The health is getting too expensive very fast,
3. Non of the problems are being fixed.
That's it, and by the way game Staggy 1,2 is great!

It was a pretty enjoyable game! I think people should buy the shotgun , cause its the strongest weapon in the game.

love the game but teh zombies stopped coming after 459 kills...

only buy the shotgun. best gun
get all the strength implants 1st. then damage then accuracy
get armor when youve got everything above. i really dont see what it does

Why can't i find other games like this it has all of my fav element's it's a side scroller zombie killing game and the thing i like the most you can buy things only problem was buy health

Yea it was fun and better than some of the other crappy games but a few things I don't approve of; one- I don't like that it costs more each time and even if it did, the price goes up waaaaay too fast, and two- the zombies sometimes hit you from a distance, or when you jump over them. Decent game though regardless of it's faults.

I got to 765 kills and zombies stopped coming. I think that other people that have high scores may be having the same problem, because going at the rate I was going I think I could go forever and, ignoring the cheaters, there aren't crazy scores like that. I got to a point where things were coming at a consistent rate and nothing was touching me. I'm sure others have done the same, so the game must be crashing on them too.

NICE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't bad, but the health was too expensive, and zombies took off too much damage at the start. Other than that, pretty good.

damn that was a fun game but when you buy health it costs much more. Make it so that the health just stays at 50 each time you buy it. That way the game would be easier. Everything else is perfect but the health thing was not a good idea at all. Please fix the health soon.

good game and all sereously
just kinda fix a few things
dont make it so that every time you buy health its a lot more money
id get a few dollars but god damn over a thousand from like 10? thats messd up
also fix the whole thing where they can all attack you while your in mid air and their on the ground. not a big thing but thats the main reason i died.
sorry man but ima give it a 6

I'm not surprised to see another great game from the author of Staggy and Staggy 2. This game is excellent, with a kickass track selection as well.

However, I do see room for a few improvements. Personally, I never liked the "endless" style of games: I think that a level-based design is better, even if the number of levels is infinite. Secondly, as many people have said, purchasing health refills gets insanely expensive way too fast. Perhaps in a level-based design, the health cost could remain as is within a level, but reset itself to the default at the start of each new stage (thus compelling the player to purchase health only when it is really needed).

Also, the thrower zombies are a bit annoying, as they start coming in numbers that makes it almost impossible to avoid taking damage. Perhaps if the game was based off levels, they could come no sooner than level 5 or so.

But overall, you did a great job on this game, and I look forward to your future submissions.

Sweet!It's a cool game!It kicks @$$!!1!1

the reason why i put the review to 1 is because the health is making me mad

This game is quite addictive and fun to play. The weapon selection is fine (i go shotty myself) and the enemies are smart... but a bit too smart.

It seems they're programmed to attack whenever you get within a certain radius of them. Thing is, when you're coming down from a jump, you don't have much manuvering space or time, so you're often caught with your pants down and can get hit by multiple zombies at once. Also, the lack of adequate healing items is a major issue; you'd have to be EXTREMLEY lucky to pick up even one from a dead zombie, and you can only buy about 3 before the infamous one that costs 6250. But the thing that really kills is the thrower zombie. Sometimes, they pop out of the side of the screen and will throw before you can react, and since the arc for those things is so big, it's hard to avoid. If it wasn't for the Throwers, I think this game would be far more balanced, even with the other problems.

My suggestions:
Lose the throwers or make their throwing arcs less extreme.
Make the heals less expensive or just make it so that more show up from dead zombies.

Letum is a really good game with a very funny Kill-Combo rate. a very cool feature is that you can jump very high (looks funny to jump from the one side to the other side of this map), also the weapons choice is good (could be some more guns for the next game) but their a some small problems 1. the zombies are very clever (Supernatural forces? attack the place where i'm landing in 2 seconds) and 2. I think this game need some more health boxes (The boxes for killing zombies)
But i will play this game again and again to get a better Combo-rate than the last time
Addiction factor is very high!
Great Job! 8/10 5/5

It was a fun game at first but when i had to come back to my health... $6250?????
Oh and the weapons were cool but the health price sucks ass!
But overall a good game!
Zigma is pretty much on the ball!

Pros: Zombie Shooter survival, nice guns,easy, upgrades and weps were cheap
Cons: hp heal is 2 high i mean c'mon 6250 is way to much for 10 health, make it 250 or 500 evry time, shotgun had a sorta bad reload time,hp is too low

Advice: add lives and health,cheaper hp,more guns and upgrades(perhaps a bazooka and a flamethrower?)

But overall its good i would reccomend it 2 friends

wow i like it

This game is to hard and its shit that the health get more expensive... and that the zombies can attack you when you jump on them. Still fun but please fix the health thing -.- hate it that it gets expensive as hell so fast.

It was good way to spend 20 mins or so but it could be better

I can't deny it was a great game.
however, you can make it difficult and enjoyable at the same time by making the upgrades cheaper and the stage bigger and the zombie stronger.
that'll give a better sense of accomplishment. after all, everyone wants to experience what's it like to have all the upgrades!

i think what everyone is asking you, and pleading you for is a sandbox mode

hey hey hey, you have hit the motherload here bodhi, verry nice!!!

and 4 all you other guys that cåmplains about the healt, FFS its a part of the game ,stop whining about it

now that i have played this for a while i am pretty much sure i know the whole thing

the idea is good, the game has big potential, but there are several aspects that make me want to stop playing which are:

zombies with green shirts/black armor - their range is messed up. They tend to strike at a huge range upwards, but they dont seem to have such range on the ground.

shotgun - why have u made it so weak? it still requires a perfect headshot to kill a zombie in 1 shot and i think that 1 bullet (fires 3 at a time) of it,doesnt do as much dmg as 1 bullet of the start out rifle.

animation - this one was really good, but if i see 2 hands fly off a zombie i dont want to see him attack me... make me able to disable it or remove the ability to rip thier arms off at all.

flying flesh - the pieces of flesh flying off their bodies are identical to those that they throw to deal dmg. Leads to too many "wtf, was that supposed to be so"

combo pnts - why do u give combo count x 1000 ponits if those are the only points in the whole game? a simple combo counter would be enough.

health - the health price goes up x5 every time you buy it, but replenishes such small amount that it doesnt seem worth it after the 1250 has been bought.

