Super mario world flash

January 29, 2008 –
February 13, 2008
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Author Comments

This an old work in progress, i recently decide to finish it.
The tiles engine must surely be optimized, but it work fine.
if you like it, i will surely put a lot of new levels.
Enjoy :)=


This remember me the old Super Mario World I played and i think that is one great game but anyway it could be good if you put more levels
Keep it cool and good luck

way to fun brought back classic mario

...it would have been nice if the 'run' button actually made him run faster, but other than that, pretty good for a mario clone.

Very well done, easily the best Mario Flash game, ever. Great Work!

Awsome game although kinda hard

its so awesome! i luv it lol

man worst mario game ever played!!!

Lots of fun, dosn't stack up to the NES version, but no Mario game ever will. And awia, that's unfair to judge the game due to your computer. Anyways, nice work!

Love This Game

I'm new but that was great it was even fast on High quality I loved and it should get more plays.

It was a fun game, but it was just so.. slow. I dunno how else to put it. Speed it up just a bit, and it'll be better.

im not gonna say its as good as the snes cause nothing will be lol but consider putting in bosses and some easter eggs too cause everyone like to search for hidden things in games like hidden rooms n stuff like that
other than that you got my 9 and a 5 star rating
keep up the good work

this game was pretty awesome. i love mario games but it has a huge glitch at the end so it gets a nine

its an amazing mario game. but it lacks a little bit of refinement.

It is such a nice attempt of remaking the classical SMB games. The only thing that I did not like was that I had nursed my flowerall the way from the first level to level 11. Then all of a sudden, after completing level 11, I was send right to the Goomba's mouth on level 14, what a letdown!

sweet game. only cause its mario. all mario games are good

I really enjoyed playing, but at the end, there is a huge glitch and was kindof dissapointing, would have given it a 10 otherwise

awesome graphics and its like im on my nintendo again great work

this game totaly rocks this is just as good as the real game for super nintendo

It has awesome graphics, and the recreation of all the characters is really well done. One major issue for is the speed. It's just too slow to keep me playing it. But overall really good job and I look forward to more games from you.

AMAZING GAME DUDE!!! ITS WICKED (im a mario fan :D)

It really does bring back memories. I do plan on playing this game again and telling all the Super Mario fans out there about this game. But it is a tad difficult from the get go.

Aside from the Nintendo great (obviously), this might be the best Super Mario World knock-off I've played. Then again, I haven't found many Mario knock-offs that I've enjoyed. The levels are both challenging and enjoyable, an interesting revamp of the original game. The graphics are also extremely well done.

However, the run/high jump key did not seem to work well. This heavily detracted from the game's playability. Overall a pretty decent game, however.

Cool way to make mario i guess but uhh marios stuff gets old maybe u should like make new stuff about mario like umm well since he can burn flames out his hands ,maybe u should make a ice man out of him hmm think about it

too slow,but whoos comin to the funaral for Rocky?but it brings back so many awsom memories..I THINK EVERY1 NEEDED TO GET REMINDE OF THE GREATNESS!!!!


This game is so freakin awesome I can't even explain it! This is probably one of the best remakes of Mario!!! I mean yeah I died on level 1-6 or 1-7 but I had one hell of a great time playing it! Everything about this game is fantastic. Perfect graphics, great gameplay, you name it this game has it!!! This game by far exceeded my expectations! WOOT WOOT!!!

I have to admit it's slightly hard but brings back so many memories. You did a really good job and it's very fun to play.

Its very hard to make a Flash Game. A+ FOR EFFORT!

I agree with flibbitygibet, its too slow.

The game is too slow.


not bad, but i found 2 flaws, mario runs to slow, he jumps to slow. try to fix these for better playing.

very nice work...very nice indeed! this is the best mario flash i have played since mario rampage. though there are a few minor bugs(e.g. wrld1.5 dino didnt disappear after i stomped him, falling allows multiple fireballs when holding the s key), this was a good game to finish.

Kudos to You!!


i have been playing on super mario ever since i was 3!i have got all the games so i have to give it a 10

Very well done, and feels quite a bit like the originals. I have a few suggestions, however: since you use the arrow keys to maneuver Mario, why not have the up arrow make him jump? For me, that would be much more preferable than having to use the 'a' key.

One more thing: it doesn't seem as though you can proceed in the first level without maintaining your larger size. However, it is very hard to do so. Perhaps if you made that first ledge after the power-up area a bit larger, the timing would be a tad easier and the beginning of the game would be far less frustrating.

makes me feel young again

Awesome Game, just like in the good old days , lol :D

good graphic and gameplay

that game was awesome,i thought it would only have a few levels like some of the flash games that u find on I google,but that was great,but if only it had check points

I must say it looks real, well done. Some checkpoints would have been nice, but still, great gameplay, great graphics & animation. Nice work.

man its like playing the real deal nice work

Title Says It All!

It was really fun to play to 1-17... you asking why only to 1-17?
Because I didnt want to do all again after loosing my last life :x

And you can do a ultra super fire blast when you are running after the fireballs you shot, I was chasing so much fireballs, it already starts lagging xD
You can only shot 2 fire balls (or was it 3?) on the original Super Mario World, thats enough I think.

Great game anyways.

Reminded me a lot of Super Mario World for SNES (which is the best in the series, imo)... This is a great flash entry with superb game engine.

