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*Thanks for the front page honors!*
Hey everyone! Long time no see. So we decided to try and take the Shamoozal cartoons in a different direction. We've gone back to the shorter shorts in an effort to try and get one out every month. The new series Shamoozal: GFGames will focus on video game culture, but we don't want to rule out previous fans, so we're trying to keep things enjoyable no matter how into gaming you are. We also redid the character designs for Grey and Jacquo. It's short, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Thanks for watching and reading!
*For anyone interested, you can download versions of this short for use on your iPod, Xbox 360, PS3, AppleTV, or other media players. A 720p HD version is on the way as well. You can find them here


and the most disturbing part is -drum roll-

That was really funny!~

But I think the most disturbing thing is...that pedo game...is for the Wii...




end of the video looks like snake !

As a Video Game retailer....

I get to endure this day in and day out.

great one

Ok I have been a fan since day one. I am a member of the forums and I subscribe to the podcast and I love it all.

Also just so you guys know these new ones are based on the experiences that these guys have had while working in retail (as mentioned in the podcast) so I'm guessing that some mom did that while one of them was working. Also I have seen parents react like that while I was in an EB games.

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This can get annoying...

It's very annoying when people blame video games for violence, and sexually content even though it's alot worse on movies, and television shows. The game does have rating systems which allows parents to know what is in the game. But sadly some parents just don't care, then they just get all pissed off and start blaming the company or the store who sells it. (Some people are this stupid.)

I liked the flash, even though I don't think a mother would actually act that way, but who knows. animation was top notch, really good detail. The Manhunt 2 reference, I get where your going with this. Good voice work, good script.

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Jan 29, 2008
8:27 AM EST
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