Good things are that the pices for guns and ammo are reasonable - cant really run out of ammo (unless you buy the crap automatic which eats up your money faster than zombies life)

powerups weren't bad, but they lacked variety - a rare hp, useless railgun upgrade and a dmg buff... more powerups = more fun

implant system was a good one, i liked jumping sky high (worthles but still) and rejumping on the bats, but at first i thought that it would be possible to reach the roof of the gunshed in the middle. accuracy seemed a waste, didnt seem to notice any dmg upgarde as well...

improve this and u got a great game

this is probally the most difficult zombie game i played, weapons are expensive, power ups don't come often, a small area to play it, the grahpics and art are nice looking, i would suggest that you loose the 'you die' movie, it's annoying and mislead me for a second when i first played...

I liked it maybe there should be a sequel.

A few things I think you could improve on -
Keep the health expensive, but give it a solid price. Don't have it double or tripple.
Take away those flying things. They were annoying, not much of a challenge.
Add a few more upgrades/weapons maybe?
And make the difficulty continually harder... after maybe 1k zombies it gets boring. The difficulty gets stuck :P

Good game, but some changes are needed to improve longivity.

1) Take away the throwing jobbies. Main reason being you either hit the thrown object even when trying to avoid it or when you avoid it you jump into 5 zombies. pretty hard to seem them if you're concentrating so much on the action.

2) Take away the flying thingies. See reason 2 in part 1, cant concentrate on em all.

3) Increase the drop rate of the health! Nice on adding it to the shop but do something about the price. I wanna see what its like when you have all the implants :p

4) increase the power of the shotgun. maybe its just me but it still takes at least 2 or more hits to kill the zombies, so why not just keep with the standard weapon?

other than that, this is a really good game.

It was pretty good, myself, I'm not too good at games, so I didn't get too far, but I liked it.

pretty good keep up the work!

I didn't have a problem with the quality, in fact it was probably better this way, but there were a lot of flaws.

1.) What is the purpose of jumping on the zombies? It gives you a combo score and thats it. It doesn't give you extra cash, it doesn't hurt the zombies in any way, and unless you've bought all of the accuracy upgrades, you'll die just by jumping on them, because shooting doesn't help.

2.)The health was a good improvement, but it made no significant difference because of the fact that it became so ridiculously expensive after the first two purchases. There should be separate options to buy health that increases or another that simply refills it. I understand that this is all to add a challenge aspect, but it isn't a challenge, it's not even possible. You'll just end up wasting your money.

3.) The weapons are not an upgrade, they're just different guns, which cost copious amounts of money to buy and upkeep with the price of bullets. The guns are no help.

4.) The body armor as well as the in game pickups are also not very helpful, you only get pick ups once in a blue moon and when you do, they aren't very helpful. The body armor doesn't prevent the amount of damage that it says it does, in fact I would like to question whether they actually do anything as well.

5.) The "implants" are a good idea as well, but not only are they too expensive, you are paying for nothing once again.

6.) The stages of zombies are a little ridiculous as well, they come nice and slow at the beginning, but before you know it, they are impossibly strong and come in numbers too great to be defeated, I think a more gradual and steady increase would make this game a little bit more "winnable" if you will.

Overall, the game was well made but had almost too many flaws to be enjoyed. Hopefully, with potential next games? you will take these suggestions into account.


That was fun :D

its like the last stand but way better...the way the bodies blow apart is flawless

very entertaining, I thought it was very challenging but I agree with Endo-k in that there should be cheats mabye progressive or something. Like after 20 kills you earn a cheat. Another thing is I think there should be actual levels 1,2,3 ect. so then people know what to expect and you have a number of zoms you need to kill before you can advance to the next level. And mabye put in challenge modes and a story mode too.
Hope this helps.

I like how the zombies can hurt you in mid-air. Cool concept, better execution.

I loved how all the body parts are interactive like the head. Shooting it shreds it up and stuff, good work.

I srsly dont know how people get up to 4000 kills and what not. but this game is pretty cool.
Make cheats next time haha

its a ok game but you die to easy and it gets boring after a wile

This is a pretty good game i didn't much care for the health system if you made it a little less expensive or not increase so fast and it would be alot better but other then that great job

im giving you a 5 because of the helth system it sucks why does the price goe up andits not even worth it like its so little for so much money and the zombies do like about 1million damage on you and you should just make the health stay the same cost god dammit man you gotta think these things through or else your gonna get blammed cause no one will want to paly this and it will just take it off

That was a very good game!

Kill kill kill yes... but not emotion only action with 2 sides.
5 minutes playing and get you bored.
Get more elements of action for more fun.
Continue Gore working

good game but gets boring after a while

really good needs more weapons though and maybe even lvs to buy stuff over all though its really good hopes theres a second one

Thats gotta hurt

rofl nice cutscene when u die

it was alright i like the style of game but it gets boring after iv brought every thing from the shop but to to bad

Liked it, but would like a bigger area to run around and dodge zombies

The game seemed fun, you need more levels perhaps or mabey cretures of zombies. Im a fan of zombie dogs my self, back to the point though, you should add a few things here and there

First off, I'd like to award myself the extreme loser award for spending around 3 hours getting 3822 kills and 2058000 just cause I need to win at something (Zukeriath, top for now).
Anyhow, while i'm on that topic, there needs to be more of a difficulty curve seeing as at 500 zombies it seemed to stop getting harder. Also, i'd reccommend more powerups to spice things up a bit, and all the weps should be equal in power, just in different ways so there can be people can use different ones.
One last thing, the combo system should award more based on actual combos instead of just overall amount, like a 10 combo shouldn't be worth only as much as 5 two combos. Other than that, great game.

it sucked i got not even 1 minute into it and it sucked

well it was fun, but you know i would like maybe an ultimate wepon, a system of levels maybe, flat rate health, and perhaps after 1000 kills you get some cheats like armor of invisibility so zombies don't notice you, those are a few things that could make this really good. and ill give you a 7/10 4/5

Thought quite highly of it. Problem is I got to 1060 kills and after waiting for 3 minutes no zombies were coming.