I normally am a fan of the Mario series and I have played the original Super Mario World but I have to say, this is better!!! But one tiny problem, lack of power ups.


it was a really fun game but i found a bug, when you jump on a flying turtle as big mario, when your coming down with it, you go through it and get hit, but it was still a fun game other then that

it was all and all a very good flash just something was missing.. although the setting of the game was outstanding maby a little bit more of different power ups.. like you can ride yoshi or something but still this wasa very good flash

Excellent and great JOB :P

Outstanding Job

awesome dude nice job

prefer this game to the origanal

who ever made this game is the master of the classics

this game is very good it is alot liker the real game

it is a good game with some faults but for sure a good flash game

sorry couldent appreciate it becouse id get bigger on world 1-1 then have too get smaller to make a jump then not be able too get on a ledge cos im too small!
so basiclly too hard for me lol. looked great though

Great game, seriously. I've played many other mario flashes and this is the best yet. Could use a little work still, but what flash game doesn't? I agree there should be bowser battle or something. And the gravity in the game is a little off. But i loved. Great work.

amazing very good, must have took ages to make. Congrats, 10/10. kept me playin forever!

just like the classics
the only thing hard to get used to is the contols, but other than that its a realy good game

awsome! i made all levels but.. why its glitched when i pass the last level.. oh and can there be a boss level? vs bowser or other?

why do you cant save? if you are game over you have to start a new game.... that sucks

this game was great a good mix of mario stuff.
it was long and fun and addicting!
it's a great game for die-hard mario fans!
keep up the good work.

This is a very good version of Super Mario... I enjoyed it.

By the way, the music in the area with the blue striped platforms....

It sounds familiar. Is it what I think it is?

great for anyone who likes the whole mario series. Like how its a fusion of the old and the new

I'm never really liked the Mario Series but this is a great remake of the original.
Like other reviews, Why is the first zone so long?
Keep it up.

Well, I thought it was a great flashie for someone with time on their hands. Personally, though, I don't like the whole keyboard thing. But for peephole who do, ish great game =o

nice game

This would probably be the best Mario game on Newgrounds so far. The levels were short, but fun. The Items and Secrets were cool too.

But the things I dislike is that it was too hard at some areas, and if you get a Game Over, you have to start over. Also, why is World 1 so long? Its alot longer then normal Mario games. Then again, the levels you make are pretty small, but fun.

I think you should of gotten a better score, but I guess people expect more.


this game was ok i guess....

lets try something new...the jumping was really different from what the real game was like, and goombas were poorly drawn, unless you got the sprites off of the internet. Another thing is, why did you just remake super mario? I mean, I could have done this, and I have about a week's worth of intelligence towards the game maker program, which was around 2 years ago.

2 dif kinds goomba? odd colored koopa? wtf

its ok

Its good, but:
If u have a cooperthink (im sorry, my english^^) in ur hands and u run against an enemy u die!
In the original version dies the enemy

They suck, but other than that pretty good

I can't say this game is perfect.
The graphics are cool but you should implement a timer because the original Mario had a timer.
After i get the mushroom and grow i get killed when i try to jump on the next platform.After that i cannot jump on the next platform because i am too small...

the summary says it all, it was pretty good and if you really like the mario games like myself you'd think it was even better


i love it but if you had the box sound effect it would be better

but i agree with the mute button concept: you need one

I really like this game, you did a good job. The levels are short and simple, but challenging in an old school Mario style.

One little bug I found; if you kill the fire breathers (the dinos, can't remember a name) just before they spit fire upwards, the enemy dies but the animation stays behind of them standing there looping the fire attack. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it is a bit confusing.

that music was really bugging me so perhaps u should put a mute button or something and some better music...... even though i sucked at this game i think it was nice

Please Put A Mute Button Or I Cant Play

Good game, but dont like how at the end it just puts you in an undefined level. Im sure other people complained about this too, but oh wellz. Fun game...better than i could do. im sure it took some time to create. Gotta give it some props. I'd say bout 8/10.

good game (could spend some time on this just for fun) but some of the music needs work (star mostly) and when u tap forward/backward it looks like you slide. those are the only glitches ive found. great game otherwise.

this is a very good game, but my main problem with it is that people these days have no time for games this long, however, if you made it downloadable, i would've spent more time playing.

Could be better but its very entertaining but got boring after a while.

It was somewhat good, though you put too much emphasis on the run-jump, when it is so hard to do. he stops in the air if you dont do it right!

it's good, but there are SO many mario gmes around

tottaly rox i fighished the hole thing finally and the game rox rox rox!!! make a number 2 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <(-.-)>

Dis game was awsome best mario game ever :rock

The best Mario game on Newgrounds! Great job, Mario could have moved a little bit faster though. It's nice to see a GOOD Mario spoof out there :D

loved it! you put alot of work into, and it was worth it :)

This game was cool but needed luigi


All you need now is Luigi!

Of course, no one CARES about him...*grumbles*


lol Great Game

ps nospy why u hate Mario, hes the most popular game character lol

great game........................... and i hate mario! so thats a sweet game obvisly

i really enjoyed it

I loved playing this game as a kid but now you recreated it and made it better thanks i give my points to you

Yo this flash is tremendously above and beyond the definition of average.

Good game. Too bad the "boost" button doesn't make you run faster, you just jump higher.

Also, ending is horrible. You just go to an "undefined" level and you are stuck in one place in mid-air while all the possible backgrounds flash behind you.

Its really good, except I can't pass the first level...like, after you're on the second platform, I can't make the jump off the two tiles onto the ledge where the koopa is...only one time was I able to make the jump, and I died right after, so...oh well, I can tell you worked hard! Good job.

Awesome recreation! I like the Super Mario World music! Except, it may get a little repetitive.

I really enjoyed this game but after 1-19 it just stops and ends in an undecided level. everything in the game is really solid and challenging at times. good job

I thought the game was ok.... the only problem is in world 1-5 there's a part in the beginning where you have to jump onto a box with a spiney turtle thing on it that basically stays in one spot.


