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Mouse War 1

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UPDATE: Check out Mouse Wars 1.5!

Hey everybody! This is my first animation that stands out over all the other junk that I have made, I am expecting to get into the portal this time.

The commentary mode is a bit buggy, so some of the sounds are not there.

Please leave reviews, and for the next mouse wars, check out my profile and make sure to leave a comment. I'll try to reply to all the reviews. Thanks!

Something else:
Please don't leave negative comments on my userpage/reviews without helping, for it doesn't help me and it doesn't help you either (rule breaking).

For info on mouse wars 2, visit my userpage.

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nice pretty damn good for your first animation

*claps* :D! when i did my first two, they got blammed so great job :D!...
mine had no sound...so maybe? idk :( i suck


easy way to explain this ummmmmmmmm---------------------------
------ it sucks

The-stick-dude responds:

Not Helpful: Not Help-ful: not giving or rendering aid or assistance; of service: Your comments were very unhelpful.

gotoAndHit (Report)

that was great

the concept is cool, the fighting style was cool, but the way it was thrown together was a little poor. I understand that this is your first big movie, but the graphics just didn't seem to fit with the cursors.

my suggestions:

use a raster graphic for the mice and give them each a different color. try putting a 20% red transparency on top of one and green and blue on the others (so that we can tell them apart). also, try using some of the animator vs. animation concept, show the tools palette and change the cursors to match the tool you're using. it just makes things flow a little better.

if you need help or more ideas, PM me. this looks like it's going to be really awesome. I might even make something like this in the near future, this was very cool and looks like something that can be done with relative quality and ease after all of the graphics are done.


there should be a game like that. really

The-stick-dude responds:

Actually, I'm terrible at actionscript. Maybe I can do a collaboration with someone good at actionscript, or maybe I can just do a simple 'move your mouse around and collide with the other mice' game.

Made me laugh

It was kinda funny so i gave it a five/five. I'm a simple person.

The-stick-dude responds:

That's my way of doing things. Simple, but clever. Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2008
6:35 PM EST