It was awesome! But I agree with chris-the-stick2, you should have had a flat rate for health.

i agree with him and also make them drop ammo from time to time... i couldnt use my mac10 for long but i did notice that once after my mac ran out of ammo i was going for a air combo i was bouncing off 3 zombies and 1 shot killed all 3 of em and i got 4000 pts. instead of only 3000 is that a glitch or a secret?
(i was using the gun with unltd. ammo)

k this was a good game except i think that u should maybe have a story but people that just wanna kill zombies should have alot of fun with the game

Honestly I was surprised its not hard but its certainly a challenging one. At least as far as zombie games like this go. Needless to say i enjoyed it, points too you.

it was great, dont take me wrong, its awesome. but i think it should have the health at the asme cost, all teh time, and cheap, in order to survive, and get out of this. also, maybe add a story mode, where he faces some areas with special zombies, in order to save some survivors? its ok

Once again: AWESOME JOB!

the game was really cool but as you probably already know you die really fast:S you should at least increase drop rate of health.
9 out of 10 because of health problem;)

this is probley the best zombie game on newgrounds or even on the internet but please UPDATE the game so like the health make it instead of accuracy do a health upgrand PLEASE REPEY THIS BODHI

but very dificult by means of health

The best flash game I have played ever! Great Job!

It's very nice! Awesome!!! But, as many have said, fix the health! It's annoying to die so fast... It's a nice game though! Please make a second!!

Giving 9/10, just fix the health ;)

Its good,a bit like Staggy but good

im loving the zombie scene right now so this game is awsome i dont think i was too good but i still think its bloody good thats why it deserves a 9/10

good good good yum yum yum yum

just fix the health!!!!!

deam is good but is the unic level

Its a good game, but I cant stay alive long enough to get the upgrades! The health shouldnt increase in cost exponentially unless the income from kills increases as well. Make a flat rate for health, then maybe I could stay alive long enough to get money for upgrades.
And what sort of amazing hand/eye coordination do these zombies have?? They always seem to be able to hit me while I'm bopping around on their heads!
But over all I love the concept.

I dont know what you guys dont like. Upgrades work well, jump combos is a novelty, the rest is kept simple. Good game.

I liked the gameplay and the controls is not too choppy and quite responsive but the targeting could be better and it gets boring after awhile, after getting all the upgrades. The frustrating is that I always get hit by the parts thrown by the zombies which I find hard to evade and the health cost could be lowered a bit. Nonetheless great game but needs a little work around the edges like more levels or substantial upgrades.

the map was 2 small
it wud be better if it was levels like u start at the shed then end up in a city or sumthin

all in all its good

I love good ol arcade style Shoot em ups like this, but there are some big flaws that make this exceedingly difficult.

1) The Map isn't big enough. The gameplay devolves into getting on the mound on the right side, shooting at them and leveling up, and jumping over their heads when they get too close, then looping back. In this respect I might as well be playing Pac-Man.

2) Zombie range/ endurance. You give the Zombies incredible range, and health. This means you're not killing zombies, you're killing Bullet Sponges (like that 50 cent character). I don't know if you're trying to go with a Return of the Living Dead super Zombie, or if it was just a gameplay quirck, but it just wasn't fun to kill such strong enemies in such a confined space. Also, those bat things are annoying.

Take a few lessons from some other games in this genre. Give the player more weapons, a bigger map, a reason to use the others weapons, and more variety in your foes.

For instance, why have X weapon when Y kills them just the same? If you're going this over the top, why not grenades? Or a Chainsaw?

The increase in cost for health packs ? then why not increase the cost for ammo ?
and ehm my bodycount reached 890 then they appearently gave up, no more showed up. all in all a cool game.

it's funny though being that i played the game before the purchasing of health was in action and let me tell you guys, there's no whining needed here. it was much harder and i think a cheaper health system would ruin the game being that after you buy all the upgrades and stuff then you start building up massive amounts of money, if health were a easy 50 or something then add that to the "press space" shop you CANNOT lose. so all you nay sayers can go make your own game where you can't lose if you want it so bad. otherwise had my fun

Good overall game, great music, but the way the health is is just completely stupid. Zombies might as well be armed with swords or something, their range is huge. Either keep 10 health at $50 always, or make health powerups far more common.

it's not just the health issue, it's also the range of attack the Zombes have. Even if you are four feet away from them, they still seem to be able to hit you.

Hard to get the hang of, hence all the people whining about health. stfu noobs!

only problem i saw was after about 600 kills they only trickled in one by one, i farmed that till about 700 kills and got bored. was awesome though when they came as huge hordes :D

maybe some new guns, and more explodey things?

Um yeah i got frustrated a few times wen the zombies that have no arms can hit you wen there arm reach cant even get you :S. And also this has been covered alot the health thing hm its really weird how it jumps from 50 to 250 then 1250! its almost stupid. but yeah there is alto going for this game tho the music fucking rocks really goes well and the shop concept is great but fix the few little kinks and add heaps more features like other modes and even make levels? then you would have a 10 maybe a sequel??

change the health thing its stupid whats the point of the health if u cant even buy it or do anything with it, you cant livve the game to the fullest

Except the health price goes up with each purchase and it hardly does anything. It's more of a waste of money.

very nice! i like it alot... the only thing i would change would be the health packs give you more health-twice as much. or if you dont like that you should have difficulty levels where zombie's damage ratios correspond to the difficulty...... but this game is still freakin sweet!

I know you added a health thing but 10 hp is pretty much nothing and the monsters hit really hard. I think you should add more hp when you buy.

but i mean the zombies throwing body parts was pretty cruel, cuz i couldnt tell the throwing stuff from the chunks i shot off, adn they did a ton of damage for being hit by a wrist/thigh

health was tad aon the expensive side

i liked except the amount of zombies you have to kill to get a break is huge for a first lvl.