Loved the game, and I've played all of the SUper Mario games. The only thing that I disliked was how difficult some of the jumps were. Other then that an excellent remake!

good remake. Its very hard though.

i cant get past level 3...but its ok

It was pretty good. But everytime you die you start from the begginng

However, I did notice a glitch in world 1-11 or 1-12. I killed a koopa, and jumped but fell with the shell, I landed in the water, then the shell hit me. I shrank, but nothing else happened. I was stuck with the shell on top of me. But all in all, great game.


it was a decent game

i died at 1-1 in 2 seconds horblie game jump off a cliff

This game is realy good setting up the controlls for this is like setting up controls for an emulator. the game is realy friggin cool

i must really suck at games cuz i couldnt get the stupid guy on the ledge.u know by the place u get the mushroom out of the box on the 1st level.i almost smashed my laptop it made me so mad.lol... it had really good graphics...iim just no good at hand eye cordination!lol keep it up

this is amazing.

Hey dude. cool music but whats its name called and where you get it? i beg you to respond!

s doesnt make mario run but dude1-19 is hard im lookin forward to play this again.

played 6 seconds of level1 and died

but i seen it was a perfect replica exept there wasnt a doomphf sound when you hit your head of course you cant completely copy a game like that.

lol dont worry no points lost over it.

ill come back and play it more when i have alot of time.

make it a bit easier if you dont get that shroom in the first level your kinda screwed unless you got really good timing with that lil guy on the ledge

this is the single best mario clone i have ever seen! you deserve weekly 1st if not top 50. AWESOME!!!

it was good but hard so make it easier. other than that its just fine

... absolutely brilliant!

that a good game, but i dont feel like in a real matio game...the jumps and controls sucks,and the flying thing is killing us when we are above them?
little strange, but the graphics are good...its have place too difficuly going?
(im not sure of how we wright it,im canasian(quebec)
good shot,but can be better..

good graphics but gameplay sucks. it doesn't at all feel like original mario games, jumping running and collision detection is all off. for true mario fans this is a poor substitute for a platformer. if you want to get used to it you could play the hell out of it but for me i just dont like the way it feels know what i mean

Oh God, I love Super Mario World.

O MY GOD, this his like exactly like Super mario World on the Snes, LOL! Oh memories, memories!

i love supper mario flash
Good For kids XD

It was a lot like the ones i played on the NES years ago. oh the nostalgia.

great job, hat off to you there. its exactly like the game i used to play, awesome graphics killer moves, but lack of originality, but either way, great job.

it felt like i was on my old Atari system i had when i was 4.

totally made me feel like i was playing super mario back in the day, great job

the onyl thing i had was that marios run change wasnt very good so if u made it were u ran a tad faster it would be good

I have yet so see a really fantastic flash super mario. this was decent though i like the music and graphics but controls were bad

very close to the original and that made it fun to play
but unless you have 20/20 vision.. this game isnt worth your time.

i know a bigger screen would mean a longer load.. but this game is close enough to the original to make a longer load worth it.

overall 7/10

great game it was awesome the graphics was excellent..though there was a bug problem after world 1-19 there it was the background was changing into different world and mario is stuck between something can't get out..but it was still awesome..

It was really great, fun, nice graphics, and who doesnt like a old game of mario?
Two problems i had was that the screen was to big so i had to stare into the screen to see mario, also some places u could get to when you had the non mushroomed up mario, but everything else was AWSOME!

great graphics! good physics, but the only thing i didn't really like were the controls. Nothing too new for a Mario flash, either.

Its just a cool flash


it was good but too many ppl start making the old mario games come back with just a lil new stuff... try making a new mario :D

i liked it alot, it was fun
good graphic and everything over all good

I've played other games like this but this is great!
It's smooth which is prob the best bit about the game. Well and the game itself but..... yeah

I like the graphics of it, And its very smooth

^^ Great Cool Orignal Fun

I noticed somethin'. There are different types of Goombas in the first level
Dude, theres troubleshootin' for that.


should fix some glitches and to people below if you dont like mario dont play vote or reveiw it *cough*brueggy740*cough* but it still a good game

I loved the game. But I found some glitches:
~If you just tap the over button, Mario will move without his legs moving.
~If you kill one of those green dinosaur things just before it breathes fire it will die but stay. What I mean is it will stay in one spot, and breathe fire on its normal cycle. It cannot die or kill you like a piece of the background.

As stated many times before, MARIO IS TO SLOW!

Please keep good games like these coming.

Its ok but plz try to make ledge easier to reach on the first level.its very hard and plz use sprites from the same game.

I dont know what to say....

sorry but the controls were dogey thats first.

and the fact that you dont have checkpoints (halfway flags)

I really don't know what everybody is complaining about, as far as I am concerned as a copy is great. For that same reason however I have to give you a 7/10/. It is a remake, so the edge of creativity is gone. As a copy it is 10/10 though.

its pretty good but you dont run fast even when u hold s

I kinda liked it the new levals were ok

it was alrite cudda been better

This has to be the very best mario game on here.

No problems with the programming of the game and the game play was good. Although it was a bit unoriginal, the recreation of Mario is excellent.

Well the title express most of my feelings towards this game ^^

I didnt fint anything that i could comment on in hat half hour i played so... Good job too you !


this reminds me of the good ol' fun days with the original snes super mario world

You did a good job by actually adding in levels and what not, however rather than adding new levels I have some suggestions to make the game more fun.
First off, you need to make it so that you can actually run...like the original mario. Also, I'd add in the spin attack too.

It would also be cool to see Yoshi, and cape mario. Heck, why stop there. You could even add some of the things from mario 3 and mix it up a bit. Who knows. Anyway, good job! Keep it up.

great game no bugs encountered. but not very original although Mario is a great game to recreate.

Out of the massive amount of Mario games, this one was well done.

