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Rita's Ship

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Captain Rita Lynn is a lesbian, pirate anarchist. This is her ship! :P

FPS: 12
Tweens: 0

About the ship:

The Che Guevara is a heavy StormBat class Assault Cruiser and is equipped with harmonic shields and heavy ship rail cannons, plasma cannons, fusion ball director, and long range Javelin Missiles. The StormBats have intra dimensional Vibration warping capabilites via a vibration pulse drive where they can change vibration, travel and change back to normal terrestrial vibration. This cuts down travel time consideraly making trips almost instantaeous. The Stormbats also have their own fleet of robotic Pulse detonation fighters which can also be human piloted if so desired.

Rita has had it for a while and uses it to harass the Corporations that run rampant all over the galaxy.

Please Recommend for submission to Experimental Cartoons
Updated: I cleaned it up a little and added a replay button.

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Well... hm... It certainly was drawn well, the effects and music were awesome. I'm giving this an eight solely because I think you were going for humor. A lesbian anrachist pirate. This video just shows a snippet of a ship, nothing more. That's why I think it's hilarious, if that was your intent, and well... job well done.

Nog nog. :3

A lesbian pilot anarchist. :3 Sounds awesome, you gonna make a series from this? :D

NapalmGirl responds:

Thank you! :D Series? Hmm...I suppose..At some point.
Music? I'd be curious to see what you have.

Wow thanks for thinking I'm cool. ^^

darn. :(

Oh man. Why can't I have a ship? anyway nice vid. hope to see more in the future.

NapalmGirl responds:

Ah yes it would be nice to have a nice big spaceship to blow up things with. Wouldn't it? :) Thank you for the score and hmm...Maybe I'll make more spaceship toons in the near future...Who knows. :) Thanks for watching.

its me vonskylar from gaia online

nice vid!

NapalmGirl responds:

Hello. :)


Huh...you're getting some mixed reviews over here. Well at least there's no 0's yet.

Alright this flash was...fairly decent to say the least. It was brilliant artwork and everything went smoothly. Well mostly everything...I noticed the 4 rockets that were fired out seemed kind of...laggy I guess you could call it.

I'm going to agree with everyone else here and say that this definitely could use some plot, it seemed a little odd that you just showed this as a ship scrolling across, but oh well. You did that nicely, and it's commendable.

That's about all I've to say about this,
Until next time,

NapalmGirl responds:

Yes I'm proud of this piece - my first attempt at drawing a spaceship - and animating it no less. The rockets seem fine whenever I look at them..They could be made better now that I look at it...Well back then I didn't even know about movieclips so I was stuck with fbf animation so adding more detail to the rockets wasn't really an option back then.

Heh plot...Sure yes it could use some plot I agree...Back then I was just ecstatic that I finished what I did...It was grueling. No shortcuts whatsoever...

Anyways glad you enjoyed my scrolling ship. ^_^

Thanks for stopping by. :)