I was actually just playing staggy the other day and then i saw this on the front page. good game, i just found it very difficult. You should have made it so you could shoot the zombie projectiles out of the air so they don't hit you. Also, does the strength implant make you jump higher? some explanations there would bekey.

this is great. my only complaint is this: your health goes down way to fast, and that could be solved with a restore health button. however, the restore health feature gets too expensive WAY too fast. I think that there should be an increase maximum health that gets progressivly more expensive, while the standard buying health should stay at around $100. other than that it was a great game, addicitve and fun. the weapon choice was excellent, and even though it was rather small, each weapon had its own ups and downs. the armor was well thought out of, and the upgrading system was also well done. unfortuanatly, i was never able to get 2 of the 9 upgrades in one game without dying, because i ended up spending all my money on health. likewise, i was only ever able to buy the 3k armor once, because of health buying. i suggest either increasing the drop rate for the health, or making it less expensive.
good job! i enjoyed playing this even with those small errors.

Gets boring real quick. What's the point of health if you can't afford it? Highscore is useless so that makes air combos useless.

try this.. i just maxe out everything then.. when you see a crouching zombie.. you can just position yourself just right that you can just jump on his back continously.. which means an easier way to get air combos.. well it just gets repetitive for a while.. can you make a sequel with diferent maps and objectives per level that would be great.. and different type of zombies as well

This game seriously pwned. Enough said.

"how do i get different weapons?"
Pressing space.
So, very addicting game and very diffilcut, whatever funny ^^
The map its better for the zombies than the player, a larger map
will be great ^^ Good work buddy ;)

i really like the graphics but one question how do i get different weapons?

Loved it. It took me a few goes to get used the difficulty of the game, but when I finally got the hang of it, I could play it for hours! I know a lot of people have said that you need more healthpacks etc. etc., but I thought it was a refreshing change to see a zombie game that actually has a decent degree of difficulty. I'd say that you need to change nothing on this game, but see where you can take it with a sequel!
By the way, I manged to kill 632 zombies... is this a high score? I couldn't be bothered to wait for the high score screen to load!

Giving it a 7/10 because there's a few major issues with this game
The main problems to address are

1.Health- I suggest doubling the droprate on health powerups *at least*, taking it from almost nonexistant to rare.

2. Zombies throwing things at you- Very hard to dodge, sometimes they come onscreen and throw things before you even know they are there. CHEAP. Only easy fix i can think of is to *See suggestion #1*

The combination of low health and cheap zombie projectiles are the main things that keep this game from a 8/10. For a 9-10/10 expanding the shop and putting in some bosses would probabally get you to the best zombie game on this site.

BTW the music is perfect for this game and the graphics/animation are some of the best on newgrounds. the controls are solid and the air combo system is a good addition.

There were, however, a few things that should be improved. First off, I think that health packs should heal A LOT more than 10%. Second, you can still get hurt while jumping on top of the zombies, which rips apart your health. It was also odd how two weapons that were not equal in power costed exactly the same. But I think that you should make a sequal to this game, for it would even be better than this, and most likely get over a 4.

This is a great Zombie game but there are a small number of bugs that need to be fixed .. First off the health pack does nothing and is way too expensive if i got hit by a zombie i would lose what i just bought ... second i always died because of cheap shots from zombies when i try to jump over it tears a chunk of health out ... third upgrades are aviable but do not help as much as needed the map is small enough that they do not really help a whole lot as one might expect ... otherwise this is a fun a entertaining game and i would recomend it to anybody to try

Few things to fix to make this an awesome game.
Hp's too low, it really kills the fun.
Air combos are fun but you should make them give you money, most the time they get me killed because the zombies can attack me when i'm jumping off their heads.

this game is stimulating and can last for hours im not sure if there is a 2 yet but one should be made with a few add ins!!

there few major promblems: healt pack doesent help much, its expensive, only few weapons, small map

and bugs, some times the hp pack wont give you anything you just hear the "ahh" voice, the birds can go underground

and the zombies that thorws body parts are pain in the ass.

but the game is very cool

There are a lot of "ZOMG KILL ALL TEH ZOMBIEZ!" Kind of game types here on NG, but this really sticks out.It really shows you worked hard on this, Congratulations! Kepp them coming!

There's a lot of small things and a couple of big problems in this game to keep it from being an awesome zombie game.

This is pretty much a mindless zombie head exploding game. All the weapons just leave a lot to be desired. If you wanna blow the crap outta zombies; then you really want to feel like you're just the most Kick A out there; and that didn't come across to me.

The map is awfully small, and leaves you cramped and jumping around. This mixxed with low health is TERRIBLE. The low health feature alone makes this game hell. You're not worried about anything except to always keep moving around the tiny map and try not to get hit. Even as fast as you can kill everything in one shot you slowly depreciate over time.

The bonuses aren't very noticable, and the gameplay doesn't change much except for some baddies overtime. Possibly I didn't make it through far enough, but there didn't seem to be any bosses; which is always a plus.

The shop is a great idea, and I tottaly give you props for it. The game looks pretty dang good. It's a great game, but it's so LIMITED. You're limited on health, destruction, movability and goals.

I can understand a lot of people saying this is the best zombie game; but there's just way too much lacking for it to get the title. Great game and I'm sure if you were to make another it'd deffinitely be a contender.

very fucking awsome!

I only have two complantes and their not major
-1:There should be levels and missions and make the playing feild longer

-2:there should be more upgrades and weapons.
thats it
----------> David IS OUT
5/5 10/10

Graetest game abaut zombies I ever seen but it still can use more items and upgrades/

wow best zombie game ever =D

really funny game^^

Watch Mythbusters, water can stop a bullet!
by Zeromaxx
The game was good, but aside from the obvious complaints (low amount of health) my only problem was the pool of water. I don't know what kind of demon water you shoot through but a few yards of water won't stop a bullet.