+Good Quality Music
+Didn't see any bugs
+Plenty of levels
-No real running animation

This was pretty good for a mario flash, You made it feel different from all the other identical ones by throwing in some new enemies like the dino rhinos, Pretty good

This is the best attempt at Mario I've ever seen have you made anymore?

I really wish we newgrounders were more choosey as a population. This is a shame to my favourite mario game super mario world and I wish you a hell of being covered in bees. Seriuosly though? Critic? Stay truer to the game/stop going for mario games. Thank you for listening and thanks about a million times more for obeying.

there are already a lot of mario games, try making a new type of game :P

some things do need to be tweaked, but overall a awesome game 2 questions:

1. how do you unlock levels?

2. are you thinking about making a second?

this was pretty addictive if you assigned you buttons right.

Its a good take on mario. The physics arent really true to mario- the jumping feels off, and the running too. But the levels are fun, and from what I played, it seems like it will take a looooong time to get to the end. Good job, this is a pretty solid recreation of the mario world.

It's a decent game, but could have been much better in my opinion. You got the sound down, some of the best music I've heard in a video game found here, which surely will earn you some points - not to mention some dead on graphics (probably could have been a bit larger though), but my problem was with the physics. I don't know if it just felt different because I'm on a computer, but the physics could have been greatly improved. The gameplay just felt a bit slow because of this.

Regardless, the level design was very nice. Unique in a way, glad you didn't just go the exact route the Mario games did. Sound effects were good too.

Anyway, apart from the physics, this was a very good Mario remake. Good job antebios, keep it up!

compared to other counter parts and mario games, this is the best in terms of level design and, well, the mario style. Its kinda slow in my opinion, though, but that could just be because the window of view is much bigger than the actual mario games. Keep working on it!

Somehow, after 1-19, the game glitched out and the level said undefined, and I couldn't do anything. Does the game have an ending or was that the end. Seriously, look into that.

This was by far the best flash mario game ive played. Well done!

I am a big fan of SMW and this is the closest thing in flash ive ever came accross, had nice typical mario touches to it like hidden areas, hidden 1up mushrooms. Take no notice of people telling you to leave a good game alone. This isnt a copy of super mario world, its a game in its own right its like the lost levels of SMW :D

real good job buddy. could use a little work

its a great game with the best phisics ive ever seen on a online mario game in a LONG time
(i cant do the controls {im used to the Game Boy Advance controls} but thats ok)

its good but also bad
its good because.......its a nice game, you picked good music, and has contiue thing on it

its bad because.........the style of it all was not the best
but over all I grant you a 7

of course it cant compare to an old mario game but it is a very good and well thought out imitation my only complaint was that the gophers kept pwning me! :P

It was ok but mario doesn't move fast enough.

The sprites were good, (Despite the glitchiness after stomping on a koopa) the speed level was MUCH too low, the Star power-ups lasted for 10 seconds, half the time of a Star from the actual game. I liked the creativity of the levels, but your game skills are half-baked. Try again another time.

good but you should put more emphasis into the s-dash... i saw a speed change but only because i looked carefully... have a dash sprite or something

Other than lack of sprites, and having the S key do nothing for his speed, it was pretty good. What sucks was that there was no transition between enmies being immoble and their attacks.

It was a good game but holding down the S Key the whole time got a bit annoying.
The S Key felt like it didn't really make a difference in his speed. And that i think you should run a short distance before you get a higher jump.

I found this ''Secret'' Bonus level in 1-12 next to the bowser statue. I did the bonus level and when i finished i got teleported through the pipe to level 1-1!!!
Is this meant to happen....it got me a little angry that i had to do all those levels again.

well, you had the correct sprites.
Aside from that, it just wasn't the same
Mario's rate of acceleration while running is much too slow, and the momentum once he's in the air seems to just disappear.
A lot of things in the physics department is just too off, and lets face it, Mario is almost entirely physics.

Good try though, and good effort

Good! Very good! I would like to see more levels, but thats ok. I think the graphics are good, Love the way you did the menus, just one thing: PLZ PLZ PLZ make a Sonic one! If you can do this good on Mario, please make a Sonic one! Overall, good game, just a bit too slow! Superb job, keep up the good work!

it is a bit to slow for my tastes but its well done cept for one glitch, when u get touched the item from the top bow doesnt fall down to help ya out. Might wanna look into that.

It's pretty darn good, only criticisms that I have are about the jumping, he almost floats down entirely too slow, and holding s to run seems to have almost no effect short of being able to clear a few gaps just barely. If you have a Wii, go download the original super mario land (or if you still have super nintendo and the game and they work) and play it to really get a feel for those subtle differences, unless of course you just don't care, in that case...


Gameplay is a little slow, and my Shooter game calibrated hands don't like the controls, lol.
Well made anyway.

this brings me back i use to love playing mario was one of my favorite games and the quailty of this game makes it look like a real actual mario game nice job the jumping buttons do get annoying but eh gotta live with it

Well that was fun! Really well made, and what else can I say... Good job!

good mario games but still really annoying with the a being jump like all through the the game im pressing space or up arrow key and s being high jump had me stumped a bit but really except the key maping decent like u wouldnt play twice cus it was kind of repetedative

i love super mario good game

The game looked and ran nicely, but due to the lack of a working jump key getting through the 1st level alone without bounding off enemies was difficult and made finishing the game impossible.

If you can fix the problem, you'll be good to go. Until then, I can't give you a higher score than 7/10, 4/5.

Looks like it'd be a nice game though.......

it is good only thing wrong is that mario moves to fast

I like the premise, a great mario substitution. The run key wouldn't work, though. So I got stuck early and that's just plain lame.

this is a great sub for mario. It runs smooth and is fun to play

i loved this game!!!! but i don't have all the levels :p

its all right could of been better try throwing in a few yoshis.

It has that Mario feel and works just like the games! I think this is awesome!

