Brick Hole

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It's a Tetris games, but round.. the controls are a little weird but you get used to them with time. There's no background music, cause it would make the file get too large, and the game is too simple.. just put your favorite mp3 on your favorite player while playing it ;)

Please let me know if any bugs are found.
Hope you people like it!



This game has potential but its not used. The game is confusing. Try again and ease up the controls...


I really hate seeing a game with a lot of potential go to waste. Believe me the idea was great, original a great twist on a classic game. The game itself however was practically unplayble, for many reasons.

The graphics in this were the main source of the problem. Not only were they unpleasent to look at but they also made the game incredibly hard to play. The blocks had very irregular and odd shapes because of the way you shaped the rectangles on the playing screen. I really had to observe for a second to figure what shape the block I had was. By the time you've thought out your move you are already dead though.

I also wasn't to fond of the controls. Mostly the fact that you switched directions using the control key was very odd and didn't seam natural at all. I don't see why you could just make it the up arrow like it should be. It wasn't already being used and most people are much more used to the up arrow then the control key.

Mainly just work on your graphics before you even think of remaking this because that was definantly what was holding the game back. Don't let this good idea go to waste, try to improve it and re-release.

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it would be easier and possible if you could get enough colors

Good concept, bad implementation

The concept is good, but the controls are atrocious. You can't move fast through the grid and the game loses a lot of pressed keys, resulting in the game doing what he feels like, not what you've "told" it. It's a pity because this game could be a lot of fun.


It's a good concept, but it's way to hard to get used to, and it's too idk... choppy for good gameplay. If it was smoother and more responsive, it could be good, but it's just kinda boring and not much else.

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3.05 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2008
3:10 PM EST
Puzzles - Falling