The game was good, but aside from the obvious complaints (low amount of health) my only problem was the pool of water. I don't know what kind of demon water you shoot through but a few yards of water won't stop a bullet.

This game was great but there were some bad things about it like you lose health wayyyyy to quickly and health packets and the gun power-ups should pop up more.
another thing is that needed is more guns...but still the game was great

absolutely awesome game!!!!!
so dark, so bloodriper, so splashing and flying bodyparts!!!
nice weapon choise and atributes, small respaw of godamed itens(SO NICE)
a cartonist antique drawed, cenarie moves and trics to slow then,
... really good game...

Wow!!! That was really great!!!
A loved the style and the animation!!!!
It was awesome!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

lol, good for putting it there, if you kept it low people could play for hours and not die, keep it up!

(although, we could use MOAR random health drops)

9/10 would have been the full 10 but u were'nt lieing then u said it gets expensive fast but comeon 1250 after healing a mere 20 cant it stay a constant 200-300 rather than start low and get rediclous?

this or add dificulty modes where health costs more ot less but u get less points ot cant submit in easy, just so people can go on a zombiefest.

other than the health thig an amazing game. great graphics awsome weapons and great decapitations, loved the idea of space to shop anytime

I loved it but the only thing that was wrong with it was that the health cost so much, maybe if you made it so that you would get health gradually it would make the game a lot more fun to play

pretty darn good

This is an astounding game. Congrats.

One tiny thing, doesn't matter but:
Just call "Strength" "Jump", because thats all it does.


the price goes WAY too far up.

way way WAY too far

Letum i have enjoyed your game and here r a couple of tips for this game
1. more guns
2. more power-ups

thats it a BADASS game

What it needs: more weapons, different types of weapons and thrown explosives.

Upgrades should also include max health upgrades, armor upgrades Dual Weapons Melee Wepons.

and it would be cool after so many kills your character goes into rampage mode where your firing rate and damage is doubled. (Add the Weapon super shots for lots of gibbing)

The Level Should be longer too.

it was very good for the most part the relentless shooting and onslaught of enemy zombies was nice but you gon not really much money from every kill

PS you spelled more wrong

-I loved how this game had a very arcade like feel.
-No lag.
-Could possibly Rival a certain "Staggy" game series
-Constant action.
-The shopping in the pause menu was very convenient.

-Not enough money.
-Everything is too expensive.
-Not enough different weapons.
-A Lack of Melee weapons made some situations impossible.
-(Biggest Problem) Not Enough Health.

Fixing a few things would make bthis a top notch game, I hope to see a sequel soon.

This is really good and original, well as far as it can zombie killing spree games can get anyways lol.
the concept of health cost is a really good unique concept but is annoying when you last really after your last health up(since you need to kill so many zombies) and you cant keep up and end up takin 10 with bairly any health. what might make it better if you had like a timer on the health cost, so say after a 20seconds, it drops, more after 40, and so on

i think health shouldn't be such a big change after u buy one health pack so expensive couldn't even buy the second one and there aren't alot of healing packs tat drop kinda gets boring maybe there could be a round refersher after so many kills or new sets of guns

but somethings:

HUGE health intervals: It's hard to get health, and the fact that it practically triples when you buy something doesn't really help

Slow money gain: Kinda annoying, since the health is expensive and the items are too

there may be more problems, but I don't know

i loved this game but i think that the arena was two small... should have made it longer.

Holy Shit! Wow! Crazy! Insane! My new favorite game of all time!

i got to 800 kills and zombies stopped coming =(
i might tray again later, your rock man!

Using the l33t exploit mentioned by Jobiface, I found this game to be a breeze. Nothing like an auto-shotgun that can bust through most zombies in two hits. I got up to 850~ kills pretty easily, but then the game started bugging out:

For one, I couldn't buy health packs once the cost reached 3150. I'd have enough money but the button would be reddened out.

Secondly, the zombies stopped spawning at 850 kills for me. Which I guess is pretty cool, since I could act like I "beat" the game, outliving the zombie onslaught. Cept I didn't get to enter my score, which is a shame.

I tried playing the game without the exploit, of course, but I didn't get very far. Maybe I just suck at jumping on zombies.

Ah well, still an awesome game. I look forward to seeing a number 2.

While i was playing i found out a pretty dope glitch. Rapidly press 3 while shooting the shotty and it shoots like 50 times faster. Other than that pretty fun game.

i wish there was a boss

I liked it alot but by the time I died the next thing of health cost 156250.....which is just a tad high. As well maby instead of dropping power ups make it so ppl can buy a number o shots of the diff power ups

if the damn zombies didnt throw shit this would a good game to ENJOY

I loved this game but.....
no difficulty setting
money comes in slow
no levels or modes just survival
increasing health pack prices (which go up in like 2,500 every purchase)
not enough health when health packs are purchased.
Fat zombies

good music and background
lots of zombie types
good balance of weapons
awesome armour
brill graphics

first ... nice game! but.....
after i killed the 289th zombie no more did respawn.
thought i would fight the huge zombie now (shown when you got killed) as the final boss but nothing.
where did they go? is this a bug? when no, where is the ending?
it would be a nice game if you include:
- a variety of bosses (like in house of dead)
-more weapons and zombie types
-an ending
and to make it an ultimate game:
-more maps or locations (some side scrolling like in dad`n´me)
-allies (people you can rescue)
- add other music to the store (the music is nice but i can`t stand it after 10 min)
hope you can "do" something with this review.

that game was clearing for my ol' schnozola

Only 2 things I would change. Make the cash income a little bit faster and the health cost at smaller intervals thats all i think that you might wanna tweak. Otherwise fun game

that took forever to do tho
no life
anyways fun game
but gets boring
believe me
2656 kills into it u realize

You can get absurd combos by jumping on their heads though.