Now you've done Mario, try do other games, liek Sonic!

man it's great but its too hard!!!
i can't kill those f*ck*ng flying koopas!!!
even that f*ck*n goombas killed me!!
u should put difficulties!!!
and yoshis!!^_^ i love them
yoshi rlz!!!!!!!
wee yoshi!!!!!!
i'ts good but make it easier!!!
i don't like 2 be killed in front of my freinds cuz they make fun of me!!='(
ill give ya a 9 cuz its great
but put yoshis and difficulties or even more lifes!!!

good game. really felt like mario to me. i noticed a bug though. if you kill those little guys that breath fire above em just before they do it, they die, in that they cant damage you but they wont fall off screen like they are supposed to. they just walk in place and shoot fire occationally. it wont damage you so it isnt that big a bug, but i felt i should bring it up sence it obviously isnt supposed to happen :P

nice game though. 9/10 and 4/5. keep it up. add some bosses and make a story and you'll have a nearly flawless mario game

Great Game, brillant flash
A bit hard for me (but im rubbish)
Keep up the good work

mario bros rock although they are very old school.

grabbed the classic game/gameplay perfectly.

Very good work it felt just like i was back in front of the old tv with a nintendo remote in my clutches :). Brings back joyfull memories of super mario bros,TMNT and various other favorites. This is a great sprite game and it just feels like im playing the real thing again.

though i must say it feels asif it would be beter if u made the up button the jump button cause it just feels asif it shoud be that way.

i will say 86% out of 100%.

If you dont think that this was a mario game, then obviously your some sort of noob. True no yoshi, but i still felt like i was playin super nintendo again.

Answerring to MagicianfaustXI,
Super mario 64 does have Yoshi in it, You climb the castle wall with him.

very good game, but in the end, lvl 1-20 or something like this, i came to the level "UNDEFINED" ...

why was there goombas from mario world and mario 3?

Exactly, Super Mario 64 for instance did not have Yoshi or Luigi in it at all. Don't say it's bad merely because your an Idiot. Mario makes it a Mario game, not the other people....

With that out of the way... This was pretty good, a lot better then the other Mario flash games out there.

just be cuse luigi and yoshi isint in it dosent mean its nt a mario game
thare are a few mario games that luigi and yoshi wasint in so get your facts right
before you lable some thing

Mario game have also Luigi and the strange Dino.

You little flash master wastard! Did you pay copyrights for this PC version or?

This is what could be called fidelity, quality, omg, you fakin rolx XD Rlly did very good man.

Tis a fun one..could use the tweeks explained by the other peoples but overall could be a Super Mario Replica if worked on. Keep up the work I guess =/


but you need to fix one thing though:
when you kill a goomba with an fireball it turns into the red ball enemy (dunno his name:P)

cool mario moving with all enemy you got

first mario flash game i enjoyed and felt like the original

ok cool game overall
music and everything is very original to the mario world game on snes
but I cant run and jump cos my keyboard is too lame or something, sucks very hard
also it is so small that I can bearly see mario
so u got 8 out of 10

The game is hella fun and well put together. The controls are pretty easy to get used to and you get your fix of fun. The game works and lets you relive your good old days with a fun 2d game.

Like the title says, it's a nicely done flash version of Super Mario. Controlling Mario is not that hard surprisingly, so that's a plus there.

while climbing in the vines if you get's hit by a enemy the game freezes :( but still a awesome game :)

its a good game but it takes a bit of getting use to

Thanks- Now I want to get out my snes again

Like a Mix of diff versions of Mario games from back in the day lol


It was good. It had some things in it that the other mario flash games didn't have, but it did have alot of small flaws you needed to work on. It is awesome though, keep up the good work!

one weird thing though. when does mario ever end a level at the left of the screen.
and there is a bunch of other things but trast already said them so umm yeah
and i knew there was sumthing weird bout those beatles

It was good but it just doesnt feel like mario when you play it on a keyboard. Maybe its just me, but the original marios are way smoother this game feels a lil more clunky.


Ok, I suppose it's Mario Fanboy time. Just want to point out a few things that made this game less than great.
1. Jumping on multiple enemies with one jump increased your points with every squashed enemy
2. The two kinds of Goombas confused the hell outta me
3. When you finally get to fireball Mario, fire flowers still appear. They are just supposed to give you 1k points instead of more power
4. The beetles aren't supposed to be killed by fireballs. I remember this clearly because I got killed multiple times having to jump on them in tight spaces
5.You can't ram into enemies while carrying a shell, one of the few good ways to kill said beetles easily.
6. Last time I checked, only Bowser's castles have spikes under pits.

Just some helpful criticisms in case you make another game.

It really felt like a mario game, with some little bugs of course.
So you receive a 10 for the best mario flash game I have seen as of yet.

This is a good mario flash game that people can come across, the audio and graphics are perfect and has the same way you would play any mario games by going through the levels I thought this game was pretty good.

sumone tell me wat happens in the end. After 1-19 I was in level undefined 001

I'm giving you a generally good rating, but in truth it makes me feel a bit sad every-time someone makes a mario game, it takes tons of time and energy, and programing, but it always ends up being a disappointment as it's never nearly as good as the originals, and it's never something that strikes anyone as amazing.
My Review: I'm giving you a eight out of ten and a four on the rating scale, but in reality the game only gets a 60%

This is one of the better Super Mario flash games I've played. Sure, you move slowly and the jumping definitely feels off, but I did have some of the feelings that playing an actual Mario game would evoke. I felt like there were secrets to find and actually wanted to play long enough to get to the next level. I ended up breaking the game by getting to world 1-20, good job though, you should definitely finish it up.

it is a good game, but some things u should fix that i came across.

