Ultimate Mario vs Sonic

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After years of rivalry, Mario and Sonic finally face in a deadly battle.
Love, hate, super powers and death, are some items of this animation.

Several people have complained because there is only one ending, instead of having at least two (one in which Sonic wins and one in wich Mario wins). I just want to say that I do not believe in multiple endings. What is the joke of an animation if you already know how it will end?. With an single ending the suspense is maintained because one does not know who is going to win.

For those that would prefer that the other character was the winner: Bad luck! It's just an animation, the idea is to entertain a few minutes. This is not to start a discussion about which of the two characters is better and which deserves to win.

Luego de años de rivalidad, Mario y Sonic finalmente se enfrentan en una batalla mortal. Amor, odio, super poderes y muerte, son algunos de los aspectos sobresalientes de esta animación.

Varias personas se han quejado debido a que hay un sólo final, en vez de haber por lo menos dos (uno en el que gane Sonic y otro en el que gane Mario). Solo quiero decir que yo no creo en los finales multiples, es decir ¿cual sería el chiste de ver una animación si ya sabes como va a terminar?. Con un final único se mantiene el suspenso, pues uno no sabe quien va a ganar.

En cuanto a las personas que preferirían que ganase el otro personaje pues ¡mala suerte! Es sólo una animación, la idea es que se entretengan un rato, no es para que se pongan a discutir cual de los dos personajes es mejor y cual merecería ganar.



The whole not having a choose your own ending was odd but come on people Mario beating Sonic YA FREAKING RIGHT.

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This was awesome and totally realalistic!!!!!!!!!!
I love this!

put another ending on NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you ether put another ending on now or i vote zero!
btw i liked the "cant touch this" part so i give a 5 for that

that was awsome

but why did sonic want to do amy

you sick, sick bastard.

Do you know what the word "opinion" means? I think you don't. You probably have no idea, even! To sum it up:
You have no opinion on my opinion and other people's opinions that are fans of the red plumber.
-Full Moon Clock
P.S. M comes before S in the alphabet, as does life.
And now, for some criticism (constructive):
Make a "choose-your-winner" thingy.

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3.63 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2008
12:03 PM EST
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