Not much to the game. Just shooting. After you get the power ups and weapons, there's nothing after that. And your money trickles in SO SLOWLY.
Maybe add some more types of zombies, some more weapons. Maybe the odd boss or something. You've got a pretty good game.

my reveiw is the same as the last guy except 1 higher score 2WHY THE HELL DID YOU MAKE HEALTH SO DAMN EXPENCIVE THATS THE MAIN REASON I GOT KILLED

This is fun, and I daresay it would be VERY addictive, if it just had more substance. You can only blast away at zombies for so long before it gets dull. If you threw in some more power-ups, made them drop more often, and maybe threw in a few new upgrades and/or weapons.

Don't get me wrong, this was fun... but only for about one or two games of it. Now if you had offered more variety, like I previously mentioned, this probably would have been one of the best games I've ever played on Newgrounds. I really hope you take my advice and make another version.

It's a nice game with a decent entertainment value, it would've been nice if the map had been bigger with maybe some shelters or caves or so, it'd also have been nice if there'd been a bigger variation in mobs and weapons...

Also, a question, just how does a zombie with no head and arms manage to attack me?

AWESOME GAME, no more needs saying

The graphics were sloppy. And, really, if you're being attacked by hordes of angry zombies, do you really need a screen that specifically tells you "Objective: kill"?

Oh, I thought we were supposed to make diplomatic alliances with the zombies. Better luck next time!

It's ok,, could use a little more,,,,,,*stuff*

Some flash games at newgrounds are metal slug!!! And they too have ZOMBIES!!!! Isn't that nice? ^_^

Great game addictive, fun but it needs MORE HEALTH PACKS and also the fat green zombies seem to be able to "melee snipe you" threfore making the "zombie head jumping" useless until its all crawlers and swat men. Also i really like the water part it adds a great deal more of strategy when running away from them but (and this is just my opinion) you should be able to shoot through the water. Overall GREAT GAME but it needs the above , med packs, shorter range attacks for the zombies, shoot through water. =)


This is just like "The Last Stand" Except it's got more zombies! xD I think this game's kinda perfect, and the thing you'll need to add is powerups spawning when you're getting raped. Also, health-packs would be delightful. Other than that, this game's just FUN!

a okay game

Good game, needs health packs, and most definatley headshots. If you've ever seen a zombie in a movie or game, you take their head off, they die. Fix it and its good

Stupid. When you try to jump over a zombie, it'll somehow manage to hit you anyway, thus defy-ing the whole point of the action in the first place. And when the ones that fly came, it got even more stupid. If you tried to escape , you'd come to the water eventually, and you'd get raped by the flying ones, because you move too slow and your gun doesn't work underwater. And if you managed to survive, and got to the other side, more zombies would come up behind you, and you'd try to get away. Oh! But whats this? I've stopped moving! Something five times smaller than me has stopped me moving. Invisible wall? Probably. And then they started throwing limbs at me. At least they started spawning powerups. To bad I can't get to them cause there's fifteen zombies standing on it.

maybe add health packs more wepons more levels grenades more power ups and maybe 2 player and able to getb walles and survivers defending u

A nice game that needs a little bit more improvements. Head-shots aren't implemented so expect popping one zombie 3-4 times before it dies. I'm not sure if its a bug but you can buy the strength implant and use the zombies head to jump up in the air and perform multiple air combos. Overall, if you plan on making a second one, you should consider head-shots and the suggestions offered by the other users.

i agree 100% with shadowDragon8685
"Humans have: Ingenuity and ranged attacks.
Zombies are: Without number, hard to kill, relentless, and fearless.

When you gave the zombies a ranged attack, you went over the line. Get rid of the zombies who chuck body parts at you. Frankly, that's too complicated for a zombie - if it can think to do that, why not to, say, fire a gun?

Second: you need to be able to buy medpacks, definately. Also, adding some autoguns to the tower would be nice. Maybe you can 'buy' other survivors to help you survive?"

Basic shoot them dead style, hella rocks. Not much more too it. Would be cool if you could add custom things like build a wall if you have enough money or somthing. If you make a second, ill be waiting!

First off, let's review, mmkay?

Humans have: Ingenuity and ranged attacks.
Zombies are: Without number, hard to kill, relentless, and fearless.

When you gave the zombies a ranged attack, you went over the line. Get rid of the zombies who chuck body parts at you. Frankly, that's too complicated for a zombie - if it can think to do that, why not to, say, fire a gun?

Second: you need to be able to buy medpacks, definately. Also, adding some autoguns to the tower would be nice. Maybe you can 'buy' other survivors to help you survive?

Many room for improvement but overall, still good.
Keep up the good work.

Neat game though I think it lacks a couple of things, like some sort of story 'cause it's fun killing zombies but it's better when you have a reason or a goal for doing so.
Maybe some survival modes or challenges, like defend someone or kill as much zombies with your default gun.
And some more weapons would be nice: grenades, sniper rifle etc.

Anyways i give it a ten since there aren't many fun games like this :D

The game is fun to play but why can't you buy some health and are there more maps than this?

this is the hardest zombie defense game i've seen but at least give some hp packs and add maybe 1-3 more weapons(includein ak-47, no zombie game is complete without 1:-)

The first duke nukems ya had to run in dos and games like that.. was a good game keeps ya coming back for more.. just wished the map was alittle bit bigger other wise great game

dude this is fun and very addicting congrates lets see another sometime!!

thats a really cool game
very unique
run around in 2-d world killing zombies that change
very addictive
the only thing i didnt like was how u couldnt buy health
at least make it to where u can only buy 5 health packs or something
but overall great game

very fun and original, good game... only problem i have with it is there being a shortage of health (should be able to health *even a little bit* with air combo points) and when theres so little health having the zombies throw their limbs and what not can be VERY very annoying.

but the guns are too expensive.

this game was great. i liked it alot but the only thing was that the guy your playing as should be able to heal himself some way. but overall great game way to go

Unlike many games of this nature, I enjoyed this one very much. It was well designed and actually playable. The amount of money needed for upgrades was very reasonable, and well before I died with 113 deaths under my belt, I had the biggest gun in the game. Was a lot of fun, recommend everyone try this.

Pretty fun, but need more health...maybe bigger map, and more weapons.