1) the turtel shell thing, bin said so u know
2) have the switches reset after every level + death, not just death because some you can zip through wothougt haveing to look for the switch (if u never died like i did)

but eather way good game :)

good flash version of mario, not the best though, not too original

its ok but id like to see something a little more original

It's really good for a mario game!
Mario moved too slow for me, but I liked how the Buzzed Beatles (or whatever they're called) can be killed by a fireball

I'm all about Mario games, and this just isn't authentic enough for me. Mario moved way too slow. Thwomps shouldn't fall until you're near them, and buzzy beetles can't be killed by fireballs, among other things. I'd suggest you pick up the real Super Mario World and study it's physics.

This is hands down the best Mario game I've played on NewGrounds, and I play them all because I'm a Mario addict. Most of them suck or are boring. I like the flow of this one, and being able to customize the keys was a blessing for me because my cat ate my left arrow key (stupid cat).

this game have some flaws when you get a shell and ram it to a enemy it doesnt work in the normal mario games you can ram it to them but its a great game but if you make any more crappy games like this i will stalk you down and cut your balls and feed them to you

whats the deal with holding s for high jump? u get like 3 extra millinches and u have to use it alot good game but i'd get rid of that.

The levels were simple couple of glitches
but other than that o.k nothing special though

It was pretty good. There were some things that I did not like including the goomba mix. I found a glitch were I went through the world 1-19 tube and ended up floating above the level and I couldn't move! Was that supposed to happen? Also I went through another tube on world 1-11 or 1-12 (can't remember) and it made me go to world 1-14. Again, was that supposed to happen? Other flaws were minor like jumping was kinda annoying and it felt the same each time. It didn't have that fresh feeling when you're playing a Mario game. Overall to the same and glitchy. Still it was a good way to pass time and fun.

No need for improvement.

I like Mario and that's a good game but how do I break the blue wall in 1-3? Please...

Except for a few glitches(Such as the Goombas turning into those round enemies when hit with fireballs), other than that, this is one of the better flash mario games so far...Good Job!!!

I don't like how you got to press A to jump and so gain speed, S. The controls are just too confusing. Otherwise, the graphics are just as good as the original and best mario game on the net. =] Good Job

i never thought i would see a game this good

just not great sorry

Sorry. The enemy spinys are too hard. Try giving more lives and faster speed. Good luck!

It was great.

There were some graphical inconsistencies, but I'm willing to for give some of them. The thing that mainly bothered me was the fact the SMW Goombas and SMB3 Goombas acted exactly the same.

The thing that bothers me the most about this, is that it feels a lot like Mono1337's flash SMW, as if there's some Mario Flash creation program, like Lunar Magic for the SNES ROMs. This one is better than that one, though.

Things I think you should work on, Mario's overall speed and jumping distance, and fall rate. Get a copy of SMW somewhere and try to replicate his behavior.

As far as glitches go, I didn't find many, since I didn't have time, but the item box glitches if you leave the area with a star. Speaking of which, that was a waste of the item box, since it only displays the item you currently have. That makes this game more like the original Super Mario Bros. than anything else. And there should be a limit to the fireballs you can throw, otherwise you'd end up with a wall of impassible flame that eliminates any enemy in your way.

Needs improvement, but still good. 3/5.

i feel like i've found my "super mario bros deluxe" game for gameboy coulor again!
great game! not at all like the recent attempts nintendo have made at bettering the game!

I was, like, totally trippin' to that stage "undefined" for like 10 minutes! Good game, dude!!!

I notice that ever time you restart the colors change on shells. And mario did not run when i hit the run button.(S) Nice job though it ain't like i can do better cuz i ain't
got no flash equipment and i have no idea where to start.

that was the an awsome game

man i love mario and that game made my day my good friend!!!! keep it up:)

freaking awesome, i jsut wished that you could go back to the levels that youve beaten even f youve gotten a game over because i havent gotten past level ten, and its annoying having to beat all the levels again just to get there

thats the best mario flash i have ever played, there was a small glitch though: the blue things that spray fire, i stomped on one right before it blew its flame and i got points and it didn't die and it just stayed in the same place.

will people ever get tired of mario?.............i think not thousands of years into the future ppl will still be playing the classic mario games thats why this flash was fucken great thanks dude

annoying how u start over but good game

i have to say good job the animation was good. 2 things i think were missing were that the critter that has a blue shell gets crushed first then you can pick him up. 2 the boing thing you can pick up as well. still great game 9 outa 10

Nicely done! The animation was smooth, and I didn't see any significant glitches or anything like that. As others have said, the running didn't work, but it didn't make much of a differece. Keep up the good work!

Running doesn't work, but it dos increase your jump...A few suggestions..
-Make his normal speed a bit faster
-Be able to run with a shell

Other than that, this was the best mario flash game I've seen in a while...Good job!

i like it,
I cud play it all day every day(if i had teh time lol)

the only thing is. the controls sometimes were a litlle wonky. especially when i wanted to run and jump. also it felt pretty slow to be a mario game. anyway though it was very well done i think :D

great game, guy below was right tho, if it was a little faster it would be more fun, also, you should be able to run while holding a shell

awesome just that the runing button don't works why?

twas a great game, a great game indeed

This was a near-perfect Mario clone. I'm willing to bet that releasing the source for this would be a very welcome addition to the Flash community. There are a few things I think you could clean up, though.

First, Mario's movement is a bit slow. I know fast characters in a platformer can lead to buggy behavior sometimes, but increasing the speed slightly shouldn't be too difficult. Also, holding the run button should give a bit more of a speed increase to capture the "Mario feel".

Second, you should probably limit the number of fireballs the character can have on screen at any one time. I think two or three is the standard, but since your view is zoomed out a bit more, you may want to consider four or five. The reason I suggest this is that shooting a constant stream of fireballs makes things too easy.

