Just a Pilot - Episode 3

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The frame rate may be off depending on the speed of your computer... change the quality around to best fit your computer.
The basic plot of this episodes is this episode is that we are under a contract that says we have to sell doughnuts from Doughnut Inn. We can't sell them so we decide to have the product endorsed at a sporting event.
We may change the ending A TINY BIT later... MAYBE!
This episode includes a fair few people we know... if you recognize yourself say so in the comments...

"Got any ideas? Action script? Money? Send to JustaPilot@hotmail.com"

Score! 8th position of the day. Thanks everyone for your support.



Truely awsome.
The second part with the doughnuts was the best, especially when he goes to finish the job comes back soaked in blood and says "that was fun", i crakced up laughing.
keep em comin

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Watched it on Medium Q, and everything works!

At long last, some quality entertainment to break the repetition of spam and mediocrity; This is a spectacularly entertaining installment to a growing series!

With guests like Chewbacca to Paris Hilton, and what seemed to be David Firth in the doughnut scene, I lol'd many, many times in this...the animation is crisp and smooth, and even though the sound loops out of sync in High quality, watching it in Medium quality doesn't dampen the fact that you spent alot of time on this in the slightest.

Although the characters are sort of done up like Ray-Man (floating hands, feet, torso) they are still VERY humanly expressive, and carry on decipherable, and humorous body language along with the script.

Furthermore, I felt like I actually watched a complete episode to a series, not a segment of just one. I can already tell that this series is going places, and I'm proud I can watch it develop here. Great job! I am proof that you have an ever-growing fan-base! Voting 5!

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wtf? Me? salad fingers?

Lol that was pretty good. Disappointed u didn't make turci and actual turkey that would've been a 10 from me, but atleast u portraid rowan well. Favourite character so far is tri. Keep going!

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Jan 29, 2008
3:08 AM EST
Comedy - Original