I got about 101 zombies dead...Good game though but im going fo higher zomie kills!

cool and veyr addicting

Nice game but the only thing is the healing stuff...

it is a good game,l the graphics are good and the music is kick ass. health should be available to but in the store, and what is the armor doing. also what is with the air bonus kill why cant you use those points to buy stuff. but all in all a good game but not at its full potential

This is a great game, fun, with some nice visual.

Youve probaly heard this alot, so ill only say, that the health thing is the one reason the game doesnt get a 10.

It's a fun zombie flash game from the guy who brought you Staggy and Staggy 2. The graphics and gameplay is good so leave that alone. The music doesn't get repetitive and it kicks ass too. Upgrades are there so there's some more replay value there. But the only thing that was missing was health packs and stuff. Yeah some zombies drop them when you kill them but they barely give you enough health to survive a bit longer. My suggestion for the game is if we can purchase health in the shop. Other than that, this is a fine game.

i no ur the same guy that did staggy the boy scout killer. and that rocked. so dude, u have to add health, and make the zombies just a little easyer to kill.(i no if u shoot them they basicly stop and u pump another in them and they die. but in staggy its so easy to kill people.) all in all a great game, and remeber even if u already no, make the health packs!

Ok, the graphics are very nice and don't lagg; the gameplay is very intense; the upgrades are fine, but some health packs would be good.
But the most important...You forgot some "Flying Bases", I mean, the house could be more usefull if you could jump there or something like that. Another thing is about the weapons, a zombie game without sniper isn't a zombie game :D

4/5, Good Job

WHO CARES ZOMBIE GAMES FREAKIN ROCK!!!!!!So even though this isnt origional I really dont care it's a great game, good animations nice graphics and sound effects.I also like the mid-air-killing-bonus it gave you a bit more to do.

I did however see that the upgrade duration bar was covered by the background mountain,might want to fix that:).

dude this game is pretty much awesome, but i think if you made the environment bigger, and some more guns, it would be even better

i liked it, but it gets boring fast. (i was tired when playing, so, rlx)
its good, but can be really better
by the way, the music is fantastic!

you need to be able to buy more health!!! like three health chooses:
just make it so we can buy health!

Great concept for a game. Seems more like a beta version though. Add the ability to buy health in the buy menu. More power-up drops. Or a higher earning rate for killing zombies would be good. And maybe make the map just about 50% bigger. And WTF is up with that bird thing?

The game objective is hilarious and what the hell does Letum mean?


Only thing i didnt like was the fact that you couldnt get more health, but other thatn that, it was really kewl: D

I say this as there is no way to regain your health, only upgrades to prevent you from loosing it. I reckon more weapons on offer would be good, instead of just the standard uzi, shotgun, machine gun. The ability to upgrade your accuracy and character strength is interesting, meaning that you don't purely have to rely on a weapon.

Impressed by the graphics here, like how the zombies loose parts of their body with each bullet hit, movements good to.

u should make it wit more areas and more wepons

i more like those zombie shooters that you just aim and don't the zombie get to close that 1st person style. or the last stand XD.
the area was a little to small to move around and there where not to much upgrades.
the game was very good improve it and you have a masterpiece!

Great game play and awesome upgrades. I gave you a 8 because of no heath upgrade and the music got on my nerves after a while. Otherwise, AWESOME.

well thats the best darnthing ever! god it wuda bin $) times better if you had a base and could move - and if you could get life but its stikk 5!

The difficulty matched the progression rate almost perfectly. The art could have been a little bit better, but the animation was almost flawless. Throw in some more sound effects and a better health system and this game could be one of the best. Thanks for your effort!

it was great but there could have beent more room to move around and more guns and a plot

This game is amazing!

The only thing that could be better could to buy health.
Anyway great game!

I love rip em off all :P

Someone can tell me where to get the other weapons? I couldnt stand enough to get em.

Anyways, good game, as all other says, increase drop of HP powerups and make more monsters :D

Nice shooting and sounds, but yeah more health.
You did feel kind of dead when the hp bar was low ^^
(Tell me whene you have maed the fix ;))

So if I like it so much, why only a seven? Because I agree that it needs a way to get health easier...Not necessarily easier, but more available. Is there any reason you can't add it as an item in the shop? Seems plausible to me, but then again i don't know squat about making these fun little games, so... But please, keep up the good work..

This game is truly addictive, and exactly what we would expect from Bodhi. Yes, it probably could use a better way to get health, but in the meantime the challenge is great fun. Some people have been asking about the power ups, I have seen 3 different bonuses and I think this what their effects are:

~White (w/red cross): Adds health equal to about 1/6 of health capacity
~Blue: Adds immense weapon damage (possibly 1-hit kill)
~Red: Allows bullets to penetrate multiple zombies, and also adds a minor knock-back effect

Please correct me if I'm wrong about this information, and also; Keep up the good work, Bodhi!

this game should be first onne the game page its alot better than any other zombie game i played O.o

and addictive but there needs to be health that you can buy or pick up
and power ups should appear more often, i got one once and thats been it
but number 21 on high scores list on second try not to bad
great game though

The game was really good. I've enjoyed the playing, it wasn't very hard. First when I've started it the zombies has bitten my ass off and rest of the game I was playing with 10% of health ;). But dude under me is right - more health packs would be nice.

Very fun game, really good too. It's damn hard, however.
I agree with the others: multiple difficutlies would be nice, as would be an increased health drop rate in normal. And that thrown stuff is insane. No zombie would throw stuff, they just shamble forwards. And it does way too much damage for a rock. Stupid thing, really frustrating.
--> More health pickups and no thrown stuff makes this a 9 easily.

It's a great game man. Don't add health, it makes the game more challenging. I'm not just saying this because I'm now #1 in kills.

Not a bad game, but I think there are some things that should be changed. Most people want more health or more health powerups, and that's probably a good idea. However, there are a few people who want the health to stay the same, for the challenge it makes.

I suggest that you add multiple difficulty modes, with the amount of health, damage done, and powerups changing by level.
I also definitely agree with the suggestion to remove the thrown stuff. Would a zombie really be smart enough to try something like that? Besides, its annoying. It could be something for a hard difficulty, though.