Finally, one of the main laws of the Mario universe is that Buzzy Beetles don't die from fireballs. Shame on you!

... That last one was mostly a joke. This is a very solid submission. Don't let the nay-sayers bring you down.

i find the controls r hard especially while running and jumping sometimes it wont let me jump but anyway good job on it

what an awesome game. cant beleive most of the reviews below are bad 0.o

get a new idea sorry man its good in terms of flash work but its not really anything to get exicted about

It was surely a good game, I'm surely tring to build a tile game myself, and i surely what you to make more, but it was also surely very slow ans the run button was surely not working or it woks bad xD.

I most surely liked it,
Good work

the controls were really slow and the thwomps took like years to fall, but the it was fun to play anyway

There are more things that make this game bad.
1) There are two tipes of Goombas, the second turns into a first tipe goomba if shot.
2) Spitting dragons look normal but 1/3 keeps spiting flames after its stomped and the sprite isn't removed.
3) Those black shell things, first they hide in the shell if jumped on, second, they're imune to fire.
4) If you die, all unlocked levels get locked back.
5) If koopas are killed while in shells they'l morph in a random sprite.
That's all (I think)

worth playing for at least a half hour
good sprite work and sound
the run button doesnt make you run only jump higher though...

Some problems that could do with fixing.
I killed one of those baby dragonsjust while it was about to breathe fire and the image stuck on the screen instead of going.
The overall game was reletively slowand didn't have the pace of the original game.
Also the Koopas that are different colurs have different attributes, the green walk around and of objects despite being cliffs or another floor, while thered stays on the same piece of land, also the blue is theone that tends to fly the most, and the yellow spin around in their shell and you have to stop them when they are not glowing.

Still a good game made reletivley well.

Just like the orignal Mario games but that's the problem, this is way too much like the originals. If you varied this game alot with custom sprites that had a much better effect on the game it would be improved greatly when intregated with the game. Otherwise it was really fun and the controls were pretty perfect, but an interactive tutorial would be great.

controls seemed a little sluggish to me but aside from that very good

Great game pretty much as good as the origonal, great work keep it up~!

meow is an idiot dont listen to him nice job!

good like the real one but theres a glitch with the Score... it says underfined after you die the it says after you get some points it says NaN... fix this glitch and the bad guy with the spicks its from super mario bros. not super mario world trust me over all good game 3/5 8/10 so... if i find any more glitches i`ll private message you

--Liam12345678 out---

**end of message**

Good so the sprite, he have super mario bros 3 insite x) lolz so i love Seven on Ten

This is really good. The only thing you should fix is the run key. It doesn't work.

good job man

Nice game, well made etc etc

Only problem is that you can't actually 'run'

This game is awesome D: i'm still jumping at 1-12

The game wasn't bad, but I have one thing to ask you. Why have a regular jump and a high jump when you need the high jump to access most of the areas? It makes the control awkward as your trying to hold down one button, press jump, and keep your direction correct. It'd be much less cumbersome if you had only one jump.

wow, great job. A lovely mario flash game indeed. There are a few things missing, however. For example, you can't duck. And when you jump on one of the blue shell guys or one of the round red guys, they instantly die, whereas in the original, the blue shell guys would flip upside down and be used similar to Koopa shells (but only temporarily), and the round red guys would flip upside down and you could punt them (temporarily). When you land on a Koopa, they bounce out of their shell - great. But there are two kinds of koopas that come out. One of them, the angry looking one, should have the ability to kick shells on its own when it runs into them. Also, when you die by falling off a ledge to the bottom of the screen, in the original game, you would fall below the visible screen line before it shows that you are dead or plays the dying sound, whereas in your game you die as soon as you hit that bottom line. You should change that part. Hey, and why can't we go down any tunnels? Oh right.. because Mario can't duck. Alright well, those are my suggestions. But even without those changes being made, this was an excellent game, great job making it, you must know flash very well. I'd like to see more levels, yes I would!

It is pretty fun in the beginning, but like someone else said the running key isn't handy and jumping is pretty slow. Don't go hit yourself for this, I just don't like mario. (Oh, and don't hit me either.)

the run key is fcked.
if i push it and walk there is no diffrence between running and walking except that you can jump higher if you keep pushing the run key

I enjoyed playin it it kept me busy for a while

one solitary complaint, and that is that I simply cannot jump some things in world one, it just is weird, I'm obviously out of it, but that one held me up that there were some heights I couldn't jump as little or big mario.

Mario flash game I've ever played

Very nice!!! Graphics, sound, and everything. Well done, I'd like to see more!

I love Mario series and this game was just kickass xD too bad that's little slow moving on my engine ;P

This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Super mario world on the Snes, this wants to make me start that old thing and see if i still know every little secret!

Great job, it really has the mario style!

best mario i played in my life but there is not enough golds ...

good sprites, graphics, sound, 100% mario.

this is one of the first games that actualy impressed me :P very good good graphics and the song.....reminded me so much of the real game thankyou :D

This game is Amazing the grapics are great and the gameplay is good

The sprites are amazingly made-- and the material in the game (i.e. backgrounds) are fairly cool too. It's not to hard- or to easy. It's something that the Nintendo would be proud of if they made their 16-bit mario into a computer game. Great job!

make it so u can only have 2 fireballs at a time like in da real game and draw the characters better

Good game, the 16-bit graphics and the 2 variations of Goobas was a nice mix to a Mario game. You are really good at games! One problem...you can't jump while running. This is kind-of bad...

It is clear that careful planning was used in the construction of the engine, and it shows in the smoothness of the collision detection, physics and lack of obvious bugs (sans the definition of a "dominant left/right" when both those direction are pressed). Well done - you should now put your programming skills to work on a bigger, more complex title!

