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*Thanks for the front page honors!*
Hey everyone! Long time no see. So we decided to try and take the Shamoozal cartoons in a different direction. We've gone back to the shorter shorts in an effort to try and get one out every month. The new series Shamoozal: GFGames will focus on video game culture, but we don't want to rule out previous fans, so we're trying to keep things enjoyable no matter how into gaming you are. We also redid the character designs for Grey and Jacquo. It's short, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Thanks for watching and reading!
*For anyone interested, you can download versions of this short for use on your iPod, Xbox 360, PS3, AppleTV, or other media players. A 720p HD version is on the way as well. You can find them here


pedo !

sad, but how true.. i hate those spoiled kids and their f***ing parents

very nice movie ! damn, i laughed when i saw the fat kid first
now imagine him real life ... yes, still with the naruto headband, sitting in front of the pc playing as a pedofile .. and eating chips. gross
i liked the intro especially.
wait ... its a game for wii xDDDDDD i won't imagine the controlls .. .
keep up °!

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deathhold i would never trust a kid around u after u sed a pedophile game sounds fun, it sounds completely disgusting! and he does kinda look like snake from MGS 4

but nicely animated

sound is smooth

and story line holds a point i give it a ten and a 5 (maybe kids shouldnt habe M rated games, it makes some of them really violent or really quiet, or just be an asshole on youtube) later

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You cover a strong point

I really hate those hypocritical parents and that...certain lawyer (cough). What people failed to see is that long before even ping pong was brought to be, genocides have happened, murders and various crimes have been committed without the aid of video games. And here we have a bunch of pissed of parents claiming that video games are the LEADING cause of violence, and get over dramatical on everything.
And for those who try to justify their cause with school shootings and teen robberies? Well, there are obviously other factors. The parents should have noticed if their kid was becoming socially detached, if they were being bullied at school (and I don't mean name calling, I mean being labelled the social outcast of the entire school while their parents were being apathetic about the kid's pain). If their child had any psychological problems due to abandonment issues.
A wise teacher once told me that games do not create killers, they only make us better killers if the moment calls for it. But as for me, I actually play shooters as an outing for my anger so I don't release it as people who don't deserve it.

(Sigh)...Anyways, I commend your flash on the animation quality. The well directed humor that most people with laugh at. And I gave it a 10 because it made this me think a lot about the subject. I know that's now the message you're trying to put out, at least not strongly.

Anyways, here's an (imaginary) salute to you!

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Happy Phedohunting!

Lol Grey still looks hot when he's older X"D Nice animation and humor ^^ Although the game cover is disturbing lol And what would be even more disturbing is if they actually make a game like that. And shame on the mom!...Sh-Shame...


funny and great anmation. at the end he looks like Old Snake from mgs4

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Jan 29, 2008
8:27 AM EST
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