Finally, I would like some further explanation of how things work in the game, more than just the controls. I've figured out most of this stuff, but it would be helpful to have an explanation of what the different powerups and weapons do, what the different upgrades do, and what the different zombie types are (and what are those other things, bats?).

None of these complaints are enough to detract much from the gameplay, so it is still fun, but you could make changes to make the game easier for first-time players.

Its the only thing that makes the game a challenge . Good game

Health: Make it drop more often... every 100 kills?

Hit detection: I got hit by a zombie that was behind me and too far to hit me. Didn't make sense to me.

Powerups: The holy bullet thing was cool, The red bullet thing didnt make sense. It just shot through zombies and made them lose arms and stuff, didn't kill them.

If you're not going to increase health drops, maybe lower the cost of armor.

Good game, good ggraphics, sound gets repetitive. Hope to see more.


what makes this game so great is ill die and immediatly play again health is not the real problem for this game. having low health pick ups make it feel like a zombie survival game. adds to the survival element. the only thing taking away from the fun is the thrown objects. last time i died i was only hit by a zombies 3 times the rest of the damage is from being hit by limbs that they throw at me . nothing takes away from a survival game more than dodging and killing zombies with almost no health left then being killed by a severed foot. it really gets annoying and if you pay attention when you play it youll notice that when you die 90% of the time it will be by something being thrown in the air and you accidently hitting it .again if your gonna change something change the limbs being thrown at you not the health. and it would be pretty cool to be able to blow zombies legs out from under them. and i noticed that zombies with both arms blown off were hitting me

Thats really my only complaint. Great game, your probally sick of staggy comparisons, so.... OMG THIS IS JUST LIKE TEH STAGGY LULZ! But nice game, it played well, good graphics. Id suggest health, and mabye a description of the upgrades. Great job though

I really enjoyed it, it's a good sidescrolling shooter, but I think it would be top notch with more backgrounds/areas and if health dropped more frequently

I really found it hard to get health, it would be nice if you could either buy it or if it dropped more

Kick ass ... like "Staggy" ...

by the way killing zombies ... why don't you make an easter egg by boy scout zombies ... mahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Must kill!!!




... kill ...

I have to admit it was funny doing the air combos and the graphics were overall pretty good but... pretty repetative need something more i think good game though!

Your game is good and enjoyable. But please, think about some settings options to changes WASD direction to arrow keys. They're foreigner who play on Newground wich dont have the same Keyboard, so it's really difficult for us to play with this disposition.

Beside this fact, you have make a good game, congratulations :)

I liked this game quite a bit. Mostly at first because it had zombies in it, but I came to become addicted to the gameplay. The music gets kind of repetitive after a while, but it does suit the intense mood of the game. The graphics were really well done, what with the deterioration of the zombies as you shoot at them, and the blood looks nice too. I'd complain about the health drop system but you've already mentioned you're looking into it, so that's not too big a problem. The upgrade system is also a nice touch, though I kind of get in the zone when I'm killing zombies and trying to avoid being bitten, so I build up all this cash and forget to use it and when the time comes I actually need some of the upgrades, I only realize I have money when it's too late. That's no fault of yours, though. If you're going to come back to this game at all in the future, I suggest maybe implementing some sort of level-based deal in a new version. Like, you can spend your cash at the end of a wave of zombies, or something of that nature. Not a big deal, though. It's a pretty damn good effort. Keep it up, mate.

i liked it alot....it was challenging and good....but you only get health dropping from the zombies for the first few mins

Really nice game but one problem l didnt like the grafich too much

It was so great dude ! Btw it would be better with some zombie dogz. And the shop was a nice idea ^^

great game but fix the health issues

first of all, stand alone with no staggy, this is a damn fine game. With staggy in mind, this is still a damn fine game. There were a few nice improvements in terms of graphics and enemies animation. I don' t know how I feel about the transparent object in the fore ground, think it would be better w/o it. Definately need health packs or make them purchasable (why did you remove that since staggy?) I'm sure theres more, but other people will get to that.


I would recommend this gane to anyone!
It's really good.

You can't keep enjoying it because you always die after a given amount of time.
Drop a health pack every once in a while, or as someone else said, make it so you can buy them in the shop. It would lengthen the experience, and the fun.

Nothing else to complain though, great game.

Love this game, though it would be nice if there were healthpacks for sale.. even if you made them expensive. My favorite part is that you can blow the zombies apart piece by piece, it's just cool to see arms go flying off.

this game is fantastic. this will be on the front page tomorrow

it's great game, great idea, but why is set on low quality?! If some body have too slow computer they can change to low quality; and this, why if you go to another scene, if you die, is set to low quality again?!?!?!?!?

It was marvellous! Should have been able to buy healthpack in the shop or like after every 25th kill you regain hp or something like that.. The rest of it was really good, no bugs and kinda funny shop explanations :P Overall it almost diserved a 10/10, but i gave you a 9 because of the hp system thingie..


This gets a good rating from me!
Theres blood, zombies and really good damage effects from every hit.
I'd have liked a bigger level or maybe a few different levels but this is still good for a start.
I'd like to see more guns and more blood in the sequel, i'd also have liked to be able to crouch...not sure if it'd help me play the game but i just felt that i wanted to.

Anyway nice job!! Keep it up!

What's that smell? Oh, it's the front page. Congratulations on a swell game.

WOOT!!!!...........way cool dude way cool!!!! needs more freedom in terms of movement but guns n especially the zombies are tooooooooooooo goooood!!!!

Although, there are loads of zombie killing bsed flashed on Newgrounds, this is one of the most simplistic time killer ever. Who could ask for more than just jumping around shooting zombies nonstop? However, I do love the Worms style environment, but you, the zombies, and the rocks in the foreground did look a little fuzzy.

and awesome zombie game!
but it could do with and instruction page i meen, it just whent straight into it,
make another one.

this game is awsome,, make more weapons.

nice engine i really liked the way you can destroy the zombies part by part!


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3.96 / 5.00