It's a cool go at mario.. but the problem is.. if you shrink (get hit... and shrink from big mario to little mario) you are pretty much screwed.. you can't do much.. at all..

how i remember ;')

Cool, the sprites are smoother that is so cool, and the gameplay also good, but it will be more awesome if mario can go faster, oh well anyway, good game.

This is just again a copy of originals, just crapper!

i love it please keep on making more mario games.

Love it! Everything fits together in an enjoyable way! It's a little more challenging than the usual Mario games, and that's what makes it fun to play. The organization of the environment was made to let us ease our speed and don't just go running here and there like crazy jumpers. The best way to go is having fun killing everything and collecting the coins. Beautiful game, Keep adding levels please, I know lots of users are loving it too! Thumbs up! 10/10 5/5!!! well deserved!

I m loving it.

I actually found it very similar to super mario world itself with the exception that in this game, there were alot more hills and jumps. As a response to an earlier review, "true mario mechanics" are, honestly, much harder to make in flash and you could run into koopas with shells in hand and kill them in the actual game...but im kidda getting off topic.

Overal, It was a very well made game. 5/5

Fireballs work on buzzy beatles, the run mechanism was there but something seemed a bit "off" about it, carying a turtle shell into an enemy is suicide rather than simply using the turtle shell to kill that enemy, in general there were lots of things that should have been pick-up-able but weren't. Also, it seemed like there were way too many areas where a jump was made difficult by placing hazards too close to the spot where you need to land. In general, Mario games are much more forgiving than this, at least in the first few levels. Much of the challenge here is caused by unexpected death due to sliding when you land from a jump. It's the kind of game where advancement only comes by dying over and over again. That's just not Mario.

Really, really good :) Just add some levels with Yoshi riding !

Simply amazing.

The best fan-made Mario Sprite game I ever played in my life. period

But he game lagged a bit, but good work

This is one of the best flash of Mario I've played in years.

im in heaven :3

Graphics: Not original but you have pick some of the best sprites. The gorgeous colors make mario's world more magical and enchanting.. I like it.

Sound: Not original but they were some of the best.

Innovation: A recreation of mario's classic games. Your creativity really shines.

Gameplay: Just another side scroller but I'm sure kids would love it.

Replay Value: After you win all the levels, nothing comes new. =(

Btw, I've seen strange sprites. If I kill a classic goomba using fireball, it gives off a different sprite. Is this a bug?

Wow, man, this game rox! It's awesome!
10/10, you deserve it

This is the best mario remake i've ever played 10/10 and 5/5 and a thumbs up

Apart from the 'cross-bred' level-thingy the whole thing really felt - spritual, phisically and mentaly - like the original.

11 if I could, lol.

This should be on the front page! I'm recomending it for a collection! 10 +

It was a really well put together game it plays just like the original games.

a bit old-school, the fault may be mine that i prefer innovations to classics
but kind of good to see the old mario again in his pure shape
old game boy times ..


good points:like the old one,fun,new levels

bad points:none

things to improve on:nothing

final score10/10

It was good you can get to a huge step in Flash games!
even though IT WASN'T PERFECT...i will explain..
-first things first this was good but kinda small...make a bigger screen
-you didn't add anything new...i can find the same thing on the internet for free(no piracy i swear!) you should have added some stuff like if you get 1000 point you unlock some cheats...or some new power ups.
-it gets a bit repetive after level two since i only jumped and killed enemies there no new stuff(new enemies but it feel the same) add some excitements
like round platform(like in sonic) because its fun
-i didnt give score for what im saying now because i didnt play all the game so IF you didnt add some new power ups like the flying mario or the squirrel mario then add...and add luigi to he feels lonely O_O
i really you would listen to my tips
because i can see your future that you might make a better game then The Paladin or Fancy pants adventure!

This is now my new favorite Super Mario World flash remake. There have been many, but this is the best I've seen thus far. Great work! Please make more levels!
10/10 5/5

so much better than the sub standard demo which has been on the front page for the last week.

excellent use of sprites with this game. very well put together. You obviously knew what you were doing. It's just like the actual mario game you buy at the store. nice work!

But it has bugs. Don't remember the level, but I respawned like 20 marios (mario-meters :D) too high, and there was an enemy there and I died.
It seems the first time you enter a level, all the switches are already pushed. This wasnt in every level, but at most levels the first time I played them, they were already pushed and you could just go to the finish. Dying reseted the switches back to normal.

One level had just weird pictures flashing in the background. The world was "undefined". And you couldnt move much. I guess this was the end of the game? :P

None of the less, good Mario action.

I love the crispness of the graphics and the original music rather than cheap "remakes" of it that are supposed to sound better but never do. A little to maze-like in places, and yes I do realize boss levels are supposed to be that way, I mean some of the outdoor areas.

Also, the game runs a little slow, but then again my computer is not the best.

All around brilliant! Good job!!!

this is a good game for whoever misses the snes and the nes marios.

l really liked it l vote 5 on it because l love this game and super mario games

I like this game.
Although there were a few bugs.

Good game, but the real Mario is much better ;)

Old shool game... graphic are small.... but play is not bad [5]

-Old skool sounds and audio
-Well constructed levels
-Faithful to the series
-A decent amount of levels to keep you occupied.

-Some minor frustrations, e.g. not being able to jump up to a platform to be hit. They're infrequent, however.

-A well rounded, enjoyable game with a good amount of replay value.

this feels just likle the original!!
except without the running-jump. i like the high jump better tho

this is the best mario game ever xD

Every 5 levels you should be able to save you'r progress.

it is to mach "you have to be the best of the best to win" game...bu still....nice

What else need be said.

Too good! Now i can play old games in flash (I never played this Mario)

I love the graphics and the menu but the controls are kinda wacky.


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3.95 / 5.00