The Unfair Platformer

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Author Comments

Who said platform games had to be nice and fair? time for a little change.

Arrow keys to move, try get through all the levels. You don't have lives, but it records how many you lose. You will lose a lot, the game is pretty hard, so try not to get too mad on the first level.

and yes, the game is possible.

Right click for the mute music option.


Poor Collision

While a design where the level's are "unfair" may be somewhat entertaining, this game's collision and movement systems are poor enough to make the entire game "unfair". I would recommend the author focus on refining the programming of the game and possibly consider reading a book on game architecture to understand better ways of challanging a player.

Graphically the game is alright looking, nothing horrible looking, or really stunning for that matter.

The music is alright for about 2 minutes before it becomes annoying.

To reiterate my statements from earlier the real downfall in this game lies in the hit detection and controls. A simple example of this can be observed by jumping near the first block of the first level. If you jump pressed against it the game actually moves you back and away from it. Additionally if you fall into it you can actually move into the block itself. Actions like this cause you to miss jumps later in the game through no fault of your own. This is the line where the game moves from challenging to pointless and frustrating.

Eggy responds:

A little moving into a block here and there makes it so its never a fault of your own eh. RIiiiight. If anything that helps you more.

Borderline retarded.

I don't understand why you would make a game that you have to play through a hundred times to beat. Every time I died, it was because of some unavoidable trap that sent me back to the checkpoint over and over.

It had me thinking, "Why would anybody want to make a game that is anti-fun?"

Also, the character graphic was pretty lame. I had like a mullet or something, and every time I jumped, I kind of flailed my arms. What was up with that?


This is good but so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so HARD!

Anotha' one bites the dust...

Argh... I'm not gonna lie. My opinon on this game is biased due to my inability to pass very far. HOWEVER, this does not excuse some major platforming problems not meant to be part of this game.

I can enjoy this concept. Heck, I wasn't planning on writing a review at all. But, this game really got on my nerves. First, the annoying, repetitive music that sounds like you ripped off a Genesis Sonic game. Good grief, was I glad that it had a mute button.

Next, the game mechanics themselves? Never even got the chance to see all of, since I couldn't make it far. But oh no, not due to any degree of skill or lack thereof. The real problem came from the bugged controls.

This platformer is unfair. I can take that, it's in the title. But while "unfair" as in difficult and "unfair" as in bashing you over the head with unseen traps are one thing, "unfair" as in controls that seem to hate you every time you try to jump is pushing it way overboard. This game really pissed me off.

I get it, you're making a good game, that seems like a rip-off of I Wanna Be The Guy. It's the "kill them with every possible trap to make them play as long as possible" thing. But while that other game was tight, this had all the precision of a medical surgeon who's drunk off his ass. Besides, no matter how much gameplay there is to be had in this game, I never got to play it thanks to this! Every time I got lucky and the controls worked with me, I make it just far enough to either fail another jump and get skewered, or run into unseen territory and get killed there!

So yeah, can't give you a good score. Why? Because if I wanted to let my chance of survival be determined by blind luck, I'll play D&D. Bring out the dice, at least I can play on even after death there...

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its no fair at all and impossible not to die

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4.16 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2008
5:29 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other